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Girls $100 Shopping Challenge! What Will They Buy? / That YouTub3 Family

– Okay, guys, so we’re
outside of our favorite store. – [Both] Target! – Yay. – And the boys have something to give us. – (mumbles) put your hand out. Close your eyes. – Close your eyes. – (gasps) Oh, my gosh! Yes, it’s our turn! – Our turn to do the challenge. – Yes, we went around the with the boys when they got $100, and they got to go into Walmart and pick out whatever they want. Go check out that video if you haven’t seen it already. Now it’s our turn, we get to do it! – Yay! – Yay, I’m so excited,
because I love Target. – I have no idea what I’m gonna buy, because we haven’t been
in Target for a while, but they have, like, everything. They have food, clothing.
– Bedding. – Bedding. So, like, basically anything you want. – You better bet I’m gonna be getting a new pair of leggings today. – [Ty] Get me something. – Oh, well, okay, let’s go shopping. Hi, guys! Welcome back to – [All] That YouTube Family! – Today, Jordan and I
actually went shopping. – Ahh. – So our brothers both
gave us $100 each to spend, which was actually your money, by the way. (Mom laughs) And we got to go to Target and spend $100 on whatever we wanted. – Target. – No parents to tell us what to get, no brothers to tell us what to get, and so today I have
some questions prepared, and you guys have to try to
pick which thing we bought and what the right answers
are to each question. – Okay.
– Yep. – So, before we begin, which person do you feel
like you can predict what they’ll buy the most? – I think I’m good at both of you, because I totally creamed
Dad on the boys’ challenge. Like, I got every answer correct, so I think I can nail this one. Either one. Which one do you want? – I’ll take Audrey. – You feel like you know me better? – I think she’s the more
conservative spender. (Audrey laughs uncomfortably) (Dad laughs) – Maybe. – Do you, actually, before we start, do you think we went over or under budget? – Under, both of you went under. – I think you went under as well. – Actually, we went over. (Audrey and Jordan laugh) – Both of you went over? – No, I did not. Actually, we don’t know. – We combined two things together, and then we spent money. – What? – We don’t know for sure who went over, but I don’t know. – What?
– I got rid of an item. – Wow. – Yeah, Audrey got rid of the item. – I would have never guessed that, because our kids actually
do not like to spend money. They don’t spend money. – But maybe because it’s not
theirs, they’ll spend it. – Yeah, maybe, I guess that’s the answer. Man, I would have never guessed that. Okay. – Okay, well, with that being said – We’re full of surprises. – Round 1. Alright, Dad, what was the
first thing that I bought? – Oh, boy. – Was it A, wireless earbuds, B, mint gum, C, makeup, or D, a slushie? – I think I know. – The first thing, I would say It’s not a slushie. I think you’d save that for the end. ‘Cause you wouldn’t walk around
the store with a slushie. I think you already have earbuds, so you didn’t buy those. So I’m gonna go What was the second one? – Uh, mint gum or makeup? – I’m gonna go with makeup. – I agree, it’s makeup. I’m sure. – Okay, let’s see the clip,
let’s see if you’re right. – I have a valid point to make. If she got a slushie after, she wouldn’t be able to drink it, because you guys were around, so. – That’s true, but I still don’t think she’d go right for the slushie, I think she really likes makeup, and she probably needed makeup, so she headed straight
directly to the makeup aisle. – Let’s see. – Okay, you guys, I found my first one. – Wait, what? – First item this one or this one? – What?
– Earbuds? – Which one do you like more, Jordan? – I thought you already had earbuds? – She did misplace her very nice earbuds. She had a very expensive pair of earbuds, and she can’t find ’em. – I’m getting wireless earbuds. – Wow. – ‘Cause I need new ones. – Earbuds. – Wow, I would have never guessed that. But it does make sense. – I didn’t know she lost her earbuds. You lost your earbuds? – Well, it’s probably somewhere around, but I can’t find it,
so I just use the ones that come with the
iPhone, and it’s like eh. – Yeah, those ones. – See? Now who knows her better? (laughs) – Alright. – You still guessed wrong. – I guessed wrong ’cause
I thought you’d go directly for makeup. Gotta get your makeup. Okay. – So, Dad’s at zero points. Are you ready, Mom, for
your first question? – I am ready. – What did Jordan see
that made her excited? Was it a fuzzy blanket, a curling iron, nail polish, or a face mask? – Oh, my goodness. – This is a really hard one. – Jordan would probably get
excited over all those items. – True. (laughs) – But I am going to guess a fuzzy blanket. – Ooh, okay.
