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Hey guys what’s up it’s Ryan and welcome back to HelloXRyan!! the.. Gayest YouTube channel you’ve seen, maybe, I don’t know. It could be, possibly, I make a lot of gay™ jokes Bye! (Wow) H-hi everyone. Hey, how ya doin? ʰᵉʸ so guys for today’s video. We are doing the Best Video Idea™ that has ever been done It’s never been done before, y-this is the first time you’ve seen one, it’s so new. Literally everyone, ever, was like requesting me to do an apartment tour on my new apartment So that’s gonna be today’s video. It’s cool. I’ve never done a tour of any type ever. I’m not a… tour guide [GIGGLE] Um, So today’s video. It’s not a regular apartment tour It’s a ✧・゚GAY *✧ apartment tour. That’s the only type of apartment tour I know how to do… issa ✧・゚GAY *✧ one So guys without further ado What does that even mean? What is an Ado? so without further ado we are going to do a ✧・゚GAY *✧ apartment tour. Let’s go. Oh god. ₒₕ gₒd Okay, so my apartment is terribly lit So if the lighting for this video is weird, I’m literally so sorry. We’re just gonna keep going, with this apartment tour oops, um, the ✧・゚GAY *✧ apartment tour. It’s so gay. Okay, let’s start. I don’t really know where to start. This is my door *gay click* My front door, this is my handle, my ✧・゚GAY *✧ handle. Um, you open the door with it ✧・゚GAY *✧ And this is what my apartment looks like when you first like walk in here, uh, besides the ring light, ignore the ring light It’s just there for lighting. I’m sorry. I don’t even, I’m sorry. Cool™ Amazing™ Awesome™ isn’t it great? Let’s walk into my kitchen the ✧・゚GAY *✧ kitchen. This is my kitchen. It’s not an average kitchen. Oh, no, it’s not this is a gay kitchen, OF COURSE. LAH lah There’s really– there’s like not much to see you literally see it all right now. it’s a kitchen™ Here’s all my like this stuff. If you actually want to know it’s really not exciting I literally just moved in so recently, so I don’t know what’s going on (mood). over here I have like, my essentials It’s just like my wallet my keys and my inhaler(s)– plural –um camera charger How fun some batteries just having a Good Time™ Maybe they’re gay too I don’t know. my sink my cute little toaster oven that I make chicken nuggets in all the time I’m so sorry vegans. please, don’t punch me in the face Wow, wasn’t that so r i v e t i n g and g a y Let’s move on to the next room over here. Okay. The next room is my living room ✧・゚GAY *✧ living room. Here let me take you guys around my ✧・゚LIVING ROOM*✧ I’m trying to make this seem so much more exciting than it actually is Here’s my living room Kind of I hope you guys can see cuz the lighting in this apartments terrible Like these are the only two lights that I have that’s it. Here’s my living room. Oh, wow. Amazing. There’s my phone Hey phone (hey bitch) over here is like my TV and like a tapestry and like I don’t know laundry. Oh my god riveting That’s some gay laundry right there. oop (wat r u doing kid) yEAH so like I just have like my TV and like my gaming stuff and like I don’t know miscellaneous TV stuff and over here We have an amazing corn- Okay, I need to stop with the zooms cuz you guys are going to get annoyed this corner has like literally nothing It’s just like my light that I’m not using because I’m only using this light right now behind those blinds It’s just a patio and then you here’s a window and then you go to this corner so in this corner It’s just like my I don’t know little editing place This is where I edit all my videos on my computer. Some little decorations Wow, and then you get just over here, which is my living room over here on my coffee table There’s literally not much remote a fake succulent. Hello. (attacked) Are you gay? (probably) I don’t know and also this other succulent that I used in the ASMR video (lightly moves bc smol) Love it. and then right here. We have my tapestry from like my old videos a nice little mirror and my couches These couches are so cool (tbh tho) These couches are like literally perfect for like anything like having some friends over playing some video games Also, it’s great for telling you guys about today’s videos sponsors. Yeah, guys so today’s video is sponsored by Dollar Shave Club, if you guys don’t know Dollar Shave Club is Where- who are you. what. so Dollar Shave Club is the company that I’ve worked with in the past They sell grooming product for anybody if you need to be hygienic and clean they got some products for you So Dollar Shave Club is there to help with your getting ready needs Dollar Shave Club Recently came out with a really awesome video where they are showcasing a whole bunch of unique different people getting ready in the day so I’m gonna put a quick 30 second snippet of that video after this so you guys can watch it and if you want to Watch the full length video click on the link in my description and watch it. So yeah without further ado Here’s that quick clip And also if you want to check out Dollar Shave Club and their products, make sure to go to their website They have awesome subscription boxes. They have products on their website you could buy, it’s great. It’s wonderful. Here’s the clip *sensual breathing* euGH Alright HI welcome back to your regularly scheduled program of gay content Let’s continue the apartment tour!! so we have basically completed the living room I mean I could go into detail of like everything like oh that tissue box It’s yeah, it’s a tissue box, but I’m not gonna go into detail of everything Okay, and now we can move on to over here this part of my apartment