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Grocery Shopping with Physique Pros | Sadik Hadzovic on Contest Prep

whoever says they like diet food is a
liar alright guys so here’s a typical Monday which is a rest day which means
get my ass in a grocery store restock up on some protein veggies and
carbohydrates so like no matter like what time of year
it is my breakfast is always the same my breakfast is always eggs egg whites
specifically so any time I come into the grocery store I get like five or six of
these liquid egg whites so like the reason I don’t like shopping in bulk too
much is because you just don’t physically have enough space in your
fridge for alot of this this I’ll be back for next month I’m a big yodel
fan whoever says they like diet food is a liar like do I enjoy like egg
whites like yeah do I enjoy like some grilled chicken yeah but when you’re
eating this stuff for 14 weeks and six times a day you want it anymore man the
reason I like frozen veggies because they’re more convenient
there’s expiration when you’re buying fresh vegetables so these are great
because it takes four minutes to cook them in a microwave they come out
perfect no need to go crazy I don’t usually count with myself or
with my clients I don’t count the carbs from vegetables vegetables is more of
like a fibrous carb so we’re not counting those these prep this is
broccoli I’ve done preps where I actually haven’t
ate any vegetables at all and what I notice is we’ve made zero difference in
my physique like more vegetable it’s like vegetables are like a filler like a
lot of coaches they throw them in for digestion and just so you feel full so there’s a huge difference between
these two ground turkey and ground turkey breast this has a ton of fat this
is super lean this is stuff you want is a ground turkey breast so I’m gonna show
you guys another convenient thing like not only do I do this with my broccoli
but I usually do this my rice as well so you know we don’t always have like 20-30
minutes to like cook food fresh the microwave is a lot more convenient 90
seconds in the microwave if it comes out amazing perfectly cooked every single
time self-explanatory I’ve been eating the same for about ten
years like I know what foods work and what foods don’t work and let’s be
honest like only about like 10 percent of the store works if you’re trying to
like get in shape and look a certain way and if you’re trying to get in shape and
win the Arnold and win the Olympia narrow that down to like one percent of these
foods work I could tell you guys on two hands the amount of foods that I eat my
carbohydrates are rice oatmeal potatoes my proteins are egg whites turkey fish
chicken steak my veggies are usually asparagus and broccoli and my fats are
almond butter and like a avocado so that’s 12 foods so I know if I stick to
those 12 foods I’m gonna look the way that I need to look so the reason I eat
pickles is because pre-workout okay what do you need to consume pre-workout to
have the best pumps sodium what are pickles loaded with sodium so it just
helps me get a better contraction a better pump in the gym I’ll have like
two or three I’ve done preps where I’ve like cut my sodium completely I had done
preps were like I introduced a lot of sodium I’m really like the workouts
suffer like if you can’t get a good pump good contraction are you really getting
the most out of your workout and that’s the most important thing
you know but before a show you know it depends where you’re at sodium could
probably definitely help you but if you’re not ready it’s probably gonna
hurt you looking good never tasted so sweet cream of
rice baby get me a couple of these my new carb but also the gluten-free oats I love
these all right let’s get some almond butter
so I got three low days what we do on the low day is we significantly increase
the fats so I have like four tablespoons of almond butter a day and meal number
one meal number three and a meal number six that’s it 104 bucks probably
last about like not even a week

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