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Goodbye, Skyrocketing Rents; Hello, Waterfront Living

(mellow music) – [Kelsey Lettko] It’s
a 1988 Nova Trawler. She’s 36 feet, and about 450 square feet, given all the different spaces. Since it’s a power boat
and it’s a trawler, there’s just so much
vertical space so it feels a bit bigger than it actually is. It’s just all light, all the time, there’s so much natural light
that’s able to come in. There’s two bedrooms,
there’s the v-berth up front, and then the aft room in the back. And there’s two bathrooms, so much bigger than my San Francisco apartment, for sure. Even my kitchen table
folds down into a bed, so if I have guests come, there’s a place for them there as well. When I moved, I got rid
of all my furniture, I got rid of a ton of clothes. I’ve learned you can live with a lot less. Getting creative with storage is always a fun thing to do on a boat. For example, the stairs going into my
bedroom is a perfect cupboard for shoes, so that’s now my shoe closet. And then in my bedroom,
there’s just cabinets all around, so I’ve been
able to really utilize a lot of the space for
clothes and kind of under every surface that you
see, chances are there’s blankets or sheets or
towels hidden under there. A lot of the counter
tops you’ll lift them up and there’s really great
storage underneath. I have a little box there
that’s perfectly shaped for my two boxes of tea. I never really my own
kitchen to make really into my own space, so it’s been
really really fun transforming that and figuring out what
I need, and how to make the most out of all the
little hooks and nooks and crannies that are in there. Not a designer myself, so
using Houzz was really really great to get awesome ideas
about what kind of pillows, and how to make the best
use of small, small spaces. So when I moved in, the
upholstery, it was pretty old, it was a little bit moldy
and it had holes in it and it wasn’t looking its best,
so we got it reupholstered and it really helped
improve this space a lot. I knew that I wanted
to create a space that just made me feel really good and was really calm and
welcoming towards guests. My favorite thing to decorate
was probably the back deck because that’s where we
spend most of our time. We have a table that kind
of can serve as a big table for lots of people or
fold into a smaller table when we’re having more people
just standing out there. There’s a bar out there
and a succulent garden and that was my favorite
space to decorate. When I do work from home, it’s
definitely the best office I could ever ask for, so
it’s really nice to be able to work out on the back
deck when it’s sunny. Gives working from home
a whole new meaning. Some people think I’m a little
crazy for living on the boat. It’s nice knowing that I’m
putting my money into something that is mine instead of just
renting and it really kind of seems like my floating condo
with really good views. The first time it rained,
I was here by myself and it was a little alarming
to wake up and realize that it was actually raining
inside my room, so I need to fix a couple leaks before
the rainy season starts. I bought my boat for
$45,000 and expected to put more money into it, really
creating a strong foundation and like you would on a house,
you need to make sure that everything is working on the inside before you can start
having fun and decorating the outside, what people can see. My dad and my neighbor,
and then my boyfriend and I all spent a lot of
weekends together inside very small spaces inside my engine room. I have a lot to learn,
and it can be a little bit intimidating sometimes,
but I’m really lucky that the people around me are so knowledgeable and they’re always willing to help out. Kind of the first thing
that anyone says once they find out I’m a live aboard
is ‘well let know if you need anything, I’m
just right down the docks.’ I love the community a lot. There’s really kind of all ages here. There’s about 40 to 50 of us
who live aboard on our boats. Then there’s families with
kids, and people later in life who have sailed all over the world and just have the most amazing stories. Living this close to my
sister is really fun. We never would have
imagined that we’d both end up in the same spot, really. I can see her boat, it’s
actually in the same slip as mine, four docks away, so
our boats face each other. It’s actually pretty ridiculous. The best way to get to
her boat is to kayak, so it’s pretty fun to
kayak over to see her and her boyfriend for after
work just to go visit. My parents were boaters
when they were young. They had a Catalina 30
out of Rhode Island, so they’ve spent all their
weekends on their boat. Then once we came out to
California, they got a sailboat and started exploring the bay. Just kind of fell in love with this area. Evening is hands down the best. Sunsets here, especially this time of year they happen right off the
back deck, so it’s perfect. I think the main thing I love is just how connected it is to the outdoors. I mean, when it’s high tide
or low tide, you know it, because it really makes a
difference, and when it’s windy, that affects how I’m
gonna sleep that night. So it’s definitely not all glamorous, but I love that there’s just
so much nature everywhere. Anytime you look outside
there’s gonna be birds or sea lions or fish jumping,
and it’s just really cool to be able to kind of have
that so intertwined with life. It’s unbeatable in my opinion.

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