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(music) Hey guys, it’s Sarah, welcome back to my channel In today’s video, I am back with my most requested video ever I’ve probably be making videos like almost two years on YouTube and this has been my most requested video But I’ve never filmed one So I’m doing an apartment tour Give this video a thumbs up if you guys like videos like this I’m personally obsessed with apartment tours because I feel like I’m nosy So I like to know what people own, where they buy it so let me know if you guys also like that And if you guys aren’t already following me on my Instagram account, this is it right here I try to keep it looking as cute as possible so if you guys Wanna follow me make sure you head over and follow me on Instagram Leave me a comment down below letting me know what your favorite color is I feel like you guys are about to realize That my favorite color is blue, but anything like pastel as well because I’m super obsessed with pastel colors As you guys might be able to tell But let me know in the comments what your favourite colour is And hopefully you guys like the video and let’s get into it (music) Kicking off the apartment tour in my all time favourite room the kitchen because it’s right next to the front door So.. yeah Side note, I just want to mention that my kitchen is never this clean I did clean it for the apartment tour so in case you guys think I’m super clean and tidy that is not true Firstly, I just have this kettle and toaster they’re pastel blue So it might be my favourite thing that I own Behind that, I just have a frame that I got from Target a lot of people ask me where this is from So it’s from Target in case you guys were curious And I remember when I bought it I thought it was super cheap So I want to say that it was around ten or fifteen dollars On the wall next to my fridge, I have a dreamcatcher that I got from Spotlight It was little clearance so I’m assuming that it was pretty cheap And then I have my fridge covered in Polaroids because I saw someone do it on Pinterest and it looked kind of cute So I copied it And moving on to the stovetop area I just have like a pan and this coffee maker that makes really disgusting coffee not gonna lie, Kane likes it though And I have a random dice cube hanging up because Kane hung it there And we just left it there Next to the kitchen I just have this room filled with filming supplies And DIY supplies I normally keep the door closed because I never clean it But I cleaned it for the video As you move into the apartment a little bit more I have a junk station which is basically where I take my shoes off and put my bag down and when I come home But the little desk is from Ikea, and then I have a canvas in the back that is from Kmart I’ve got my old camera that needs to be fixed because I broke it And then on the opposite wall to that I just have my desk area and a clothes hanger, this clothes hanger is from Kmart 100% do not recommend it, because when I put it together the screws didn’t go in the holes properly So now it just kind of like sits on a lean all the time Underneath I just have this backpack That’s actually my boyfriend Kane’s and a pair of cute Vans They are blue, they’re my favourites, I wear them every day And I’ve just color-coordinated all of my clothes on these Ikea hangers For my desk area. I got my desk from Ikea, because it’s so much cheaper than other furniture stores So if you guys want a desk definitely go hit up Ikea and then in the background I have this piece of like wire fencing I want to call it I don’t know if that’s actually what it’s called like the technical term, but it’s from a hardware store And I thought it’d be cool to hang up like Polaroids and like sunglasses So I did that My stool is actually one of those ten-dollar side tables With just a cushion on top, life hack And then I have some knickknacks on my desk like paints and books my lamp is from Target It was ten dollars And then I’ve got my DIY throw rug and I’m literally taking the small step ever and you guys in my lounge room So I’ve got my guitar, I don’t really play it as much as I’d want to c cm I just lost my voice Okay I’m back, so I’ve got my TV cabinet, it’s from Ikea Pretty much all my big furniture is from Ikea, because it’s so cheap so so are my coffee tables And then I’ve got some knickknacks like bath and body works candles, books, some magazines and then this awesome rug that I got from Target And of course I had me a little selfie mirror situation, so I’ve got a fur rug on the ground that’s from Kmart Another side table with some hair products This is normally where I’d get ready in the morning, so just to kind of give you guys an idea I’ve got another throw rug that I haven’t undone yet that’s also from Kmart And the most exciting part is I got my 100k subscriber plaque like a couple months ago So I’ve got that sitting next to the mirror as well And then on the other side of the room I’ve got my little couch area, so I’ve got this lamp from Target I got that on sale and my couch is from Ikea as well for my cushions all the ones On my couch at the moment are from Target or H&M Home it basically this is where I’m nap and get super cozy And eat ice cream and just be weird as you guys can probably see right now I got the throw rug on my couch from Kmart And I also got my stand that’s holding up my plant from Kmart as well I don’t really know how my plant is still alive because I always forget to water it And lastly, for my lounge room I just have a ladder That I basically used to hang up all of my hats, so they don’t have to sit around my apartment And then I’ve got a record player that Kane got me from Urban Outfitters which is really cool And I have a poof underneath that which I also sit on every single time I record a voiceover so fun fact I’m currently sitting on it right now I’m sure you guys have seen my bathroom like a million times But, in case you guys haven’t, here it is Just above the toilet I have like a little storage thing that I got from surprise surprise Ikea And I’ve just stacked on a bunch of knickknacks to try and make the bathroom look as cute as possible So I’ve got some fake plants that are also from Ikea, a little DIY towel situation And kinda random, but I also have an empty tea tin in there because it was really cute, so I couldn’t throw it out Onto my bedroom I’m sure you guys have seen it a bunch of times So I’m just gonna like go over it quickly but my bed is from Ikea very surprised But I do not recommend it if you guys have carpet Because it has drawers and the drawers don’t slide out On my bed I just have some colourful pillows The round ones are from Urban Outfitters And then the rest are from I think they’re from Target And then I have a hat on my wall because it’s my favorite hat so I like to have it in reach On top of my bedside table I just have some books and a little frame a bunch of people asked where this is from I swear this is about to be the last time I say Target I got my frame from Target as well in case you guys were curious For the other side of my bedroom I just have some more wire fencing where I hang up like Polaroids of my boyfriend Kane because he is super super cute And then I’ve just got another mirror some like makeup And I also have two more plants Which I’m not really sure how those two are alive either because I also forget to water them, too So that is it for this video Hopefully you guys liked it Don’t forget to leave a comment down below Letting me know what your favourite colour is And also while you guys are down in the comments section let me know if you guys want to see A DIY room decor video because I haven’t filmed one in a little while so I kind of want to film one would let me know if you guys want to see one But hopefully you guys having an awesome day If you haven’t hit subscribe already Make sure you hit the subscribe button so you don’t miss out on new videos every single week And if you guys are following me on Instagram make sure to head over and follow me This is what my feed looks like I try to reply to comments as much as possible so if you guys wanna chat Come say hey on Instagram, but I hope you guys are having an awesome day, and I’ll see you guys in my next video Bye



