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Harmony Apartment Tour

Hey, everybody! My name is Bryn. Welcome to our Harmony floor plan. Before we get started, I want to point out the vaulted ceilings that you will get on the third floor. They start to incline here past the columns. Then, if you look into the living room, you will see there are two tiers of crown molding. So, it gives the apartment space a little bit of a bigger feel and a lot more of an open space. I’m kind of partial to the third-floor Harmonys because I do live in one myself. I like the fact that no one is above me and these vaulted ceilings are beautiful. If the saw the earlier videos we did of other floor plans, these are much higher than the other floors. So, these are our LED lights, along with these. If these ever do go out, our maintenance team will replace them for you. I want to point out this really neat feature right here, which is our wine rack. You can store all of your wine. It’s already built into your island. Then, you get all of the same stainless steel appliances: the side-by-side refrigerator, the oven, microwave. There is a garbage disposal in your sink, and a dishwasher. If you walk over here, you do have a little dining room area space. I do want to also point out right here, my favorite part of this. You have an electrical outlet right here for you to plug in your appliances. So, you don’t have to leave them on your counter So, you don’t have to leave them all on your counter whenever you’re not using them. You can store them away right here. In your dining room area space, this light fixture, fun fact, moves up or down depending on where your table or height is. But you don’t really have a problem with that sometimes on the third floor. But, this fits a pretty good table. Maybe a six-seater. If you want to walk into here…this is what I like to call my sanctuary. Again, if you did see the first-floor, one- bedroom floor plan, you did see this gray slate behind the bath. You don’t get that in the Kingston or the Bentley three-bedroom floor plan. So, it’s pretty and I love it. When you walk over here, there’s a lot of storage and a nice little vanity area. Right here is where your washer and dryer will be. You guys would be super surprised at how much space this room actually has after you put your washer and dryer in there. Then, the shower with the rainfall showerhead, which is my favorite part of getting up in the morning. Sitting down and letting it wake me up. Then, you walk into your master bedroom. One thing I do like to tell people is, “Don’t let a vacant apartment kind of sway you… on what you can actually fit in here.” Again, I live in a Harmony and I fit my king-size bed perfectly in here with two nightstands on either side. One feature I do want to show you is this emergency panic button. So, in the event of an emergency, you would press this. Over here is your closet space. Now, I know that some of you living in different phases of the construction of our property don’t have all of these shelves. If that’s the case, if you want to get shelving to put in your closet, get it. Let us know. Our maintenance team would be more than happy to install it for you, as long as it’s not anything that will mess up the walls permanently afterwards. If you want to ask us about any ideas or suggestions, just let us know. You don’t even have to walk out onto your patio to see how amazing it is out here. So, this is your patio space. You get a view of the woods if you do get this apartment, which is 2012 and available for lease. Over here, you will see you have your hot water heater. You can use this for storage. I use it for seasonal items. As long as you don’t block this breaker box right here in case maintenance ever needs to get to it. And then, over here is your A/C, which we don’t recommend you storing anything there. This room has a lot of wall space, which I love. So, if you have dressers or what-have-you, you have enough space to put them up against the wall. Again, with the size, you can fit a lot in here. This is what I like to call our mini-master. That is because of our bathroom, which is over here. I’ll show you. This is the second bathroom of this floor plan. This bathroom is only accessible to this bedroom. So, it’s really great depending on what you’re wanting this spare bedroom for. Your guests would have the most privacy. The closet space in this one is also one of my favorite details. You have your own shower with the rainfall showerhead and a lot of storage space. So, there you go. Mini-master, and it’s all yours. And then, we walk back into our living room. Now, again, if you want this exact floor plan and this exact unit, it is available for lease. It’s #2012. Get on our website pointebrodiecreek.com and go to the top-right “Apply Now.” It is ready for lease. It’s 1180 square feet and $1331 a month. So, get on it fast because that view in this apartment is beautiful.

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