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Halls of Residence at Victoria University

My Chinese name is Wang Wenxin, and you can call me Vicky. I’m doing first year of architecture at Victoria University. Because I’m international student I don’t know too many people in New Zealand, so for me the benefit is that you can meet lots of people in the hall and talk
or like have fun so it’s really nice. See my room is
really cool and I think they’ve just got everything inside, and it’s nice to
meet friends and have a different experience in life. We have everything, like yeah, we have gym room and ping pong table when you’re playing ping pong balls and even laundry
room, and we got the cinema room as well So lots of people they are watching
movies on Friday night or Saturday night Hello my name is Chelcia Gomese and I am from the Solomon Islands and i’m studying a Masters thesis in Environmental Studies. Ok, so welcome, this is my room and this is my bed, this is my study table, and then I have
my calendar there and then this is my small kitchen space,
and then this is my bathroom This is my wardrobe where I have my clothes and yeah and this is my view I can actually see the University up for me I think I prefer this arrangement
because I like being independent and I think as a mature student and someone who is always busy, I think it is good that when I come home I can cook my own dinner at whatever time I want. It is a good
location and it’s close to the bus stop if I’m running late and it’s close to
the supermarket I feel RA’s they are really nice and
they’re like friends and they will like talk to you do you have any problem and then they sometimes can help you
deal with that. My name is Hai Xin and I am an RA at Willis St Hall. RA stands for Residential Advisor and
what the job of an RA is is to ensure a living environment that helps students
meet their academic goals and any other goals that they want to achieve. We definitely keep students aware of
social events and other activities. It’s really nice to live in a hall and you can meet lots of friends and it’s good because the location is perfect and I really recommend people who are from different cities to live in a hall.


Caitlin Bullett

Apr 4, 2017, 4:59 am Reply

what was the name of the second hall where the girl had the small kitchen and bathroom? thanks:)

Lucy Fitzgerald

Jul 7, 2017, 1:45 am Reply

What is the name of the hall that the international student lives in ☺😊

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