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Google My Business for Apartments: How To Create Posts For Promoting Your Community

– Apartment communities that
are utilizing Google Post on their Google My Business listing are being rewarded with increased traffic. Now in this video I’m gonna
show ya’ how easy it is for you to create Google Posts so you
can start benefiting as well. (upbeat music) Hi, it’s Josh from Resident360. If you’ve never heard of
Google Posts they are a feature on your Google My
Business listing dashboard where you can post information
such as specials, events, news, product offerings
like your floor plans. Really anything that’s post-worthy can go on the Google My Business
listing post section. Now why they’re so valuable is they show up in search results when someone searches
your property on Google, basically giving you
more Google real estate, which we all know is important. Now let’s dive into Google
My Business dashboard so I can show you how to
create your own Google Post. Alright, here we are in my
Google My Business dashboard and what we’re gonna do
is if you look over here to the left hand side you’ll
see kind of the navigation. You got home, post, info,
insights, reviews, messaging. What we’re gonna do is focus on posting. So let’s click the post tab and
here you’ll see the post tab will pull up here in a second. Here we are. And all we need to do is you’ll
see it says write your post. So I’m just gonna click on that and when that happens is
this posting window pulls up. So just to kind of show you
a few of the different posts you have a what’s new style post. You have an event post,
you have an offer type post and then you also have a product post. Now something to keep in
mind with all of these posts, they will expire after seven days. So whatever you post on any of these, they will expire after seven days. Now I did find one work-around to that and that is the event post. And let me show you that right now. So if I click event, I’m
just gonna scroll down and show you something here. You see start date and
it also has an end date. So you can actually put
an offer in this post type and put a longer than
seven day expiration on. And so for example maybe
you want that to expire 30 days out. So you’re able to do that
with the event style post. So I recommend sticking
with that one right now so you don’t have to keep
adding posts every seven days. And let’s go ahead and
fill out one right now so you have an idea of how easy it is. Now what I’m going to do
is I’m actually going to do a floor plan move-in special style post. So I’m just gonna click the camera icon, I’m gonna go out and browse on my desktop. I have a 3D floorplan ready to go. There you go. That 3D floor plan looks fantastic there. So let me scroll down a
little bit and show you you’ve got event details
first and event title second. So I’m gonna actually
fill out the event title. That’s basically gonna be
the headline of this post. So let’s call it two bedroom move in special happening now. Exclamation point. Alright, that’s a good looking headline, two bedroom move-in special happening now. I’m gonna come up here
to the event details and let’s say we’re gonna put get $250 off your first month’s rent when you sign a 12 month lease. Perfect. So there you have the event details. You already have the event title there. So I’m gonna scroll on down here. Now also with the event type
of post you’re gonna add a time if you want, such
as starting at 9:00 a.m. ending at midnight, if you want. I don’t see a need to do that. Here you go, you got your
start date, November 2nd and I’m gonna put an end date. Let’s put my end date,
let’s say it’s gonna be December 14th. I’m gonna scroll down here
and you see at the very bottom it says add a button optional. So you can click and this is pretty cool. So you can put a call now
button on there if you like with your phone number or I can change that and
let’s just say I want to put learn more and then I can
put a link to my website right here if I like. So let’s just say resident 360.com. That’s how easy it is. And I can come up here and click preview. And you’ll see that’s what
our Google Post looks like. Fantastic. Two bedroom move-in special happening now. Get $250 off your first month’s rent when you sign a 12 month lease. Learn more. And then all I need to do is
click the blue publish button. And usually I’ve found that these go live pretty instantaneously,
so within, you know, within seconds they usually post live on your Google My Business listing. Now let me go out on the
web and just show you a couple of Google My posts. So I found this apartment community, Springhill apartments in Tucson. Let me show you right here. So all their posts have
expired, but I want to show you just some variety in terms
of what they’re posting. So here you go, they
have a Halloween style, it looks like an event
style post or I mean an event in terms of
visiting this haunted house. They’ve got another post
that’s talkin’ about, looks like a restaurant. Another post that talks about the season. Let’s see, another post,
let’s see what this one. Talking about an amenity,
which is covered parking spaces at their community. So it pays to be creative. You don’t just always
have to post specials. You can post events that
are happening in your area. You can post events that are happening actually at your community as well. So just some different
things to think about but I would definitely, definitely
start posting immediately on your Google My Business listing. It is so easy to do and
you will definitely benefit with increased traffic. I hope this video was helpful. I’m Josh Grillo. Thanks for watching. (upbeat music)

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