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Haunted Apartment For Rent

Hello? Hello? [child whispering] Hello?! Stop pestering me you little piece of shit! I’m gonna call your mother! Where are you? You’re from the other units, aren’t you? Where you?! Why don’t you show your little ass to me?! From what unit are you?! I’m gonna call your mother and then I’m gonna kill you! Sorry… Fuck, Ma’am… Pardon my language… Aah… are you Ma’am Gemma? Wait, I’m really sorry… Hi, there! I’m Liezl! I’ll be touring you around the apartment. So, welcome. So… the unit’s floor area is around 200 square meters . Then the lot area is 60 square meters. So this is the common area… Then there’s the kitchen. The owners had this newly installed. It’s marble top. And this is hard wood from Nicaragua. Then.. It’s all neat and all the facilities are okay. The water supply is uninterrupted. Ma’am? So… basically we have… a total of four bedrooms… We have a maid’s quarter downstairs… …and there are four bedrooms upstairs. Then we have… Aah… Ma’am Gemma? You want to see the other floors? Sure… Let’s go… The owners had the whole place renovated. That’s why everything looks new. Why did they leave? They moved to a bigger place in Makati… …because their family is also getting bigger. So this is the floor with the three bedrooms.. So we have two smaller bedrooms. This room you can use for storage or as an office. This one’s my favorite because I like the wall color. But you can change it if you want. If I were you, I’d retain the color. It’s soothing to the eyes. Let’s go. Ma’am, this is the master bedroom. Fuck!!! Ma’am Gemma? Ma’am, is there a problem? Ma’am?! Who’s there?! No one’s supposed to be inside! Shit! Oh my god! Ma’am, let’s leave now, please! Please! Shit! Hello?! Hello, Mrs. Abad?! Yes, I’m at the apartment! I’m with Ma’am Gemma! Yes, Ma’am! Yes, I’m at the apartment right now with Ma’am Gemma! I don’t know! Something strange is going on! Hello?! What the fuck?!? My phone… What the fuck… Ma’am? Ma’am? Is my phone with you? Ma’am? Ma’am? I’m really sorry. This is where my son killed me.


maria riya Miranda

Oct 10, 2015, 3:13 pm Reply

Nice on Direk Danz! galing!!! 🙂 Thanks po!

Ara Taguiang

Nov 11, 2015, 11:09 am Reply

so nice 🙂

Papa-Mizuno Talent Agency

Nov 11, 2015, 11:53 am Reply

Ang ganda po direk aloy adlawan and direk danz, ang galing ng mga cast, nakakatakot c rain pogi, hehehe

Patrick Go

Nov 11, 2015, 10:22 am Reply

ngek parehas na pala silang multo bakit hindi pa pinalo ng nanay yung batang multo.

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