– Okay. – We’ll see if Mom’s right. – Do you think the same? – Jordan likes fuzzy blankets. – Oh. What, nail polish, really? – But I’m gonna go with
nail polish. (laughs) – Really? – This is a top coat nail polish, ’cause we lost ours, and ours is so old. – You lost your top coat? – Yeah.
– Yeah, yeah. – You guys are losing everything. So I gotta think of
now what have you lost. – I know. – And that’s the next thing
that you’re gonna buy. – Yep. – Wow. – Yeah, we lost our
earbuds, our nail polish. – We lost almost everything. – Okay, yeah, so
basically they’re just out replacing items they lost. – Yep. (laughs) – I see how it is. – Okay, Round 2, zero points for both. What item was Audrey confused about? A butter stick, foam
fingers, high-heel sneakers, or corn protector? – What? That all sounds weird. I’m confused.
(Jordan laughs) – I know, right? – Alright, so seeing how you just came from the earbuds section, (Audrey and Jordan laugh) Jordan just went past the nail polish, you’re probably by the feet, foot care, and so I’m gonna say a corn protector. – Do you even know what that is? – I think it’s corns for your feet? ‘Cause I don’t think
Audrey’s ever had a corn. – I have never had a corn. – And I think the only corn
she thinks she knows about is corn on the cob.
– Who has had corns? – I don’t even know what that is. Yah! – This is Jordan. – [Audrey] The best things ever. – Yeah, you better bet. – [Audrey] Corn protectors? – [Jordan] Corn? – What’s a corn? (mumbles) – Corn protectors! Yeah, I got it right. (laughs) – [Jordan] I don’t even know. – Audrey’s all thinking, is
it corn-on-the-cob protectors? – I know, that’s what I thought. – Yeah, I was like, what in the world? Why is this with the foot care when it’s talking about corn that you eat? – So it’s something on your foot? – Yeah. – I have no idea.
– That’s weird. – That’s funny. – Very confusing. – You’ll have to Google corn after this. – There you go. – We did! Still doesn’t make sense. – Just like a sore that’s on the foot, but – You get ’em when you
wear a lot of high heels all the time. Then you can get corns. – That’s probably why
I’ve never had a corn. – Alright, so I got one point, yeah. – Alright, Mom. – Goodness. – Are you ready?
– I don’t know. – Do you think you’re gonna
get a point for this round? – Yeah, sure. – Okay, let’s see. Who did Jordan buy a present for? Was it Mom, Dad, Logan, or her friends? – Oh, man. I’m gonna guess Logan. Logan, everybody would buy for Logan. – I’m gonna guess Logan, too. – Logan’s right here. Come here, Logan. – Yeah, it’s Logan. – Logan’s our dog, if you
didn’t know, by the way. Let’s see. Who did I get a gift for? – Oh, did she buy you a treat, huh? – Oh, did you guess now? – Yes. – You got Logey. I knew it’d be for Logan. – Logan. – Aww. – [Jordan] I spoil Logan. We all spoil Logan. – Yeah, she spoils Logan, yes, she does. – Yes. Oh, this is so cute, but it’s $12. That’s expensive. – She spent, like, 15
minutes in the aisle, trying to pick out a toy. – Yeah, it was – I can believe that, too. – It was a very tough decision,
but I got Logan a toy. – Yes. – Good job, Logey. Logey’s got his toy. – Yay, Logey. – Logan’s the best friend. (laughs) – Yep, so both of you have two points now. Two points. – Awesome, yes, two points! – Now, both of you have one point now. – That was an easy question, actually. – Okay, Round 3. What was Audrey trying to find? A Stranger Things T-shirt, cheese dip, new eyeliner, or Cherry Garcia ice cream? – Ohh, you like all that stuff. – She does like all that. – Let’s see, Stranger Things T-shirt, you already have shirts
of Stranger Things. Eyeliner, you’re probably
out or you lost it. (Audrey laughs) – Probably lost it. – Cherry Garcia, it’s ice cream, but I’m not thinking you bought ice cream, or did you buy ice cream? I don’t know. I’m gonna, what was the second one? – Uh, cheese dip. – Cheese dip? No, she wouldn’t buy cheese dip. She’d make me buy it. (Audrey laughs) So I’m gonna say it’s the
makeup, because she was there. – Eyeliner? – Yeah, the eyeliner,
because she forgot it. – I think it’s cheese dip. – What were you looking for, Audrey? – Say I’m gonna find something. – Oh, it’s in the food.
