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Full House

all suspects are considered innocent
until proven guilty in a court of law your discretion is advised I say we have
a search warrant got a multiple people identified they’re selling marijuana
numerous buys surveillance showed that there’s been a lot of traffic cars
pulling up people running doing the drug transactions the vehicles leaving got a
lot of calls from the neighbors and other people in the area we have arrest
warrants for one of the individuals if the garage door is open that’s where
they’ve been coming in and out from from today’s surveillance in our previous
surveillance so we’ll try to go through the garage door if it’s closed it’ll be
the front door it’s pretty plain to see the garage is just a regular going in
there there we’ve heard a dog bark in there we don’t know the layout we don’t
know with the docks of the inside or outside given the weather conditions we
don’t know if it’s mean or not be safe and take care of business Mike call Marty it’s find out what uh
what he’s got if anybody’s in the driveway Raj for Oprah close all right
that’s when I come from I’m gonna pull right up in the garage right in the
driveway up right a driveway awesome all rights always pineys have grabbed that
car their next family let’s hear right yea Raj is open guys check the back I’m or later we’re everybody clear let
me know the God’s terrible screwed ok maybe we try to get rid of we came in oh
you putting the we drove the we had 30 when I put the veil enjoy you can
contain a billion years like then I kind of forgot where I had to leave for
sitting all right now so I smoked a lot of weed I do I came in the room he tryna
hide this bag of weed that’s weak that’s we packaged for sale well not from me
who was selling a friend of mine it’s his man I can’t mention yes sir I’m
sorry I didn’t know he was gonna buy weed hey I’m on drug court I’ve been
running negative since the beginning of it I was not doing anything wrong I gave
him ten dollars of gas to pick me up at the mall and he decided by we this was
not my fault I didn’t know he had anything in his car I didn’t know any of
that I got it here comes sweet I honestly swear to them you wanna dump
your head down as you walk in keep ducking your head he’s done kg black backpack he’s got active warrants
on so we’ll call Marty and have multi-run over there with you and more
on him and trying to pick him up Martino we’re looking for yeah we got
information that one of the targets from this house that we just executed the
search warrant at maybe have another address in Port st. Lucie we’re going to
go over and see if we can intercept him and make an arrest on in my active
warrant and hopefully possession of some more dope the information we have is
probably a half a pound keep your eyes peeled hardy we’re getting close already
take a look at these people are good in this LexA yeah after got to my cat shirt
he’s looking at us to to me I look like him I’ll just jump on and take fortunately now there’s marijuana
there’s me I want to hear now there’s no way you can live here and not be aware
of what’s going on sir did somebody have it on them a kid named Alex maybe what I
will work for your rest according to what I’ll tell you in a minute Oh Warren
yes sir he has a war for sale and delivery of cannabis how long have you
been at this house Alex a couple months no but I mean today you all day or if
you going out anywhere I’ve been here Devon look the house there’s your black
backpack be straight up listen to me if you made a mistake you make and made a
mistake you don’t have to involve him you don’t have to involve your grandma
let’s just be done with this Alex Alex what do you want to do here this is
this this seller oh man you want to bring your parents into this all right
tell us where it is get out of here leave them alone your dad’s right here they can make it easy on your parents
ok I if you’re gonna go in the house I need
to see you I know I know what I’m gonna have to do is secure the house listen
hey today a your day is money’s in my room and my orange backpack yeah we’re
gonna we’re gonna secure the house because he just told up the dad the
backpacks in his room and some can I got it hold on hold on excuse me let me talk
to the dad he just said um he did in his room we executed a search warrant over
on savona Boulevard we had information at one of the targets from that address
was at another address already taken Louise people in gentleness Lexus we
identified it the subject in the driveway and serve the arrest warrant on
them and we recovered some other narcotics now that are connected to our
investigation yeah I law school can be dat man 9 going
to jail the neighbors love you good stuff everyone the neighbor said this
has been nothing but a problem in our bed a headache nothing but I had a nice
clean enough you

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