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Goodbye Rainbow Apartment.

Subscribe Hello, my people your new we’re basically we’re a cute little family here. I’d like to say that you got the cute jean for me I’d like to hope I Almost cried setting up the camera here because this is always where I used to film my intros and outros I don’t know if you guys remember this, but when I had my pink hair, I mean my hair’s pink again I’ve kind of gone backwards I always used to come for my rainbow if you want to see an apartment tour before I move only if this gets to 20,000 likes will I upload an apartment tour? I’m watching you. How do the cute laugh therefore you have to like it, right? Okay So I’m gonna talk about why I’m moving last because it’s a very something significant happened to me recently Not what you think it is I haven’t talked about this situation online and it’s it’s kind of scared me, but I think Talking about my experience is gonna help so many people and also I can’t keep any secrets from you guys I consider you the closest people to me and I don’t know I feel comfortable with you all so cute. Okay So anyways, you know, I’m gonna start off with why I’m moving. So this apartment complex is really nice Like I feel really nice here. There are other creators that have lived here as well And I feel safe within the building and they’re nice amenities. I don’t know. I’m not trying to give them promo It’s just like I feel like it’s a nice building but it is not in a very safe area of Los Angeles and I actually moved to here when I was 17 and It was not a safe place for a 17 year old to live and there are a lot of people here that are corrupted and they’re in taking very dangerous things that Mentally don’t put them in a safe spot and therefore endanger the people around them a very polite way of saying something else I’m sure you guys know what I’m alluding to and Stop studying so nerdy Josie. I was trying to say I was gonna do Jessie stop setting so nerdy so there are just some very sketchy personalities around this area Hollywood Boulevard is not a very safe area I recently had a situation where someone in front of my apartment building essentially attempted to I Trust you all Essentially attempted to I Trust you all There was just an attempt at inappropriate Touching Essentially a form of minor sexual sexual assault which is still sexual assault Yeah, and after that it was like I I I can’t live in this this area for my own safety mental health Etc so That was probably like the really big turning point that made me realize I can’t live here anymore as much as I loved my rainbow Apartment and so on another thing I’m getting my puppy in a week and because the area is so unsafe I wouldn’t really be able to walk him and I want to be able to walk my puppy So location is a really big reason for the move I just want to move somewhere where I can walk my puppy and feel safe and walk to a cafe and get good food and Stuff like that. So yeah, that’s like oh that’s a really big reason for the move Another reason is where I filmed back there even right here where I film this is all like my living space So that’s actually where I eat. That’s my dining room table Also where I film and in here like this is where I hang out with you know my pals It’s also like it’s my living space and it’s also where I film and something about that. I needed from my own mental health I’m sure you can relate just a separate space to live and a separate space to work because my whole apartment kind of is just YouTube and I was like I need a certain area just for filming and then I need a certain area just for living and being a human for my own mental health I think it’s good to just separate the two for my own sanity and for ours because what I’m happy and healthy That means more content for you guys and better content I’ve lived here for a while – I’ve lived here for a year and a half. Yeah, so it’s been it’s been a while I think another thing is you guys know, but I had a I just I haven’t talked about this really really online, but I’ve always had anxiety But I never ever because anxiety and depression can have some polar like polarizing traits I hadn’t really dealt I would sometimes deal with depressive symptoms, but I never had like I never had full-on depression to the point where be diagnosed as depression But I went through a phase of that and I think if you have been through that you would know that I’m good now I’m I’ve worked on it and I can very very happily say that I’m not going through that anymore I still definitely am diagnosed with anxiety and deal with controlling with it almost on a daily basis Which I’ve come so far with so insanely far Yeah, but um and they give you’ve gone through depression if you’re watching this It’s so incredible to talk about these things and my goals that were talking about this at least one person relates just like that’s me Or if anyone ever goes through this, I think that changing environment sometimes sometimes it’s really good when I changed my hair It wasn’t just washing out blue. It was feeling like I was doing something for myself That was also gonna be a big change