– Where is it? – Oh, I see Mountain Dew. – Where is the cheese dip? – Ahhh!
– Ohhh. – We were out of cheese dip at this time, so I was like I gotta
get my chips and dip. – I knew she’d get cheese dip, because she’d want her
own jar, all to herself, so she didn’t have to share. – [Jordan] (drowned out)
why we came down this aisle. – I found it. – Oh, she found it. – She got a big jar, too,
like this big of a jar. – Cheese dip.
– Of cheese dip. – Audrey likes cheese dip. (laughs) – Yep.
– Yes. – Darn it. – Audrey likes her cheese dip. Okay, so Dad’s – No points. – Yep, Dad’s still at one point. Are you ready, Mom? – Yep, I’m ready. – What did Jordan have to resist buying? Was it Disney merch,
more bags of chocolate, a $20 shirt, or a new planner? – I think it really
comes down to two things. A 20, no, I mean, a It’s the first two, the Disney merch and the What was the second one? – More bags of chocolate? – Yeah, so between Disney merch and more bags of chocolate. She would like both of those. I’m going to guess it’s probably merch, but they were just in
the food aisle right now, so I don’t know. Disney merch, I’m going with it. – So I go with chocolate.
– Alright. Let’s see. – Jordan loves both those things. – I love both of ’em, honestly. – I think I’m right. – I’m in the pillow aisle. – Oh, I see Disney right there. – And I’m finding all these Disney things, and as you guys know, I’m
obsessed with it, like, I just love Disney. – Yes.
(Jordan laughs) – Ah. – She was (mumbles).
– It was so hard. Look, it’s so cute. – Yay. – She was stuck between
a pillow and a blanket, and she didn’t get either one. – Awesome. – Yeah, I was like, I love Disney, and so I really wanted to
get some, like, Disney stuff, but they were so expensive, and I didn’t have that
much of a budget to spend. – You had $100.
– $100 is not that much. Wow. (Jordan laughs) That’s funny. – So I resisted buying. – So did you guess that? – I guess it right.
– Yep. – So you’re at two points? – Yeah.
– Ohh. – Dad. ♪ I know my kids, I
know my kids, woo woo ♪ – You know Jordan. (laughs) – I know you. – You don’t know me. (Jordan laughs) – Who are you? – (laughs) Okay, let’s see
if Dad can pick up his game. – Round 4. What did Audrey say was
perfect for our family? A, Hello Neighbor stuffed toy. – Oh, yeah. – B, slime kit.
– Ohh. – C, a giant storage bin, D, a pack of three markers? – Ohh. – All that stuff. – All of that would be
perfect for our family. – So, family? It’s probably not three markers, ’cause you kids typically do that. The Hello Neighbor is what
we typically do as a family, so I’m gonna go with the Hello Neighbor. – Hello Neighbor stuffed toy? – Yes.
– Yep, I agree. – Alright. – Look at this. – What is this? (Mom and Dad gasp)
(Jordan laughs) Don’t we have one of these? I bet we do. – [Jordan] I don’t know if we do. – Did you buy it? – Perfect for our family. – Ohh. (mumbles) – No, I didn’t buy it. – I got it right. Yeah, I’m at two points. – I didn’t buy it, ’cause I wasn’t sure if
we already had it or not. – Ohh, we don’t have it. – ‘Cause I thought I saw one before. – Well, he comes into
our house all the time. – Yeah, we don’t have one.
– That’s true. Yep, okay, so you guys are tied. – Yeah.
– Alright, well – I’ll pass ya. – I know (mumbles). – Okay, this is your next question. What was Jordan’s number
one item she wanted but didn’t get? – Really? You had something that
you absolutely wanted and you didn’t get? – Yes, and I even said in the
intro exactly what I wanted, and I didn’t get it. Was it new church shoes,
an iTunes gift card, leggings, or gobstoppers? – Wow.
