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Grocery Shopping with Physique Pros | Gerardo Gabriel’s Off-Season Grocery Run

I want some like cereal where’s the
cereal some pop-tarts alright guys so right now we’re gonna go
and get some bulking food since I just finished my show right now I’m gonna
focus on some size so I have a little more leniency on foods that I’m able to
get let’s go ahead and grab them proteins carbs maybe some fats so regardless of what I’m doing one
thing like I always eat for breakfast like I told you guys and one of my other
videos is I like to keep things simple so I’m gonna grab some eggs for protein
and then from there we’ll go on and grab some more carbs that I need alright guys
so here we have the egg substitute this is what I grab for basically my meal one
or breakfast it’s what I like to use instead of egg whites it has a better
consistency and I just basically make like a scrambled egg about a cup gives
me 30 grams of protein but I do like to include some fruits in my diet that and
I’m a big fan of tangerines as well they’re very good with vitamins and
helping immune system so usually tangerines like this I’ll eat one or two a
day so I’m a big fan actually a huge fan of sticky rice so usually this is the
rice that I use especially like offseason and it’s actually like sushi
rice so this is what they use but I like to just use it as my regular rice I want
some like cereal where’s the cereal at some pop-tarts so there’s several cereals that I like
I’m a big kashi fan so I love chocolate so I like to incorporate something like
this in breakfast just for some flavor but then also I like to buy something a
little on the edge side with some sugar what’s my favorite guess guess guess
it’s actually been my favorite since I was a kid here we go
fruity pebbles ha ha so you know this is not a daily thing but I have it there
and you know when I’m playing xbox whooping some butt on Call of Duty or
if I wake up with some cravings you know it’s going down but if I’m getting ready
for a show this ain’t going down but right now I’m not getting ready for a
show so fruity pebbles it is then we got to get some pop-tarts I’m a huge
pop-tart fan once again like just random cravings that I get but I like the
cookies and cream so yeah again it’s all about just having balance like if you do
asparagus and chicken your whole life you’re not gonna last in this game you
have to be able to enjoy life I just did a prep for eight weeks I didn’t really
do much so now take a few weeks throw in some foods that I enjoy and
then get back to the grind I’m active every day doing the fasted cardio doing
the training so I’m not just sitting around and letting all this pile up in
my body we’re gonna grab some halo top ice cream
it’s a gem because really the whole pint has 320 calories it tastes really
good and it’s not heavy on me so I like to I like to eat this once in a while
I’ll just grab one because if I grab more than one I’ll literally one that go
to the next one and it won’t ever stop rice cakes
crucial help fight cravings and in a good way because if you’re craving chocolate
you can eat this and it’s a way better option than the cookies we’re about to
get let’s see here damn they be coming out with some good cookies chocco chunky
we’re gonna do it let’s get some fish I go to fish now for real for real it’s Cod it
has the the texture of it to me is the most how do I say this
it’s the easiest fish to eat like you it almost feels like you’re eating a
chicken it doesn’t have that fishy taste and all that so I really enjoy it in cod
five individually wrapped pouches and no antibiotics all vegetarian diet no animal
by-products so a better choice than getting the Walmart chicken brand breast
it’s all about having balance having fun get things you enjoy especially after
setting a goal so if you reach a goal reward yourself then get back on track
to be even better that’s the whole point of this you know it’s it’s it’s I’ve
been doing this for eight years and I don’t think I would last long if I was
always doing constantly like chicken and tuna out of a can there’s no way there’s
no way you have to be able to drink hard but use that that bad food to give you
an edge on those you know to train a little harder and then go
back to eating clean you know cut it out for a while but then once again enjoy
it’s like a little wave like alright you’re gonna enjoy it alright stop for a
while alright enjoy it again and so that’s the way I look at it and so far
so good

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