and change is really scary but it’s honestly one of the best things when you go through that it’s It’s so refreshing and I think that’s another big thing. Also all my pals. None of them really live in this area anymore They all used to live here, but one of my best best best best best best pals. She’s also my mom So I guess she’s like your grandma dad. She makes incredible Lgbtq+ content I Bowl out like recommend. Like we’ll talk her to the nine. She’s one of the most intelligent people I know she makes incredible lgbtq+ content. She literally has been with me through my hardest times in life She has seen me at my like hysterically crying Wurst and been like the most helpful person like I’m coming over with bacon cookie dough But um anyways She moved to New York City and she was a few minutes away and then Franken ever there considering moving And they’re literally my only friends that still live here So I feel kind of lonely and a lot of my friends live a little bit farther in the safer areas of Hollywood And I’m like, I deserve to live somewhere safer, too I’m gonna move somewhere where I can live with my puppy and be able to Mentally move on and one thing I think people always need to realize whenever I make a big change in my life when I dyed My hair whatever it is, I’m literally gonna be the exact same person moving changing My hair color doesn’t change like people will always be like I miss pink hair Jessie. I’m like, but I’m the same human If anything I was cooler when I had pink hair, maybe that’s the only thing They did more double chins. If you want me to incorporate more of that a Lot of girl now give it a thumbs up So this is where I keep my guitar and this hilarium my guitars and I started in this apartment with a rainbow guitar Oh, I’m getting caboose. No guys I’ve played electric guitar for 10 years when I have anxiety when I am going through the worst times I play electric guitar and genuinely is so incredible for my mental health and I Was overworking myself so much that I took out this passion of mine because I didn’t have beautiful friends and also like guitar and so on but for myself This year I decided to start taking lessons again looking up songs I I played I write sins not tragedies yesterday and it was so fun and I just I’ve like fallen back in love with playing guitar after a year of just feeling So pressure to always be working and I realize no like this is something that’s beautiful. And in this apartment Oh revoke as’ Hello this apartment in this area my apartment is so mostly significant to me because It’s where I fell back in love with guitar and it makes me really happy this little green area and my my baby I don’t know. I don’t know what I should name him. It’s him because you know what? Every girl was gonna sakes the tea was good This area just this is where I started to do All-star covers an electric guitar this apartment is where I finally decided to you for the first time this year I’m gonna cry guys This is such a moment for us where I decided to finally start posting electric guitar videos, and I was so nervous I remember I did my roast yourself video which was already So on my comfort zone like I’m gonna improv and just at the end and clewd some random guitar clips And I didn’t even practice it at all. I’m like, you know what? I’m just gonna post it because that’s me That’s all other times if I play guitar I’m very much just based off of like playing by ear and sounds that’s something improv that we do and the responses It’s where I became comfortable with playing electric guitar for all of you and that means so much to me and I really really really Hope to play more like a guitar my channel soon because I don’t think there’s enough female representation when it comes to electric guitars or even just honestly just Instrumentalists nowadays, I feel like all the times people don’t always pay attention. What if I love twenty one pilots so much I’m not like I really Really really do they help me through something like just my heart as hard as hard as times and I know they’ve helped a lot Of you guys, too. I look up to them so much for that reason and what I love love about that band Is that people really support both Josh and Tyler because that’s the whole band the instrumentalists are just as fundamental and yeah I don’t know. Okay, I’m renting now. But yeah, this area is so incredibly emotionally significant I think when I move I’m going to meet just music an even bigger part of my So behind me I have Behind me I have from my birthday party I had a stranger things theme birthday party I mean, I’m just a casual thing. I generated my whole apartment stranger things that tons of waffles and cute stuff like that I love you guys. I love my people and you all my people know me you all know. I love stranger things We stand in this household that I will be leaving soon. It’s ok Well, the new household say that about these are decorations from my strangers things birthday It says happy birthday Jesse and it was so incredible because almost every person at that party was a friend that I had made within the past six months because I’ve really found just people that