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Ganga Regency 1-2BHK Apartments at New Panvel, Navi Mumbai – A Property Review by IndiaProperty.com

Hello and welcome to Indiaproperty.com This is a brand new property review And the property we’re looking at today is Ganga Regency HDFC Circle, which is a well known location in Panvel Is roughly ten minutes from here by car Panvel station is a ten minute walk from here And the Panvel state transport bus depot is a 15 minute walk from here The Mumbai-Pune expressway, the Mumbai-Pune old highway and the Panvel Matheran road Are all very closeby There are several schools, colleges, malls hospitals and banks within a 5 km radius of this particular property Ganga Regency consists of 5 buildings of 4 storeys each Of these, the ground floor has been reserved for stilt parking The amenities offered at this property include A landscaped garden, a kids’ play area, a senior citizens’ sitting area, a gymnasium and a clubhouse There’s also a watertank underground and on the top Other amenities include 24×7 security and CCTV cameras throughout the complex Let us now take a look at a sample 2 BHK apartment in Ganga Regency We’re now in a model 2 BHK apartment in Ganga Regency This apartment has a carpet area of 655 square feet and a saleable area or a super-builtup area of 1005 square feet Going by these numbers, that means this flat is a moderate sized 2 BHK flat As we were walking up the stairs, to reach this flat, we noticed there’s a parapet outside that overlooks the rest of the society That is not true for the other buildings, but for this building which houses 2 BHK flats it is the case That means, you can just stroll out of your flat with a cup of tea in your hand and enjoy it while you enjoy the view of the society Another interesting thing is that the flat directly opposite this one is roughly eighty feet from here Yeah, that’s right. So there’s 80 feet between you and the flat that’s directly opposite yours The flat that is adjacent to this flat is a minimum of 20 steps away That means privacy is never going to be an issue here Coming to the living room The living room has dimensions of 15.5 ft. by 10 ft. It has a large french window in one end which allows for fantastic cross ventilation if you have the door open And it leads out to a balcony area of 52 sq. ft. The balcony in this particular apartment overlooks the kids’ play area The walls of this apartment and all other apartments in this building have been done up in a gypsum based acrylic paint The floors are covered in 2ft. x 2ft. vitrified tiles Electrical fittings are of okay quality but the one drawback is that they haven’t been placed at convenient locations throughout the room In fact, the only two electrical points in this room are right next to the door So there’s no access in the other corner Let us now move inward to the kitchen The 10.5 ft. x 7 ft. kitchen is compact, to say the least There’s a granite countertop that runs against one wall And that wall has been done up in designer Dado tiles upto the ceiling level Below the granite countertop is space to install Kitchen draws Which have not been installed by the builder, and at the end of the granite countertop is a stainless steel sink The kitchen also has a large french window which opens up into a small service or flower-bed area There’s also space to install a refrigerator, although I think the kitchen might get a little crammed once you do that The kitchen fittings have not been installed yet, but the builder tells us they’re going to be Jaguar Right in front of the kitchen is the common toilet and bath for this apartment The common toilet and bath has an indian style loo installed All the fittings are once again, going to be Jaguar There are anti-skid tiles on the floor And designer Dado tiles on the wall Right outside the toilet, there’s also space to install a small wash-basin Let us now move on to the secondary bedroom With dimensions of 9 ft. x 9 ft., the secondary bedroom can just about accommodate a small bed and a small wardrobe If you want to install a study desk here, it will fit, but it will make the room a little cramped Once again, I’m sorely disappointed by the lack of conveniently placed electrical points in this room I mean, there’s just one electrical point which is right next to the door That does not make sense in an age when everyone needs to charge a mobile phone at every hour of the day The room does have its positives, however for example, this large french window which leads out to a 50 sq. ft. balcony, which is by no means a small balcony So you can go out there with a cup of tea or maybe conduct a small barbecue…yeah! That’s about it. Let us now move on to the master bedroom With dimensions of 13.8 ft. x 10 ft. the master bedroom is actually impressive In fact, once I walked in here, I had a feeling that the ceiling is slightly higher in this room than it is in the other rooms That may, however, be because of the fact that the floor in this room has been done up in wood finished tiles The balcony in the master bedroom is smaller than the ones in the living room and the secondary bedroom But it also has been done up in wood finished tiles on the floor There’s a large window here as you can see And is directly opposite the balcony Which means there’ll be fantastic cross-ventilation in this room too It’s roughly 2 ‘o clock and as you can see, there’s sunlight streaming into the house right now Which means this house probably gets sunlight throughout the day And inspite of that, it seems to be quite cool in here The master bedroom has an attached toilet and bath in which there are no fittings yet but we’ve been told, once again, that the fittings will be of Jaguar There’ll also be a western styled toilet installed in here The floor of the attached toilet and bath is anti skid tiles, and the walls are, once again, designer Dado tiles The doors in the entire flat are sturdy and of good quality and the locks on the door are also of really good quality That brings us to the end of this video property review We hope this review is helpful to you Whether looking for any kind of property, Land, commercial, residential or farmhouse… Indiaproperty.com has it all Thank you for watching!


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