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Olla that sweet home ? ❤

Skye Howard

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Never seen a better apartment !!

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Your apartment is so well decorated ? i looove it ?

Albana Hysa

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my fav colour is ice blue ??

Albana Hysa

Aug 8, 2018, 10:43 pm Reply

my fav colour is ice blue ??

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My favorite colour is pastel yellow and white <33 love ur appartment

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pink blue and purple and you ?

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My fav colour is lilac. I’m also super messy. Ps:love u!!!?


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Your apartment is so beautiful and modern

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My fav colour is blue

Teryene Tharachand

Aug 8, 2018, 4:33 pm Reply

Do you live with kane?

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my fav colour is mint


Sep 9, 2018, 1:59 pm Reply

you probably have a very happy life

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Sep 9, 2018, 7:33 pm Reply

??? love you sarah????

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You should use the empty tea tin for like plants or makeup brushes or something like that

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You are brunette Perrie Edwards

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Sep 9, 2018, 1:20 pm Reply

can you do a room tour

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My favourite color is pastel blue and pink

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Grace Eunhye Shin

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Im so neat

Grace Eunhye Shin

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At school and home

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Pastel and blue are my fav

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get Sarah
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I love You
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Emily Ryndak

Jan 1, 2019, 3:48 am Reply

where is the ladder from? sorry im pushy but im redoing my room and im looking for stuff like that and i cant find it any where :/

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Apr 4, 2019, 9:35 am Reply

i hate it wen u watch apartment tours and they don't go give u a overview of the house and she didn't go very deeply about wat's in her bedroom. would have like it better if she should us some of her drawers or showed us some of her stuff. no hate. this is just my opinion.

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Apr 4, 2019, 2:01 am Reply

beautiful home

#Azrarul Mizny#

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I know am late but yeah my favourite colours are blue,black and mostly neutral and pastel colours

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? Let me know in the comments!

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Xlaeta Fandom

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Goals ?

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