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#FYI: Ian Robinson, Property Planner, Sherry Fitzgerald

My name is Ian Robinson, and I work as a property planner in Sherry Fitzgerald. My day-to-day job involves going-out, measuring up houses. You draft a brochure, you meet clients on a daily basis, take the measurements on the property and draw floor plans there and then, go back to the office then, and you work on a program to draft the floor plan for the brochure, And then you draft a brochure itself. So it’s a marketing tool to sell the property. I work from Ballsbridge all the way through to Temple Oak and there’s a variety of houses. It’s a fantastic job, so far, as you get to see so much, meet so many new clients every day, but again, every day is so different. It’s so important to be confident in the property. I mean you go into a house and you could be with the negotiators, you could be with the manager, you could be on your own and you could be dealing with property from 200,000 to anywhere upwards of a million or close to two million. You go into a property people may ask you questions. You need to be confident and know the processes behind what they might be asking you, if you don’t just be honest and say, ” look, I don’t know, It’s not my role I’ll let the guys know and they’ll be in touch.” A big part of the job is how you connect the clients even though you won’t be dealing with them on a day-to-day basis. If you’re successful in that way, it’s a fantastically rewarding job. My grandmother owned property, going back years we used to collect the rents actually on a Friday, down in her bedsits. I studied in UCD, I did history and geography. Before that, I worked in TV3 in TV production, so again, it was a completely different change. It was a job offer that came when I finished up college. I got offered a job in TV as well, but I decided it was a change, you know, it’s something that I enjoy doing. I was happy and comfortable meeting people, and I knew a bit about property, but it was a learning curve. Originally it was for a client services job, which is an office-based job, it’s kind of an entry-level job and the job itself was brilliant. You’re in a team, and you’re kind of working with the database trying to get people to sell their house basically, and then you kind of progress, it’s kind of a pathway they’ve laid out for us, so I moved on, then, to property planning which was a job – the next step, which was a good move for me.

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