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Hali’s Hobbies Episode 0 – Apartment Tour

Hello, so I’m gonna give you guys an apartment tour, and uh You know what better way to start off making videos in a pla… Oh my god, my skeletons backwards and I’m gonna have to start this all over Okay, well, mmh. *Upbeat electronic music* Hey howdy It’s me. I’m in my apartment There’s my cute cat. Um, I figured the best way to start making videos In my apartment about my hobbies Would be to show you Where I live! Show you the apartment, so it’s apartment tour time! *airhorns* Um, so in this little side garbage room I have my music stuff Which I’ve actually significantly weaned down in the last four years of college. So I have a classical acoustic and a bass guitar that I haven’t really practiced in a long time because lotta little instruments and things lotta books Comic books. I have a bunch of comic books. I love comic books. I have a lot of tapes and CDs. So those are the hobbies I have in here music mostly music, some comic books some languages Hobbies in there – Hobbies in the living room. Clearly. We have a hobby Happening here. This poor entertainment system. So when I moved in to my apartment I shoved everything onto the entertainment system and it has never moved since so That’s where I’m at with that. But I’ve got a lotta VHS tapes and a VHS player I have an old ps3 that I haven’t even plugged in since I moved in. I’ve got a lot of Magic the Gathering cards OooOOoh and some dice and play mats and stuff. So this is like Dungeons & Dragons Magic the Gathering, that kind of nerdiness. I got an xbox, got a ps1, got some movies This might be magic cards Question mark got some Nintendo This is my box of cables for Nintendo stuff, this is my box of cables for other stuff So, you know, all the consoles WIIU GameCube, game boys, DS’s, 3d asses (lol, leaving that in the captions) The works. I got a lot of video games, I gotta Guitar Hero Um, and I’ve got a big old TV that works great, you know, I don’t need a fancy flatscreen I like reading, I would consider reading a hobby. Maybe I’ll do book reviews or something. I love sci-fi 90% of this is sci-fi these are mostly like classics and history and stuff Some like teen adult/young adult stuff and this is fantasy. So we got fantasy, sci-fi, and, you know, and this is my old books I have like a collection of very old books from like 1820 Onward, but you know the old stuff over here. We have art reference. We have languages we have anime manga Comic books, comics in general, that’s actually Popular Mechanics, so Moving onto the patio Um, I like to garden but look at how much gardening I’ve done recently lol None, these are potatoes. I just recently harvested them So they’re looking sad I dug them out and I replanted them is what I mean by that, you know That’s among the plants. Got some cat grass around this corner for my cat. Actually we’ll just sneak out here. I made this wonderful *voice breaks quietly* Cinder block I don’t like talking loud outside, lets not be out there. I made that wonderful Cinder – Oh my god, Chihiro um couple plants in the house, two plants, gardening, that’s one Here’s my poor sad little brown kitchen, so You know sink, dirty dishes, a stove, lotta crap on some counters No food in the fridge.. a little food in the pantry probably grocery list Yeah, it’s a kitchen Love to make some Italian food Pasta! I am constantly eating pasta Um, so that’s kitchen. So that’s everything Except my bathroom and bedroom, and my bathrooms a bathroom. It’s got stuff in it A hobby of mine. I like to make moisturizer and perfume and stuff. Like I like making my own Products? like the soap and Moisturizer, I don’t know whatever get out of here It’s a bathroom got some art on the ground in the hallway because I’m selling it and it just doesn’t really fit anywhere Right now… and I have my bedroom So I have my bed, and I know a lot of people are gonna be mad that my bed is on the floor. Listen It’s better for my back. I love it I got rid of my bed frame for a reason. I gotta podium I built with some hobby stuff on it. So Back here. We just have tubes of things I have camping and exercise stuff just jammed into this little corner because that’s where that belongs. down here I have gesso and gamsol and stuff so oil painting stuff and painting stuff and screen printing this is my garment, project, box? meaning like things I bought that I need to take in or things that ripped or Things I’m making that I haven’t finished Just shove them in the garment box, which