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Furniture Shopping For My New Apartment

Emart is that way. Let’s start with Emart x2 Why? There are a lot of cute home stuff You thought we would go in to buy clothes? That’s where H&M home is. Mom: Oh, H&M has home?
J: Yes, so does Zara! But I like H&M because it’s cheaper. Call him to check out Zara home. But there isn’t one here. Zara home is in Garosugil and Coex. This is for candles? But we already have candles that come in cups so this is unnecessary. These cushion covers so so cheap. around $3? Isn’t this one better? Yeah, I like this color. How many does it come with? two? But I want this… Are you going to wash it? No, we can vacuum this. Out of the three, this will match our apartment. This is prettier I want this. How much is it? I want this kind of rug. You like this one? These are nice. We need these because it helps freshen up the air. Like the one in your room right now There are birds here x2 J: You like these?
Mom: These are also great for new homes. What is this for? You should pick the curtain.
(I’m VERY picky…) You want something like this? Isn’t this too short? This one is pretty. Mom, feel this. Mom, I want something like this. Omg this is 1+1! It’s cheaper than EMART. There are a lot of pretty ones here What would you do if I bought that one? It doesn’t even have a price Because no one is going to buy it Mom, let’s buy this chair. Sit down Oh, it’s kinda comfy. Put one in your room. Nice I like this Even babies walk on that You are the worst. You know I’m afraid of heights. I know, but you can’t see the bottom

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