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Goundamani plans to sell his fertile land | 49 O Scenes | Goundamani makes his plot as cemetery

‘To save farmers from these goons
who disguise themselves and loot…’ ‘…I’ll also pretend
being someone else!’ Arumugam bro, this is
my land document I don’t know what you’ll do
but you must sell my land for me! ‘Looks like he’s on a rampage
to wipe me out clean’ You spoke with fervor that day
hailing the good Lord and- If I had signed
like the rest of them… …I’d have been forced to accept
the same amount you offered them! That’s why I’ve come
independently now Arumugam, 1 acre 18 grounds 1 ground sells for Rs 100000 So 18 grounds is 18 lakhs I own 10 acres of land Now do your Math That’ll come up to a few crores So…? Like you intend building flats
I plan to do the same myself! Law has too many
hitches and glitches We have to rally around all that
and be wishy-washy- Arumugam, what are you saying? Whatever the hitch, won’t you
find your way right royally in? Of course I’ll solve it, but- Don’t hesitate Whatever profit I make
from selling my land… …we can split it up – Split?
– Split you! – What?
– I meant Split between us Close the deal fast
I’ll take leave now Don’t forget the split I’ll blow the conch
for your funeral! What to do now? Take this Good morning, sir You…in fine spirit, huh? Then what?
Is he a ghost? Taking a dig at me? You’re the one
digging our grave! Arumugam, you seem to
have brought a hurdle Next time I’ll come
with a handcuff! We come here only
to get rid of obstacles Take a seat, bro Sir, like you usually do- How can you build flats
on an agricultural land? There’s a pond
100 feet from there Don’t go too deep
It’s all barren! I know it harvests thrice a year
I’ve seen it, man Hey! He’s dragging
the matter too much Let’s go, sir Sir, sir wait
Get cool drinks for him Arumugam, what do you
want me to do now? Sign the documents Sir, please don’t sign
It’s a fertile land There’s a pond near by The buyer will only check the document Not the land per se Arumugam, he’s an exemplary officer If I offer another bundle, he will
let me build flats under the ocean! Here…take it Bag? Do you want this yellow bag? Belongs to actor Raj Kiran All yours now Arumugam, come ‘6 feet of mother’s lap scheme’ ‘Funeral rites’ expenses undertaken
Flowers around the gravestone’ ‘Free ambulance service’ ‘You haven’t seen
your mother’s womb’ ‘But you can now
see your R.I.P tomb’ Whatever the reason, it’s wrong to
convert land that gives us life… …into a graveyard for the dead My intention was this land
will feed everyone! But why like this? If there’s a cemetery nearby,
who’ll buy a residential flat? Listen, we must get back
our agricultural land Bro, shooting crew has arrived You go home, dear You look like an escaped animal
from the African forests Are you the tire cutter? He is the director! They are both
one and the same Hey tire cutter,
this is your shooting spot Check the layout Sir, I don’t see any flat Take it off
Now take a look Don’t make fun Calling me to a cemetery
and referring to it as plot How does it matter to you
whether it is a cemetery or a flat? Your job is to shoot the place Charge me double if you want
but shoot this place – I’ve got a market of my own
– Koyambedu vegetable market? Turn around Now tell me The artiste I’ve brought here
has an image to protect Who have you brought?
Sharukh khan or Amir khan! You’ve brought some local lout It’s enough if a chap
acts in half a film! These mad people at once
start a fan club, stage a protest With 4 stooges hanging on every word
they utter, they ruin the whole village If your hero-chap tells me why
he started acting, you needn’t shoot – Where is he?
– Over there Somu, take these animals with you Come, director – Who are you?
