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Guests experience story – Apartment Jolanda

Hi welcome to the private apartment
Jolanda. My name is Leo Gamboc and I’m the youngest member of your host family Gamboc and the one you have been communicating through the Airbnb app. I’m recording this video to make you feel at home at your temporary apartment …to introduce you to all the members of my family and to give you an interactive
tour of my city, Umag. My grandma Norma has more than 25 years of experience in hospitality. She’s the rock of the family I introduced her to Airbnb I would say
four years ago. This apartment is named after her middle name Jolanda and one right next to this one is named Norma as he real name. My dad Vlado and I help her out, but mostly she’s still doing all the work. Last but not least is Vanja, my dad’s girlfriend. Together we speak many languages:
Croatian, English, Italian, German, Russian and Hungarian. This apartment is quiet and private, perfect for a couple. At your full disposal is the king size bedroom the hallway kitchen and the private bathroom Many guests appreciate our
natural Kiwi shade and I hope you will too. I’m a bike rider and I often travel
with my bike. I know how important it is to have my bike clean and secure after
my rides. With the same purpose we readapted our garage. into a bicycle storage room, with a service space for all our guests. In our garden you will
find a small but functional cleaning area When your bike needs help from a
professional, my good friend Davor is here to help. Besides his bike shop and
service he also provides bike shuffles If you would ask me: where do I love to
have my coffee, my favorite bar is Buoni Amici. It means good friends. Thank you. Blaž is the owner of the place and a really good friend of mine, So be sure to say hello when you pay a visit. Just a 5-minute walk from my apartment it’s my favorite restaurant Da Lorenzo. Lorenzo is an artist in the kitchen as Dunja told me. Dunja is his assistant chef for the last
10 years and she said that it has been and still is an honor cooking beside him. He can hide his love and passion for cooking or the happiness in his eyes
when a guest is satisfied with his dish My favorite thing about Lorenzo’s
cooking this is unstoppable will to always prepare a new meal. So there is
always a chance you may taste something exceptional that is only on the menu for
a while. The most famous event in Umag is
definitely the ATP tennis tournament this year it will be the 30th edition. In
the same area as the tennis tournament takes place a huge music festival called
SEA STAR. It is a daughter festival from the famous EXIT festival. In the first two edition of Sea Star we saw on stage: The Prodigy Fat Boy Slim Dimitri Vegas and many more However, most people still visit Umag in search for a relaxed holiday. Some of the nicest beaches in awalking distance from the apartment are in front of the hotel Adriatic, Plava Laguna Beach or the one we call Main Beach After a 20 minute car drive You will find the beach in a half moon shape in Kamp Kanegra or a more hidden one in Alberi. Istria today is 144 bike trails that extend up to 3,700 kilometers in length and one bike park built by Valamar. I’m a certified bike guide and I would be happy to guide you around and show you the most
interesting trails in Istria. Beside cycling we love all our outdoor guests. When a big event like a 100 miles of Istria takes place we are here to meet your needs, we can drop you at the start or pick you up after your run. In case you’re visiting us with a car then be sure to make time for wine tasting and gourmet
trip in the insides of Istria. What my friends and I usually do is visit
Kabola winery first and taste their Malvazija. Malvazija is the most famous sort of Istrian vine. Then we move on and chill on the beautiful terrace of course Kozlović vinary and enjoy the view of the wine yards. For lunch we’ll stop in Momjan for the delicious Istrian cuisine in the restaurant Prelac. Then we take a
few bottles of Muškat, that’s my favourite sort, and enjoy it with this beautiful sunset in the best company. After all these amazing places that you
may visit if you’re in a social mood I highly recommend you to spend some time
with my grandma Norma our guests loved her, as they tell us in the
reviews. At her 84 years of age she always takes extra care for them. She’s so vital that she takes care of our garden mousty by herself. and if you’re
staying for more than a few days, well be sure she will come and share our organic
fruits and veggies with you. You’re in for a treat. Thanks for watching the video. A more detailed description of all the
activities and the places I recommended is in the brochure on the table below.
Now please enjoy your stay and let me know if you have any questions Hi viewer, if you liked this video and
you have your story you would love to share I can help you with the whole
process of video making

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