are I really identify with and support the past six months and at that party I guess was just like I looked back and I looked in the room and I Was like wow, like I made all these friends the past six months yet I’ve lived out in LA for two years like there’s something so beautiful about that. I’m just really proud of us. Alright, alright, okay Yeah, and it just means a lot to me right here at this area No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no Okay, and a stranger things if you’re watching this sponsor me, and if you want to tell stranger things to sponsor me support your father I’d be appreciated if I ever do get sponsored by stranger things. You guys know, it would be such a moment for us Wow, that would be so cute. There’ll be such a moment for us. Okay, and Lastly there is this area. I don’t really show you guys my bedroom because there’s I don’t know It’s kind of separate from my youtube life that makes it sound really inappropriate. Oh my god I shot really pure okay and last this is where I film I wanted to show you those a new end goal I really like this area. I loved my rainbow, but I think this area it’s personalized with the fly It feels very inclusive And this is also where I eat so good times here, of course, but I’m recording this now So I just I remember this and I don’t forget it and I’m definitely going to miss this apartment Wholeheartedly and some memories I had here, but I’m excited to start new Well, I’m excited for us And if you’ve been with me since my bedroom in New Jersey, like that’s so incredibly cool And I’m so grateful for all of you And I’m so grateful genuinely And I will do everything in my power to show that at all times and it just reminds me of how far I’ve come Because I never imagined it to be living here in my own personalized rainbow apartment and living alone I don’t feel like this is just my place It’s it’s ours and I think that we’ve had such such a great time here and it’s done so many wonderful things for us But I’m really excited for the future and thank you for sticking around It means so much to me and be looking forward to new stuff from me. I’m always gonna be working So incredibly hard for you all I’ll do everything I can and I’m frickin proud of us look at us We’re moving up in the world. We’re getting nicer apartments We’re getting out of situations that are toxic for us, and we just keep realizing what makes us happy Your little bean is turning into an adult. It’s so weird What people are was like how old are you and I’m like physically or mentally because physically yeah, I’m 19 but mentally all the times I’m still 9, but an acute 9 I Remember the first time I ever filmed at this new location and how incredibly happy I was and this apartment just means so much to me and this apartment most Importantly is where I started to make my content Mostly focused on mental health and I think that’s probably the biggest goal I could ever have it’s not about appearance for me It’s all about mental glow-up and I truly truly found content and a voice that I am Incredibly incredibly incredibly proud of and I really feel like I just found My voice and what I want to talk about what I’m so passionate about and hear comments about it all the time It’s so incredibly important and especially after a mental health awareness month. I really wanted to mention this Yeah I decided to make my content more personal and the response has been Absolutely insane and it’s not always easiest to talk about the serious topics and this apartment is just a showing of how things can be Beautiful on the outside but very difficult and consuming on the inside and I’m just I’m just I’m proud of myself and this apartment has seen such a mental glow up for me and for you guys to Have witnessed it with me and I think for us because my content of my mental state is also a part of you guys Too, you know what I mean? So yeah there was a lot of discovering my own identity in this apartment and with everything and Labels and so on and I’m really really really proud of myself And I’m excited and you in stand be ready to slam some tables Instead my videos in my new apartment I’m gonna buy a new table just to slam it show I stand if you’re new It’s like a meme that we say we stand let me slam the table though It kind of hurts your hands, but it’s it’s cute. It’s like it’s a joke Well, we love we love a supportive fans and we love a fandom with inside jokes. We stand There you go. It’s not gonna be the last time you say that in this apartment. Oh I’m gonna feature your pages in the screen and your posts. I love you all and Get excited you are not ready for new apartment, Jesse You’re not ready for the videos that I’m gonna make this new apartment Jenna’s in the nasty Spence I love you all and I stand you and I say this in every video, but just want to remind you. I love Mickey No, really, you’re my people. Like I try to think of a fandom name. I’m like, no my people It just includes everyone no matter what you identify as


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Stranger Things Fanpage

Jun 6, 2018, 11:53 am Reply

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