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Gardena Apartments for Rent: Should You Continue Renting or Buy Now?

I’m here with Walter Rodriguez from Realty
One Group in Torrance. Now, Walter specializes in the Gardena market. That’s correct. And
so what’s going on with rental prices compared to the home prices and what the mortgage payment
would be in Gardena. Well, you could get a lower payment when it comes to a home because
rental prices are really high right now and on top of that the benefit that you would
have is that you would have, that you would have a tax deductible out of payments you
make. From the mortgage interest… that’s correct. So, so Walter, a lot of your clients
come to you and they say “Oh, you know, it’s Christmas time, blah, blah, blah, you
know, let’s wait till after the holidays before we start looking” or something like
that. What do you say to people who say that to you. Well, my recommendation is that sellers
are really motivated to sell, because the season slows down, you know, in real estate,
and on top of that they don’t want to pack up their Christmas tree, you know… I mean
that’s a hassle to move and, you know, grab the kids and the Christmas tree and all the
toys… That’s correct, that’s correct, that’s correct. So tell us what’s happening
with the Fed meeting that’s coming up in December 15th and 16th. What do you think
it’s gonna happen with interest rates. Since the economy, you know, is getting, is boosting
up (gaining jobs) yeah, and jobs, the wages are going up… the Feds, they might wanna…
it’s 70 percent chance that they might wanna raise the interest rates. So, if you’re,
if you’re a buyer today and interest rates may be going up and you’re not, you’re
not paying cash, should you… You should buy before the interest rates go up, because
your payment will go up if the interest rates go up. There you go… Thank you so much,
Walter, that’s great in formation… tell me how they can get a hold of you if they
wanna meet you and… you work with buyers and sellers? I work with both, buyers and
sellers and I’m at Realty One Group in the City of Torrance, my number is 323-445-7707.

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