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getting over my fear of pants shopping | thrift with me + try-on haul

why do i always thrift shop when it’s hot hello my friends it’s nina and we are going thrift shopping today i am currently near a thrift store, i am parked i just finished driving because safety first today i am going thrift shopping and i do have a goal in mind i desperately want some pants these are my favorite pair of mom jeans i got these while thrift shopping a long time ago and ever since then i haven’t been so lucky with getting pants every time i tell myself i have to get pants i can’t find any in my experience pants shopping has just never been successful nor is it a fun thing to do pants shopping is probably my least favorite activity just because it’s oddly hard to find pants that fit me so today i am going to try to get over my fear of pants shopping by looking thru every single pair of womens jeans in my size i tend to just skip through that section and just go straight for the shirts my biggest mission today is to find straight leg pants or wide leg pants if they’re all high waisted that’s even better but if i can just find any pants that’s all i need i also won’t be mad at myself if i find some cute summer tops i just don’t wanna fall for that trap and get a lot of winter clothing i’m not doing that again if i do find a really good sweater though i might buy it this is my life i’m going to treat myself and get what i want but mostly pants so without further ado let’s get started i also forgot to mention that i get most of my thrifted clothes from the men’s section i’m going to try to look through the women’s section today and try to see pants that are actually my size because usually it’s hard to find men’s pants in my size today i’m getting over my fears, let’s go! they have so many t shirts i’m gonna look through all the t shirts i put a lot of jeans into my cart hopefully at least one or two fit i know all of them might not fit and that’s ok so women’s pants shopping wasn’t as bad as i thought i got so many pants now i am cruising through the men’s section in hopes that there are more pants in my size but if not i’m pretty happy with how much i got right now i’m going to try some pants right now i have 10 pairs i kind of have a suspicion a lot of them won’t fit let’s try them on anyway i think i found one i like the straight leg fit we have one pair these pants are also 50% off ok so most of these pants are fitting they just look weird i don’t know how i feel about these i’m like 70% satisfied with these i’ll get them i’ll get them they’re high waisted, they feel comfy they’re super comfy i’ll get them these are low waist i’m not about that they were so close but they don’t fit my hips so far i found 2 pairs of pants that i like i have i think 4 more to try on at this rate i’m good with just getting 2 pairs of pants what is my experience so far it’s not bad usually i just skip the women’s pants section but it’s not bad i’m such an idiot they took my cart away while i was in the fitting room there was a frickin 6 item limit, i took 6 and left the rest in my cart and then my cart was gone which is fine because it was just clothes but like it’s fine though, i don’t remember what i got anyway i just hope there wasn’t a good pair of pants that i skipped on i went around and shopped a lil bit more and found some shorts i hope these go well but if not i’m gonna go with the pants that i found i don’t think i’m gonna buy tops because i have a lot of tops i just went shopping recently so i think i’m just gonna stick to bottoms let’s hope they fit i’m gonna see if i can sit in these always make sure you can sit in your pants i’m getting these!! i’m getting some shorts it’s really itchy in the inside i don’t like that i really like these pants i found 4 pairs of pants i think that’s enough successful! i’m gonna go buy the pants now phew hold on guys i need air conditioning i also don’t know if you guys can hear me ah it feels nice right here i think today was kind of a success let me just take a sip of my water omg you guys this car is burning hot but this water is still cold i get the hype now i miss my ryan water bottle but this water’s cold man no shade to you ryan you’re always in my heart so i made my purchases and i am pretty proud of myself i got 4 pairs of bottoms the girl that was helping me check out complimented my shorts saying it was a good brand that i was lucky to find them i think so too i got one item with a blue tag, i got that 50% off so one of the items was $13.50 and i got it for $6.75 i’m so happy about that i love when i get 50% off and then i got everything else and the total came out to be $27.21 with tax for $27.21 that’s like one pair of pants from the mall or something but i got 4 pairs of bottoms i’m so happy about it and i walked away with shorts i didn’t think i was gonna get shorts i thought i was just gonna get pants but i did go and get some shorts i’ll show you guys my haul first we’re going to start with a pair of shorts and it is this pair of shorts i found khaki shorts and they’re high waisted and they fit so nicely i rolled them up a bit but if i want a longer fit i can always unroll it i was so excited about these and the brand is ralph lauren and i got it for such a good price next pair of shorts is also ralph lauren and it is these white pair of shorts they have absolutely no stains they’re in nice condition i’ve always wanted a pair of white shorts and these were high waisted i did manage to get some kind of mom jeans they are a darker wash denim pants and then i cuffed them on the bottom they are just some standard dark wash pants these are incredibly light and comfy to wear i didn’t want to skip on these so i got them and then these pants i’ve been looking for these pants everywhere online but i don’t really trust online shopping for pants so i was so happy i found these in store they are these khaki beige straight leg pants these are high waisted and i cuffed them on the bottom and they just fit really nicely and they’re a cute straight leg fit i’m really happy about these khaki pants they are perfect for the summer, they’re very light they’re not heavy but that is it for this thrift shopping video i got a haul and i’m pretty satisfied and i strictly got pants which was pretty much the goal of this video i kind of think i got over my fear of pants shopping i got a lot of pants a lot of them didn’t fit but i got something out of this i’m gonna go and get myself a boba drink because it is a hot day and i deserve it thank you for thrift shopping with me and i will see you in my next video let’s bring it let me just take off my seat belt for this one sec i’m not driving right now as always let’s bring it in for a hug i will see you next time, goodbye my friends 馃檪 go! go! polo… no, go! go marco go polo go go no go go

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