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Ganga Darshan 1-2BHK Apartments at Panvel, Navi Mumbai – A Property Review by IndiaProperty.com

Hello and welcome to a brand-new property review with Indiaproperty.com The property we are looking at today is called Ganga Darshan It is 10 minutes walking from Panvel railway station five minutes of from the Mumbai Pune express highway and 10 minutes from the Mumbai Goa highway which is NH17 The Panvel State transport bus depot is also a 15 minute walk from here There are several schools, colleges, shopping malls, hospitals and banks located within a 3 km radius of this particular property The property is also very close to the proposed Virar Alibag corridor Ganga Darshan consists of three buildings of three floors each Buildings A and C have two lifts each and building B has one lift servicing it All of the buildings have the ground floor reserved for parking The amenities offered at Ganga Darshan include a garden, a lot of open space, full parking for all members, a gymnasium, a kids play area and a senior citizens area There are also provisions for 24×7 water supply Security is also 24×7 Let us now take a look at the model two BHK apartment in Ganga Darshan We are now in a sample two BHK apartment in Ganga Darshan This apartment has a carpet area of 610 ft.² and a saleable area of 935 ft.² That makes it a two BHK on the slightly smaller side The living room has dimensions of 14′ x 10′ which is not much if you fit in a large sofa set and a showcase in here The floors in the living room and in all of the apartment have been done up in 2’x2′ vitrified tiles and the walls have been covered in an acrylic-based paint by Asian Paints The main door looks sturdy and the fittings on the main door are also of good quality There’s a large French window directly opposite the entrance which opens up into a roughly 50 ft.² balcony The balcony overlooks the road in front and also the Mumbai Pune Expressway The electrical fittings seem to be of good-quality but there’s just one little problem There are just two electrical plug points and switches in the living room and they’re both located right next to the door that means no electrical points in either corner apart from the one right next to the door That seems to be little bit of a hiccup, but nothing you can’t solve with a couple of spikeguards Let us now move inward to the kitchen The kitchen has dimensions of 7′ x 8′ 3″ which makes it quite compact But you can easily fit in a refrigerator, a microwave a chimney and a water purifier in here There’s a granite countertop that runs on one side and ends in a stainless steel sink There are no fittings on the sinks yet, but we’ve be been told that they’ll have Jaguar fittings installed very soon The wall in front of the countertop, which is the cooking area, has been done up in designer Dado tiles upto the ceiling level There’s no loft here to store, but you can probably install a makeshift loft There is also a large French window in the kitchen which opens up into a small service area or a flowerbed area There are also provisions to install kitchen baskets although they have not been provided by the builders Right across the kitchen is the common bathroom for the flat The common bathroom has antiskid tiles on the floor and designer Dado tiles on the wall There’s an Indian style toilet and all of the fittings in the bathroom are going to be of Jaguar Let us now move to the bedrooms The secondary bedroom or the kids’ room, with dimensions of 9′ by 10′ 3″ is once again quite compact The best you could do with this room install a small bed and a small wardrobe and maybe a small desk, and there’d be just enough space left to move around The good thing about this room is that there are, again, french windows and a small balcony which overlooks the Mumbai Pune Expressway The door is of good-quality and the fittings on the door are also of good-quality This holds true for all the doors in this flat except the toilet doors which are made of PVC Another thing that disappoints me about this room like the other rooms in this flat is the lack of conveniently placed electrical points Even in this room, the only electrical points are here Let us now move to the master bedroom The master bedroom has dimensions of 9′ x 11′, which does not make it very large for a master bedroom You could fit a king sized bed in here and a wardrobe in here, but then again you’d have no space left to move around My advice would be to go for space-saving solutions and use as much space as possible with as little furniture as possible There’s an attached toilet and bath in this room which comes with skid proof tiles on the floor and designer Dado tiles on the wall, very similar to the common bathroom in this flat The only difference between the common bathroom and the attached bathroom is probably the western style toilet The fittings in the bathroom are going to be of Jaguar The master bedroom is somewhat better in terms of electrical points There’s a specific point for the air conditioner and there are separate points for cable TV and a telephone line There is also a small balcony in this room which can be accessed through a large French window which allows for plenty of light, ventilation and noise I think the noise is going to be a major concern for whoever is staying here, considering that the Mumbai Pune highway is hardly 100 feet from here Vehicles ply on that road 24 hours, seven days a week so you may want to consider that if you’re considering buying property here That brings us to the end of this video property review We hope this review is helpful to you Whether looking for any kind of property – land, commercial, residential or farm house Indiaproperty.com has it all.


vaibhav gawas

Apr 4, 2015, 7:27 pm Reply

I have bought 1 bhk flat in same property into A Wing which is very close to Mumbai Pune exp. highway but as per my experience highway is no more noisy and Even after possession i had one night stay here but i felt no distortion of highway sound and silence even in midnight. Overall nice presentation and comments but missing Gym and beautiful children Garden here in video.

Rajesh Jadhav

Dec 12, 2015, 3:13 pm Reply

my flat is 304 c wing

Abhinav SIngh

Mar 3, 2018, 8:25 am Reply

rate kya h 1bhk

Subodh Gajargaonkar

Jun 6, 2018, 12:26 pm Reply

Price rate 1rk

B Cool

Jun 6, 2018, 7:50 am Reply

U don't put rate contact details. And your website never show specific project and house.

Sabiha Sayyed

Jun 6, 2018, 4:52 pm Reply

Plz send address and rate of flat

Shahbanu Shaikh

Jun 6, 2018, 5:51 pm Reply

I need the rate for i bhk


Jul 7, 2018, 7:19 am Reply

How much is it? And is loan available? And what about water supply? What about down payment? Is it legal? Later the place will be society’s or builders what about out going mentenece? Why the switches r giving so less? How many story is this building? How strong is construction?

vasantha gangadhar

Aug 8, 2018, 3:25 pm Reply

Price fr 2 bhk

Milind Rane

Aug 8, 2018, 11:01 am Reply

Rate ?

Utsavi Mahimkar

Aug 8, 2018, 6:13 pm Reply

this is old panvel? any shops?

Geetanjali Khandagale

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Apr 4, 2019, 6:47 am Reply

Price and ecxetaly ? location

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