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Grocery Shopping On The Road w/ Pro Bodybuilders | Victor Martinez’s Bodybuilding Snacks

hey what’s up everybody Victor Martinez
here just got down to Columbia South Carolina and I need to go food shopping
hungry I brought some food with me but I need to buy some extra food and a what better
place Whole Foods it’s no kitchen in the room we do have room
service so I hardly eat any snacks between
meals so we’ll grab a few things that I can eat and add to my meals later but
again I am traveling I love fruits so we’ll probably start with that all right
yeah I eat fruit all the time pre contest before tend to not eat them
at night usually in the morning I am doing legs but I’ll burn through the
sugars in no time they have to be Green Green Green Green for the crunchiness I love
the crunchiness I like raw spinach so I like to eat so no I don’t like soggy wet
mushy like them just the way they come and what’s good about here it’s they
have half the size as they do back home so see grab them from the back they don’t have
that cloudiness like the ones in the front well I like my Romaine same thing
crunchiness it’s what I like did have a craving post Arnold but it happened I would say
maybe a week after the show and man did I eat I think I probably ate like a pound of
steak think about 400 grams of rice tostones and think pizza
before that but my cravings are usually to a minimum my granny smith love my
granny smith again the greener the better mango again this very sugary I am doing
legs I’ll burn through it oh when I travel I usually have my food already
cooked I brought enough meals yesterday for the whole day the entire day and I
think I have two more meals for today since I was leaving tomorrow I didn’t doesn’t
start tasting too good after two days ya I’ll eat this probably but is a
chicken that has fun goes out tans every once in a while I’ll show you the one
that doesn’t party he’s a pale one good to go stay away from this section
stay away from here I’m a Cookie Monster espresso yeah he’s always
jumping she make it a triple now here’s the total 56.71 I started
bodybuilding in 93 that was the that was what it cost me
my food for the entire week this is snacks

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