is nice and easy I have a lace and embroidery box, a knitting box. Don’t know what to call that box that’s just like more shit. I like to quilt, I have screen printing screens I have a bunch of paintings that some are finished and some are not. I have a very messy desk, but it’s for good reason Because I’m selling most of the stuff on that desk. I’m not selling my skeletor picture. Don’t ask. that’s mine. But yeah, I’m I’m trying to list all that for sale and right now that’s the best place it goes. That’s not on the floor So that desk is inoperable Currently, um, I have some paintings on the walls. Love to paint love to sew So I have my sewing machine and my sewing supplies and things and thread and all everywhere Ooh, I have Some pinballs cards with thousands and thousands of tickets. This is all my Well, not that one. These are all my like… supplies, a lot of which I need to go through and get rid of I I just knocked my thread over, common, got some nice copics in here. You got some nice supply cups, a lot of little things I’ve got a lovely plant, lovely plumeria plant in my My bedroom, it smells real nice. Wish you could smell it They’re um like traditional Hawaiian Flowers, plant, whatever. I’m trying to build a PC, so that’s gonna be another hobby. Um, So that’s where that’s at right now. Here’s some more random art supply crap. Um I have a lot of computer hobbies, video games, art You know the stuff. that monitor sucks that monitor sucks so much I need a new monitor. Um, I Have a bunch more fabric storage Up in here. And if I mean I didn’t show you but in that trunk in my living room is a bunch more fabric, so Fabric, I really should never buy any more of it ever. Um I’ve paper and mailing stuff and envelopes and more paper some sketchbooks Little canvases for painting then we have painting then we have more painting a little bit of drawing Some sewing stuff sewing stuff ceramics Things I need to put away or something. I don’t know Legal documents, cameras. I have a VR headset Which is really fun. I love to 3D sculpt in that, that’s one of my favorite things to do with that. Um, I’ve got some tape and like electronic stuff back there, like that bag back there Is full of wire, and you know, the biz multimeter Wuh. sculpture and tools. I have a little air compressor back there. I have an airbrush That I have used very infrequently that I should do more with Um, I also have some wood working tools and some wood stuff I have a dremel some clamps. behind curtain number one We have a bunch of like wood and frames and whatever It’s a mess. these are all being sold, this is all being sold That’s a button press so I can make little like pin style buttons That’s a paper cutter This is um Like sketchbooks and portfolios of art and for some reason there’s a can of primer back there What are you doing primer? Maybe I should.. that should probably go with gesso. I’m not gonna move that right now. So This is my tower my tower of art storage Down here. I have a serger. I also have a sewing machine here and in my in my Trunk in the living room. I have an embroidery sewing machine. That’s real fancy that I need to Really use more. *ahuhu* Or get rid of I don’t know another box of ceramic stuff Most of my ceramics stuff is in my car because it’s really dirty and I haven’t found a place for it inside closet I love like Schedules and graphs and whatever. I’ve got a bunch of crap up there Most of it is just bags filled with costumes and stuff. This is mostly costumes And this is mostly like actual clothing And I needed to laundry, but you know closet it’s a big one. It’s like a a third of the… Bedroom… it’s not a third of the bedroom But it’s a pretty big closet. It’s a significant amount of the small apartment that I inhabit so figured I’d show you Especially because fashion is one of my hobbies and so encloses one of my hobbies. So those are hobbies This kittys my hobby She’s cute. Anyway, that’s my apartment long ass video MEOW! I’m gonna have to do so much editing Yeah woo That’s it That’s all I got. You’ve seen it all. I don’t have storage, I don’t have things at my parents houses or anything, this is it. this is this is the whole shebang Everything I own, everything I do, my silly kitty who just wants food Oh! you okay sniffy? okay. Aaaah. so yeah Goodbye! *same upbeat electronic music*

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I spent so much time replaying the part where chihiro meowed something up cause I LOVED IT and have no clue what it was

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