– Camera man As if he shot the film Titanic
Go away…bad influence! The 5th heroine I fell
in love has also ran away Her good time
and my bad time! I’ll call you later Director Hello sir What’s p.o.a for today? Get a scapegoat…! Hey imbecile! Didn’t I tell you
he doesn’t know why he’s here! Now you spoke to
someone over the phone What is it? You claimed it was
a chain linking lovers A bridge that bridges the gap
between friends Highway, a way to
brings families together You did some hard selling You spoke from a Sim which
won’t work in our village I don’t use that Sim here I know you won’t use it If I give you money, you’ll sell
a donkey claiming it a horse! That’s the power of my brain! Your brain is in your head
Mine is in my thigh His brain is in the heart
and this one’s in the shoulder Do you know what
our gray cells will do now? It’s a novel plan Never before attempted That’s what I want I’m looking forward
to such trials Because a lion asleep in me
is dying to roar its talent Don’t knead too much
Just do the needful Who’s this talking
without thinking? He’s the producer, sir Producer?
Then no problem! Problem starts only now…come ‘Maybe I won’t get my payment!’ What a dance! What’s this? Sandhu, shall we go? Sand or gravel!
Haven’t you come here to act? – Yes
– Then do just that Hi darling!
What brings you here? Is she a cow for sale?
You’re checking her teeth! Act without touching her Keep your hands with you Start your act Hi darling!
What brings you here? Ram- Don’t tap his chest It seems a lion is asleep
in there and might leap out Act without touching him Doesn’t Sita know
where Rama resides?! Cut…cut
Call yourself a director? Why do you need
this stupid thing? What dialog did you write? Tell me He’s Rama
and this is Sita? Look at his face Every writer should pen his dialog
keeping the actor in mind He looks like Hanuman Ask him to act Sir, you’re Hanuman Oh, now I’m like Hanuman
instead of Rama Not like Hanuman
You are Hanuman Act now Why do you open
your mouth so wide? Won’t you talk? – Talk, man
– Will do Why stick your tongue out at her? Trying to lick her face? Act Like I was tail for Lord Rama
you are my- Second skin!
Wasn’t that your dialog? Say it Don’t keep changing dialogs Once the dialog enters my head
I can’t delete it repeatedly Don’t store dialogs
in your head Let it roll out
from your tongue! If Surpanaka the she-demon is mouth- You’ll call Rama as ghost!
Correct? Deliver your dialog If you keep changing
I just can’t cope with this What to do now, sir? Do some damn thing
Go and be damned in hell Try and act Juice…! Sir, shall we start? Is this an auspicious wedding
to ask permission to start? Ask them to act – Why are you getting up?
– To teach them how to act As if you’re the director
of the film Avatar, sit down You and your egg head! Yes, producer Why are you dancing
and prancing about there? Listen, use only terms
used in real estate I’ll join my concept
in the middle Can I add ‘my dear, my honey,
my golden deer’ in between? You don’t need to add
any bloody lice or mice! Just do what I tell you ‘Kemira’ Action…! Will he act if you
call out ‘action’? SN promoters welcomes you A scheme the world has
never before heard or seen Unique, unparalleled
dream of a scheme… …by SN Promoters
6 feet mother’s lap scheme! He is lapping up
his crap of an act! It’s a soooper doooper
scintillating scheme With good intentions
the man behind the plan is… …owner of SN Promoters, Mr Sowri How did you land up
with such a grand plan? Man deposits money
in the bank to lead a good life We take life insurance policies,
to help us in our old age These are plans to
make our life easier Nobody gives a thought to
what has to be done after we die! I thought about it
Result is this dream ‘6 feet mother’s lap’ scheme Why are you whistling? You said it’s a dream-scheme That’s why! – What’s this crowd in aid of?
– All our customers! Our first client of
‘6 feet mother’s lap’ is here Let’s welcome this blessed soul
along with our sole proprietor Please come, welcome They’ll only come
Not go back! Mr Munusamy is our 1st client Mr Sowri will now
welcome Mr Munusamy – Garland him, bro
– I won’t, you do Why won’t you do the honors? I don’t like his face
Just do it I also don’t like his face
Things we do for money! Mr Munusamy registered this plot
for him to R.I.P 6 months ago This is the document
This is his 6 feet allotment You can now
perform the last rites Here’s my first client Munusamy
resting at ease on our motherland’s lap There’s head space and leg space
for him to stretch and lie comfortably Gap on the side gives him
room to roll over if necessary He can even curl up in this tomb
as if he’s in his mother’s womb If he wishes, he can
lie on his stomach also If he further wishes, he can
run inside and play kabadi also If he wants to relieve himself
he can use the corner too – So many comforts, huh?
