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Guide to Shopping ads on Google: Create a Standard Shopping campaign

I’m going to help you set-up your first Google Shopping campaign. To do this you’ll need to link your Merchant Center and AdWords accounts build your shopping campaign and confirm your billing info in AdWords. You’ll need a Merchant Center account and an AdWords account AdWords is where you’ll manage your campaign and your budget. If you haven’t setup your merchant account yet check out this video. To get started, log into Merchant Center add your AdWords account. If you don’t have an AdWords account yet it’s time to create one. Fill out the necessary fields under create an account including your timezone and currency and hit save. Great, now your new AdWords account is linked to your Merchant Center account. If you already have an existing AdWords account we’ll let you connect that to your Google Merchant Center account too. Follow the quick steps on how to do this by clicking on the help center link on screen. Ok, let’s get this shopping party started. You can create campaigns in AdWords or the Merchant Center. But for your first campaign Merchant Center will be the fastest back on the AdWords setting page click on the create shopping campaign button. First, give your campaign a name and tell us where you’re selling your products. Be sure your location matches the country and language of your data feed or else those products won’t appear in the campaign. Next up, decide on a cost per click and a daily budget that you’re comfortable with. And hit save. Later on if you find that you’re getting too much or not enough traffic you can always go back into AdWords and adjust as needed. For the final step you’ll need to log in to AdWords to confirm your billing info. If you created a new AdWords account you’ll need to enter that info here too. OK, you’re done. You created your first shopping campaign. We see plenty of happy new customers in your future.

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