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Goldsbrough Apartments Darling Harbour, Oaks Property Sales

Darling Harbour is a 5-star location in the
heart of Australia’s most popular cities, where you will find the historic Goldsbrough
Apartments building. With a rich history, the Goldsbrough Apartments
building offers the charm and elegance of the early 1900s, yet with all the modern features
and amenities you would expect in a contemporary apartment building. The original 1880s façade
is an impressive feature, original timber floors throughout and exposed ironbark columns
add to the charm and character of the apartments. Most of the building enjoys sweeping views
over the Sydney skyline, or over the green surrounding suburban fringes. Darling Harbour is the most visited place
in Australia and, the Goldsbrough Apartments are on its doorstep. Goldsbrough building
is also very handy for conference and event guests with the Sydney Exhibition Centre and
Convention Centre right next door. In a changing world, the familiar things can
provide comfort and, this unique and historic building has a timeless and stately atmosphere,
which does not change. The building comprises of either Studio, 1 or 2 bedroom apartments,
featuring full kitchen, laundry facilities and some with balconies. The Goldsbrough Apartment building has complete
conveniences including heated 25m lap pool, sauna, spa and professional gym, also clerical
offices and two coffee shops. To get around while living or staying in Goldsbrough, it’s
very close to the lightrail or monorail stations and a short stroll to Townhall railway station. For details about investment opportunities
in this well located unique property, contact The Oaks Property Sales for more details or
visit our website www.theoakspropertysales.com.au.



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