– Wow. I would have said eyebrow pencil. – Oh. (laughs) – But Okay, I’m going to say new church shoes, because she has, like, one
or two of “dressy” shoes, but I think that she has grown so much that those shoes are
getting small on her feet, and she is in need of new ones. So it’s church shoes. – I’m gonna say leggings. Even though it is summer time. – And I’m wearing leggings. (laughs) – Jordan’s always cold. – Yes. – So I’m gonna say it’s leggings. She’ll make Mom buy the shoes. – Oh, no, you’re in leggings. – Found something. – Noooo. Oh, man. – Leggings. – Ah ha ha. – Why didn’t you get the leggings? – Wait, you’ll see why. How are you gonna know what size you are? – The world of leggings. I am so excited. – Just wait. – They don’t have her size. – [Audrey] Oh, yeah, true. – Look at ’em. – I need some boring black leggings. Yeah, I wanted ones that looked identical to the ones that I’m wearing right now. – Just black? – Yeah, that just go all the way down – They all look pretty black. – And that are really soft. I don’t know if they have
ones that go all the way down. Yeah. – Oh, man. – Yep, and they didn’t have any leggings that went all the way down. They were all, like, short and I, yeah. – It’s summertime. – Now we’ll have to shop
for some black leggings. – Yep. – Alrighty. – Alright, guys.
– Sweet. – So you’re both tied again. – I got three. – No, you don’t get it for that one. – Ohhh.
(Jordan laughs) – Okay. – Okay, Round 5. – Is this the last round? – This is the last round. – Oh, no. – You guys are tied. – I hope you miss so that
I can get the next one. – I gotta win, I gotta win, Logan. Wish me luck. – Okay, what did Audrey
say could come in handy? A pack of lotion and ChapStick, nail kit, BYU T-shirt, or an Ed Sheeran CD? – A what CD? – Ed Sheeran.
– A singer. – Ed Sheeran? Ed Sheeran? – Ed Sheeran. – An insurance CD. (laughs) – Insurance? An insurance CD? – No, it’s a singer. – Never heard of him. – Ed Sheeran. – Never heard of him. – You’ve never? – Nope.
– What? – So I don’t think Ed Sheeran or insurance will come in handy. I think it’s lotion and ChapStick, because the girls are always
complaining that they’re out. Audrey probably has lost the ChapStick, and Jordan probably used all the lotion. Near the bathrooms. No, you’re not.
– Man. – [Audrey] Oh, whoa. – Lotion? – [Audrey] This could come in handy. – Ohhhh.
– Nail clippers? – Yes, ’cause I always need them! – What? – What do you mean? You bite your nails. – I know, I need to stop. – That’s true.
– What? I would have never guessed nail clippers. – Oh, I never, ’cause Audrey’s like (mimics nail biting)
(Mom laughs) – That’s so true. – She gets so nervous about all her tests at
school and everything. – Yes. – You have to get this
question right, Mom, to get the point. – I will get it right. – And then you’ll win. – I’m gonna win. – But if not, then you guys stay tied. – Positive thinking, let’s do this. – Okay. What item did Jordan decide to buy at the more expensive price? – Hmm. – Is it a phone case, a dog toy, mascara, or a loofah? – Oh, boy. – I think it comes down to
a phone case and a dog toy. But Jordan recently got a phone case, and she love, love, loves
it, so I can’t imagine that she would replace
that phone case so soon, so I think she bought Logan’s
dog toy more expensive because she loves her dog so, so much. – I’m gonna say mascara to break the tie. – Oh, no, she’s in the makeup aisle. – (mumbles) – [Audrey] Okay, so do
you wanna get those? – Oh, no. – Yeah. – [Audrey] Not today, folks, not today. Ooh, bath bombs. (Dad laughs) (mumbles) bath bombs. – Audrey’s – Wait, what did I just add? A loofah, I need that. – What? Wait.
(Jordan laughs) – Just wait, just wait. – [Jordan] Oh, it’s only – [Audrey] $2. – It’s only $3. – [Audrey] Really? – So plus three. It’s $3, where?
– $61. – She upgraded a loofah. – The most expensive, the exclusive one. – She bought the more expensive loofah. Are you kidding me, they’re all the same! – Because she wanted it in gray? – Yeah. – I don’t know, I just – The hot pink one was only $2. – You paid a dollar more for a loofah? – Ohh, man. – Wow, I would have
never guessed that, ever. – Yeah. – We’re tied. – You snooze, you lose. – Wow. – Yep. – Well, we tied. – You guys are tied! – Okay. – Do you wanna see all
the stuff that we bought? – I want to see. – Oh, boy.