So there’s the living room and then here’s this. Hey, this looks kind of like terrifying and empty but oh well So there’s not like much special here. This is my pantry full of all of my foods and goods and some (breakfast) I guess and then we have two rooms. We have my bedroom which will go in in a sec and this and this Is my bathroom, I mean, this is my, the ✧・゚GAY *✧ bathroom Gays only okay. So this is my bathroom It’s kind of messy But it’s like also kind of clean like I don’t know really the difference between like clean and messy like it’s a really fine line But this is my bathroom. It looks, it’s kind of small But I mean all the stuff is here that I need. Oh wait is it dark hello, I mean all the stuff I need is here a nice mirror for Gay selfies. I don’t know Here’s my face wash if you’re wondering what kind of face wash I use Here about you like clean towel and then like random miscellaneous stuff hairspray. I don’t know *clunk plonk* *bang* Yikes™ and then this is my shower curtain Wow amazing it’s gay Um and like yeah, that’s that Oh, would you want to see oh like the shower? Wow A M A Z I NG it’s just a shower bathtub, but I’ll never like use that because I kind of find that weird. Okay next room Okay, so the next and final room is my bedroom and this needs a preface. Okay, this needs a preface I am still literally moving in like literally it’s taking a long time Okay, so it’s actually a mess and it’s like a genuine mess. Like it’s not like a cute mess where I’m like, uwu it’s messy. like no like there is stuff going on. Okay, so I would greatly appreciate it If no one judge my cave, okay, I’m showing you guys my cave now here is ~the cave~ It’s look at all the stuff on the floor so the first thing you’ll notice when you walk in is that the lighting is really bad and that’s because there’s no Ceiling light at all. Literally it’s a cave. Like literally there’s no it’s that’s a fire extinguisher There’s no light at all The ceiling is blank when I toured this apartment. I didn’t notice that there was no lights It literally was just like oh it’s a bedroom. It’ll have lights. I literally never even crossed my mind, but here’s my room It’s really kind of bare and like kind of scary, but it’ll be fixed soon. I swear so yeah, I mean you guys can see my bed, but we’ll start over here This is my hamster cage. If you guys didn’t know I have a sweet little hamster. I literally love her so much She’s sleeping right now because she’s a nocturnal friend So you guys won’t be able to see her also her cage looks kind of scary cuz like there’s like zip ties everywhere But um, I just wanted her to have like a big cage like a rabbit but like she could totally get through this gap so I had to add like extra mesh It looks kind of terrifying and scary but I promise it’s not and then once you come over here you see a bunch of random Stuff on the floor, but what is this like Windex cleaning wipes? (stop abusing ur household items omg) Cool, literally, wait. What? Oh, this is my graduation hat. Like what where do I put that like, what do I do with this? So right here, I just have like my lights hanging up. I have a plan for this little panel of wall right here I’m really excited for it. what I’m gonna do with this *pat pat* nice panel of wall is I kind of want to just like put a bunch of like posters of like kpop and anime and like a bunch of like stuff that I like So this is gonna be the Fanboy Wall™. where I can just get my fanboy out on everything ever So I want like a poster of Jimin and then my Tom Daley calendar like Tom Daley with lemons on his nipples It’s gonna go up right there. And then over here you Oh you find scissors. See I told you this is like genuinely messy I’m sorry. right here is my bed. I used to have like a lofted bed But now I have a bed that’s on the ground and then over here. I just have some stuff posted on my wall It’s really not that exciting and then we move on over here. Oh my God Look how messy that looks does that look terrifying and then we go to my closet Yeah gay closet. Oh my god, that’s gay closet, because you can come out of it When you’re gay (ok ryan) This is my closet. It actually has a light Unlike my bedroom for some reason, but this is my closet It’s actually kind of small so you I mean you can kind of see everything all at once but those are my clothes there are Some boxes that I haven’t organized I don’t know. Literally I told you guys my bedroom was gonna be a mess and it is and yeah That’s my bedroom. And that’s my apartment. I guess the apartment tour is done. I Guess wait, let me put you guys down one sec. All right, guys. Well that is gonna be it for My apartment tour. Oh wait the the ✧・゚GAY *✧ ✧・゚GAY *✧ apartment tour. literally everyone was requesting an apartment tour which like I haven’t decorated everything yet so I don’t really know why but That’s the apartment. Everything is slowly gonna like change over the next year. I’m gonna like decorate stuff I’ll put stuff up and you guys can see that too. I’ll keep you updated. But yeah, that’s that’s my apartment. It’s so Cool, but that is gonna be it for today’s video. I hope you guys enjoyed my ✧・゚GAY *✧ apartment tour. If you guys did enjoy this video make sure to give it a thumbs up. And also leave me a comment saying Nice, move. I Don’t know. if you guys want you guys can follow me on Instagram and Twitter I like to post things on my social media. But yeah, that’s gonna be it for today’s video I love you guys so much and I’ll see you guys next time on this channel for more ✧・゚GAY *✧…. bye



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