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Graduate Residence Directors at LSU

One of the reasons that I chose LSU was because I honestly just felt at home. From the time that the recruitment staff interviewed me to time and I came to campus, I just felt like something with special about being at LSU, and I wanted to be a part of that. I was looking for a cohort that I could really connect with. I really wanted a place to grow, but also have responsibilities. I met people that work at LSU at OPE. It was my favorite interview. I felt the most comfortable. I felt the most safe. I got to get a feel for like what kind of people I’d be working with. So at LSU, GRDs work with an RLC to run a community, instead of running our own community and that really allows us the opportunity to grow and develop. Running a all along side an RLC definitely alleviates some of the pressure that a graduate student might feel. They actually a really good about like making this an experience that’s really going to prepare you for your future. They’re able to guide me anytime I need assistance and it isn’t I work as their assistant, we work together as a united front and as a team. The way we’re paired is like really intentional to, focusing on like different strengths so you’re like working with someone that might complement you or like teach you a different way to do things that you’ve never really done before. A GRD is able to do a lot of things within their residence hall. They are given a lot of responsibilities. You’re able to advise community council, supervise Resident Assistants. A lot of administrative stuff, a lot of programming stuff. I also meet with students about any issues they’re are having, anything they want to get involved in, any help they need. Also were able to serve on committees within our department and we’re able to serve on call. I think so since becoming a grad here at LSU, I think I have grown in my confidence level. Working with an RLC and being able to develop my skills has really made me excited for the future. I love being here at LSU. Just being in this department has really helped me grow. As a grad assistant, I didn’t think I would get this much professional development opportunities, but I honestly feel like I could go tomorrow and run a hall. There’s no place like LSU. There’s no place like LSU. There’s no place like LSU.

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