– Oh, man. – I wanna see this upgraded loofah. (bags rustling)
– Here’s my bag. Here’s my bag. – Okay, oh, Jordan’s bag is getting torn. – Yeah, mine has a hole in it now. – You pull out an item of Audrey’s, and I’ll pull out one of Jordan’s. – Alright, so Audrey bought chips. – Chips to go with the dip. – It got all crumpled because
you put your suitcases on it. – Jordan got us some Sour Crawlers candy. – There’s two! I couldn’t wait, so I started eating them. – Same! – What? – I got this, and I started eating them. – They’re so good, I had
to start eating them. It was just too good, so
I’m gonna eat that now. – Wow, they needed gummi candy. – Yeah, they looked really good. I was hungry at the time. – That’s funny. – Eat the purple ones. – I like the purple ones. – Good, ’cause I don’t. – They’re great. – Wow. – Audrey’s favorite. Audrey bought
– Oh, that’s cute. – This little box. – Open it up. It’s so I could put my
jewelry in whenever I travel, ’cause they all get tangled up. – It’s a beauty. Box. – Travel beauty jewelry. Jordan got a cute little toy for puppy. – Logan, look at this! – Ohh, that’s cute. – Look at that.
– Ohh. – Do you want this? Oh, Logan. – Oh, you got a toy?
(toy squeaking) – He’s so excited. Here you go, Logan. – Did you get a toy? Cheese dip for those crumby chips. – For the chips. – Yep. – So this’ll never get opened
until we get new chips. – There’s probably more
dip than chips now. – Yeah. – That’s funny. Well, looks like Jordan got her chocolate and couldn’t resist those, either. – Yeah. I just love snacks, okay? – Wow. – Oh, boy. – I had to get one,
’cause I didn’t have one. – Oh. – BYU Cougars, ’cause
Audrey’s going to BYU. – Ooh. – Go, Cougars. (Mom and Audrey laugh) – And then Jordan got a travel bag. – Alright.
– Ooh, cute. – Disney bath bomb. – I knew we could use that for a video. – Not just a bath bomb, but a Disney one. – Okay, and then Jordan
got her nail polish, but she also picked up two more. – Mm-hmm. – Alright. – There’s our “insurance.” – So here’s a CD that says, “Divide,” because Audrey loves math so much, and now she’s out of school,
she still has to listen to – Math problems. – How to do math problems. Divide, huh? – Mm-hmm. – Okay, and Jordan got
her very expensive loofah. – Her $3 loofah. – Waa! – That could have been two dollar. – Alright, Audrey got her headphones. Wireless earbuds. I think I’m gonna use ’em this weekend, ’cause I need a pair.
– No. – Jordan got vitamins? – Yeah! – That’s so Jordan. – What? – So Jordan. – It was, like, $15. It was so expensive. – I know Jordan likes to eat her vitamins – I was gonna get two boxes. – But why not just use what I buy? – Because you don’t have
any of these anymore. – Okay, and so Audrey
did buy the nail kit. This is awesome. – Jordan hit the makeup
aisle and got eyelash curlers for those long lashes. And then she got some – She’s probably the one
that went over budget here, and I had to get rid of one of my items. – Probably. – She got EOS lip balm,
and a screen protector. Cool. I think that’s all?
– Yeah! – Is that all $100 right there? – That can’t be worth $100. – That’s two hundred,
that’s because they’re both. – This is, that is $200? – Yeah, exact. – There’s no way that this – How much was this candy? – Exactly. – It’s like $1.
– 12 bucks. Just kidding. – There’s no way that
that could have been $200. – Oh, I got a receipt here. (gasps)
– Wow. – You guys did spend almost $200. – Wow. – Are you kidding me? – You kind of hardly got anything. – I like how this says junk food. (Jordan laughs) – Wow, money does not go very far. – Yeah. – Nope. – Crazy. – I know, we were like, “This is $200?” – That’s it? – And there was, like,
nothing in our shopping cart. – Yeah. – Alright, let us know
down in the comments if you wanna see us go
shopping with $100 each. That would be really
cool, so say yes. (laughs) – Audrey and Jordan’s $100, that is. – No. – Ooh, yes, each kid pays us $50 each. – Yes. – That’ll work. Alright, thank you guys so
much for watching this video. Make sure to like,
subscribe, and share, and – Hit the bell. – Yay. – And make today an adventure! We’ll see you all next time. – [All] Bye! (playful music)

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