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Furnishings For Your College Apartment or Dorm – Designing Spaces

I’m in my third year in college,
so I’ve definitely spent a lot of time in the dorms.
I’m renting an apartment off-campus for the first time,
so I’m really excited to be living the way I want to live.
The only problem is furniture. I don’t know where to get it.
The cost of setting up a new apartment away from home can be
costly. With the rental option open, Kid
Spaces stepped in to help one college student with the
services provide by Cort Furniture Rental.
I’m meeting with Allison and I’m hoping she can give me some
advice. It’s always fun when we can help
a student make her first off-campus apartment feel like
home. Spending 1000’s of dollars on
new furniture is not often times in a student’s budget.
No. Renting furniture makes sense
because if gives you that flexibility, and it’s also
highly affordable. I live 200 miles away, so having
someone help me out would be great.
Well, you should just let our guys just show up to your new
apartment, and place the furniture, so it’s there when
you arrive. So it’s time to get Catherine
into the showroom to take a look at all of the different options
she has, and we found some really great solutions for her,
so I can’t wait to see it all in place.
I’m actually looking for a dining room table.
What do you think about this one?
This one might be a little too big for me.
I mean I might be looking for something smaller.
I don’t have a lot of space in my apartment.
There’s a glass table that won’t really fit in her space, but we
ended up finding a perfect table for her space that she’ll really
like. Oh yeah, I really like that a
lot. It’s the perfect size.
Yeah, I like this a lot. Yeah?
This would be perfect for me, I think.
(record scratch sound). But it comes with these green
chairs, that I’m not crazy about.
Would I be able to swap these out?
Absolutely. Great.
What are you looking for? Maybe something a little bit
more vibrant, you know, but I do see over in the corner, this
bright yellow chair and it’s perfect for my style, so I take
those chairs and match them up with this little wooden table
and it is perfect for my dining room.
See this is great. I definitely want something that
has a lot of color. Then we’re looking around for
living room furniture. This is really important to
Catherine. Can you imagine this in your
off-campus apartment? This is great.
I love it. It’s got plenty of space, lots
of different ways to stretch and hang out.
Allison shows me this sectional couch that is perfect for my
budget, perfect for my style. It’s convertible, so I can move
it around a little bit, so that’s perfect for what I’m
looking for. This ottoman can also serve as
additional seating, too. So, you can take this off, and
if you need to put seating around the room, you can use
that as well. It comes with an ottoman and a
nice chair, and some really cute pillows, so all around it’s
definitely what I’m looking for. So now all we need is your
bedroom set. Right.
We should go look online and see what’s available.
Great idea. We can also look for accessory
pieces like wall art, electronics, bedding packages
and kitchen wares. Perfect.
Let’s go take a look. Awesome.
(music). I think this one might be a
perfect selection for an off-campus apartment.
I like that a lot. Allison is showing me some bed
sets online, and we found the perfect one for me.
It was perfect in color, perfect in size and I really like it.
You can always go onto Cort.com and find all the selections
there as well. That’s great.
Our professionally trained delivery team will set up the
furniture, and she doesn’t even have to be there when they’re
doing it. I can’t wait to see her
reaction. (music).
Okay, go check it out. Oh it looks so great.
Awesome. Doesn’t it look great?
I love it. Yeah, the Cort trained delivery
team set it all up for you. When I walked into my apartment
for the first time, it looked awesome.
I’m really surprised that I can afford stuff that looks so nice.
So you went through the online ordering process.
I did. I ordered online.
It was really easy. It only took a few minutes.
That’s great. Well, I think you made some
really good choices in here. Well, are you going to live here
with a roommate? Nope, it’s just me.
Well, if you change your mind, we can add another complete
bedroom package for just $55 a month, that way you can split
the cost of all of this, making living off-campus even more
affordable. I don’t have a roommate right
now, but I was thinking about getting one next year.
To know that it’s only $55 to add additional bedroom furniture
would save the cost for me and my roommate, so it’s definitely
a good decision. I’m so happy that Catherine’s
pleased with her new apartment home.
I think it looks great and she did a really good job picking
out all of the furniture. Cort wants to make it easy and
affordable for lots of people t rent furniture, whether it’s a
business traveller setting up an apartment away from home, or a
student living off campus, or a family that needs to move into a
temporary home. Wow, I’m really excited to
finally have my own apartment, but I have one last question.
Yeah, you bet. When the semester’s over, how do
I return everything? Oh it’s really easy.
Just give us a call and we’ll have our driver’s come by and
pick the furniture back up. We’ll make moving out just as
simple. That’s awesome.
Well, welcome home. For more information, visit:
Cort.com/student to see the options available.
To see this position of the show again, go to DesigningSpaces.tv
and click on the Cort video.

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