– You can also join him Ready, action Sit down, you blockhead Thinks he’s a big director! You just deliver your dialog Wel-come Let me showcase SN promoters’
dream-scheme to rest in peace Maintenance fee for
this allotment is free Are we selling land here
or running a dance school? We are selling Go stand there – I’ll do the talking
– Okay, carry on You haven’t seen your mother’s womb
but blessed are you to see your tomb No maintenance fee for a year Free last rites Will plant flowers around the grave
Free water available 24 hours You can bury with
jewellery intact Security is also free Ambulance is free From your life insurance policy… …to procuring the death certificate …everything is free! Free…free Please do come and
check this for yourself Come to view, preview, review! He’s rocking, man! – Good afternoon, uncle
– Hello bro, what’s up? – Where do you live?
– I live in Mylapore Why and for whom
are you buying this 6ft? None of the graveyards
in the city are good It’s a place for drunkards,
adults to commit adultery …and a camp for
social miscreants! We lack peace of mind
when we are alive and kicking At least after I die
to rest in peace… …I’ve come here to buy
6ft space for me and my wife! You thought well indeed Did you hear what uncle said? What are you dilly dallying for? Come fast A huge hello to one and all In your house who will be
benefit by this 6ft scheme? My father All his life he has
been in a 6’x6′ room And he is nearing his end He always wanted to build
and live in a house of his own But that didn’t materialize At least after his death,
he should be in his own place That’s why as a good son
I’m here to join this scheme Excellent You’re the right example
of how a son should be ‘Hi darling
What brings you here?’ ‘Won’t Sita know
where Rama is!’ Hey Charms, if you do something important
won’t you share it with me before doing so? There’s no suspense if
I share it with you earlier That’s why this time
I wanted to surprise you Is that so? If you had told me… …I would’ve asked you
to buy 6 ft for us also Your wish is my command! We both should live always
with this same love in all ways When we die,
I should be next to you Sure darling…sure It isn’t enough if we alone
know the value of this place We should also share this
with the common people Of course! Look at this atrocity They’re allocating flats
in graveyards and selling them! From the queue here, looks like
every one of them will be booked today! S.N.Promoters understood
the ‘need of the hour’ With goodness of heart they have
come up with this dream-scheme Shall we find out what people
have to say about this scheme? Hey Arumugam! Sir, what do you think
about this scheme? This is a land revolution Like Samathuvapuram housing scheme… …they’ve created a new
after-world in all our lives Long live cemetery revolution One more 6 feet is booked This is the document for your spot I’ve also bought a place
in this 6 feet scheme I don’t have anyone
to take care of me After we die, we’ll be protected
by this 6 feet mother’s lap scheme I won’t die an orphan
I’m not an orphan For whom are you
buying this land? For my mummy Where’s your mom now? Of course she’s in
an Old age home Mr Ravi, how do you feel
about this scheme? Even America doesn’t
subscribe to such a scheme Americans will start such schemes
only in other countries! If they had air-conditioning facilities
and partition, that would’ve been better! This place has become
the ‘talk of the town’ And reached America What are you doing? I just tweeted that
I’ve chosen a grave for my mom I got 52 likes already! Why are you still waiting? We’ve collected an amount of
Rs 100000 for advertisements Have you deposited
the amount in the bank? Yes sir, I did What’s happening here? Break all this- Don’t try all these rowdy tactics You’ll dare telecast
anything anyone gives you?! Sowri is the man behind this
We’ll go and get him Wait and watch Let’s go

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