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Frustrated Woman FRUSTRATION on Apartment Secretary ROLE | Telugu Comedy Web Series | Episode 18

No. I can’t. Leave me. I can’t do. I can’t… I can’t.. No. No.. I will resign this. I can’t. I can’t tolerate this torture. This is a kind of harassment. Like watching a horror movie in the
morning, afternoon, evening and night. By getting heart attack.. The condition is more critical
than sun stroke in the Summer. Who am I? I am a lady. I am a human and a frustrated woman. Keep all this aside.
Firstly, I am a Apartment Secretary. Before taking this responsibility,
my family used to say this earlier. ..You don’t know that
you are jumping to a deep pit.. ..That is Quicksand.
You can’t get out off from that. Did I hear? No. Eminence of a woman..
Greatness of a woman.. Nothing can be done by a woman. By telling this.. I took the
responsibility of Secretary with smile. From that day,
smile disappeared on my face. Frustration has started. Madam, President sir is calling you. Why is he calling? Doesn’t he have work? You go. Look at this watchman. I came to terrace without taking my mobile. It’s as though, he smelled me like a dog,
came to terrace and started to harass me. Why is the president calling? I had to tell the answers
while he is asking the questions. It’s a bloody thank less job,
I don’t understand. Even though we do so many services.. It’s like multi tasking. Madam, car parking issue
is going on down the stairs. Why has the car parking issue started? Are you looking like this
while he was parking his car? You have to say no, right? Car parking issue! They made a rule that others are not
allowed into apartment premises. But, non residents come. they park their cars inside
the premises just like his own car. Watchman looking at
this just like a movie. He come and tells me. What is this, I don’t understand. When will we change while
we monitoring all of these? Even being a member of apartment association
is also a curse from a previous birth. We can’t do service to them. Because, If 50, 60, 70, 80 members
are in the apartments.. All they have different opinions. None of the opinion is matched
with another opinion. They don’t have a idea
to accept with others. They give hours and hours of
speech by conducting meetings. Association is dying
to manage these affairs.. How could people manage the
national and international affairs. Madam, the issue of servant has come. Why did it come? Who am I to increase the salary? Should I take the broom? You go. She asks for a salary hike
every 3 months. Even to a corporate employee,
there is a hike once a year. Not like corporate. We are increasing her salary
2 times for a year. What can we do if she asks for a
hike every 3 months? When we increase the maintenance,
they are asking like “Did you eat?” How can we expect that maintenance money? Madam, one phase has gone.
Lift is not working. There is nothing like electricity. If the phase is gone then go on the stairs. At least the fat in your body may burn. That phase.. Bloody phase. It is gone in 400 days out of 365 days. I have to look at that. Calling to others in the day and night. Answers to the questions ask by others. There is no security to my life. When I ask to provide the facilities,
they drag on for every thing. They misuse the funds. By digging at the same place.. They dig the earth in the same place.. Dig.. dig and they say water is not coming. I do not understand how could we get water? In hot Summer if we want
to get water from earth… We should estimate the presence of water.. Even though I said no, you dig at same
place and say there is no water. They dig the pits in useless places. Water flows that side and
it can not come inside the pits. Madam, I would not come for night shift. I will do the night shift.
You go. What is this I do not understand.. If night shift watchmen
would not come for night shift.. In case if he comes, he eats and sleep well. Why did he come here?
Did he come to sleep? Did he come here to do his duty? No one knows who is coming
and who is going. Day before yesterday, on a resident’s
window a thief was seen climbing. They created a fuss and
woke me up at midnight. Did I send the thief? Tell me did I? I did not understand
they will ask for gifts for festivals. President and Vice President
say “no gifts nothing.” Should I give gift from my personal pocket? These workers.. Madam, in 204 bathroom flush is not working. Learn for which problem secretary is used
and and how to solve own problems. I won’t come you go. Do not come again and again,
I am in tension. He came 14 times to me. In second floor bathroom,
flush is not working. What should I do? Would I repair flush tank or
clean with water for what he did? What can I do? No, let’s talk! Can’t he call a plumber? If he depends on apartment secretary,
if he has a tap problem in his home. President and Vice president lives happily. They feel like they are internationally
President and Vice President. Secretary’s job is like this and
it is worse than postman job. Treasurer job is most worse,
that is accountant. Oh god! This job is better than that, right? I am feeling very happy in my life
because I do not know accounts. Or else they might made as treasurer. I would have lost my hair and
become grey. No.. you do not become anything. If you have capacity,
to help the poor and needy people. You will get fame and reward. Like this We should do something for
apartment and.. ..make surroundings like campus.. And clean it..if you think
like this and jump.. Your life will be like my life. They would not accept easily for anything.. And they would not say okay for anything.
They will reject our ideas. They will eat us by hours together
in the name of meeting. My small kid is crying like anything. She won’t eat if any one keeps. There is no chance for me
to keep as I am in meeting. He would not let me go. Finally, he would not let me to resign also. I do not understand…. Will this
frustration reduce? Oh! I will do something..
Idea! I will move to a different apartment. Madam, as you are not coming
President sir is coming here. No, I will go.


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