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From Apartment Life to Living on a Sailboat in Alaska! Sailing & Cruising Liveaboards

So we’re tacking right now. Here we go. *Music Playing* We’re actually sailing our house. We live on our sailboat. It’s a 1979 Cal 31 and we bought it last year. I feel like it’s something that can take you
anywhere in the world. And you can explore and see new places. You get to go to places where a lot of tourists
don’t get to go. And it’s just great. It’s just the coolest way to travel, I feel
like. Especially here in Southeast Alaska there’s
so many places to check out. All the islands, inlets, the fjords, the glaciers. *Music Playing* We have been living on the boat for just over
a year now. Just over a year, yeah. We got it in April 2015 and we didn’t know
how to sail. We did not know anything about sailing. Last year was all about learning, and it still
is but we’re a little bit more comfortable. We are docked most of the time. We usually go out on the weekends and anchor. We dock in Juneau, Alaska. I work downtown. I’m a dental hygienist. And I work for a soil and water testing company,
and I work remotely for them. But right now we’re just strapped to Juneau
for Megan’s work. Yeah, paying off student loans and then paying
off the boat, too. First we’ll show you our lovely cockpit. I made this canvas covering which is awesome
cause right now it’s 80 degrees outside. We have the wind turbine and solar panels
on top of it. You can lift these up and it’s more storage
for us. We have a 2.5 gallon water heater in there. Inside, we have our sink. You can’t really see right now but there’s
these little cubbies that extend back a little bit. Open this up. Really nice storage in there. It’s all over here. And then this slides on both sides and we
just put miscellaneous things. And then we have our alcohol stove. And it just comes apart like this, and you
put the alcohol in, and then open it up and light it. And you can adjust it a bit. And it even has a little oven that’s on a
gimbal which is pretty awesome. And then back behind here we made this netting
for all of these cubbies. This is shrimp netting, and that is on all
the cubbies so nothing comes flying out. A little bit more storage where we can put
bags and stuff. And these can latch, and then you can pull
it up from here or you can lock it all in for sailing. This table, gotta show this off. Because we kind of redid the table in here. It used to be in the middle with a bar coming
down right here. Anyway the leg comes down and we have a table
for two right next to each other. We have our fridge on this side. Lots of good stuff in it. Rob and I just recently redid it so we could
hold a little bit more stuff. We really like having a fridge. Before we had an ice box and we just got sick
of buying ice every couple of days. We re-insulated the fridge, got these little
drawers that are meant for fridge drawers, and we just fit them in. They fit perfectly actually. And it’s still a pretty nice roomy fridge. *Music Playing* We had to get rid of, I’d say, like a lot
of furniture, my bass amp. I don’t know, just stuff like that. Bulky items that you just don’t really need. I wouldn’t consider ourselves minimalists
but it is nice to have fewer things, or to have only what you really need. It’s the last day, I have to move all of my
stuff out for the sailboat. It’s going to be right down there. So excited! Giving all these books away or selling them. And more. I was up here a few months before Rob and
so I lived in an apartment and tried to save up some money to put a downpayment on the
boat. Yeah, the apartment life is okay but it’s
very expensive up here and actually, living on a sailboat is a lot cheaper. So much cheaper. And we just love it so much more. It’s definitely a lot different. You don’t have a lot of the comforts that
you normally have in an apartment such as instant hot water, or a flushing toilet, or
even heat. Heat’s another big one to think about too. It’s actually a lot harder to sail up here
than it is down in the Caribbean or something like that. Down there, it’s like you don’t need a heater. You don’t have to deal with the boat constantly
being moist and wet. Like up here we’re in a rainforest so it’s
always damp. You’re always having to deal with drying out
the boat. That’s why we have our Kimberly wood stove. It really helps keep it warm and dry. Especially spending the winter up here on
the boat. It was a little tough. This is our charge controller for our solar
panels and wind turbine. It feels good to make your own power. This area just tends to be miscellaneous stuff. Our maps, charting, extra maps. These stairs come off. You unlatch this here. It comes off and then you can get to the engine. Just down off of the stairs is a radiator
heater that we put in. And same thing over here. We tend to put our shoes there for now, Kai’s
carry case (the cat), and maps there. Over here is the big addition that we did
in January. We were just dying to have this Kimberly wood
stove. It’s treated us well. Super awesome. But we took out part of the settee, and put
in…this is tile here and just did all this work around it. We made this so we could have wood around
the fire and then we can put wood clear back here where it extends back. So it takes some room but we enjoy it. We didn’t want diesel, we wanted wood. If you look over here we have our carbon monoxide
and smoke detector. Now we’ll go into the bathroom and we’ve got
our lovely little shower. And this came with Kai. His litter box is right in that door. And he just jumps in there. Jumps in his litter box. We have a closet. What you’re going to notice is that everything
just seems like a lot on our boat because we have to deal with a lot of cold weather
so we have to have a lot more stuff on board. We use all of this stuff during the winter,
a lot. We live in all of this. This is my side, this is Rob’s side. And then our wetsuits are in here. Ok, jumping into the V-berth. We made this netting once again like you saw
up there, to hold our clothes against the V-berth. Rob’s side, and of course, my side. We put this new carpet in. It’s actually outdoor carpet. We tore out the old stuff, put some insulation
against the walls and put that carpet up. So now we’re going to go back up on the boat. We’ve got our kayaks, our shrimp pot, storm
jib, extra water, genoa. And then our bikes. Usually when we are sailing, our bikes aren’t
like this. They’ll be…they’ll have the pedals and front
wheels off, and they’ll be covered. *Music Playing* We actually just got back from one full month
of exploring parts of Southeast Alaska including Glacier Bay, Skagway, the Chilkoot Trail,
and even out to the coast. We’ve been keeping a really good video log
of everything. We plan to spend a couple of years up here
and then either head to Hawaii or go to Baja. We just want to explore. Use our boat and take it to where it can take
us. And just follow the winds. We hope to just travel, make films of our
adventures, and our exploration, and just kind of showcase it, and inspire others to get
out and follow their dreams just kind of like what we’re doing. *Music Playing*



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Gareth Miller

Nov 11, 2016, 12:43 am Reply

love Alaska lived here for 13 years

Gareth Miller

Nov 11, 2016, 12:46 am Reply

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Gareth Miller

Nov 11, 2016, 12:52 am Reply

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Nov 11, 2016, 12:39 am Reply

Thanks for sharing!

SV Tipsy Gypsy

Nov 11, 2016, 6:04 pm Reply

Love this! These guys make great videos too!


Nov 11, 2016, 7:55 am Reply

Enjoyed your video. I live a bit up north from you in South Central. Many years living in Alaska but have never made it down to the South East. Been lots of other places though and love this beautiful state. I do work in the travel tourism business so I do get to share some of my experiences and travels with our summer visitors. I'll be checking out your channel.

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Nov 11, 2016, 9:32 pm Reply

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Nov 11, 2016, 11:11 am Reply

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Truth Matters

Nov 11, 2016, 6:53 pm Reply

You said you had no toilet or hot shower? I saw both? Don't they work? How do you shower and go to the bathroom? Looks like a lovely way of life. I hope it brings you closer together! Tight quarters are tough sometimes! God Bless

Viking Sailor

Nov 11, 2016, 10:09 pm Reply

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Nov 11, 2016, 11:16 pm Reply

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Nov 11, 2016, 2:34 pm Reply

Whow did you guys get rid of the compression post to make more room in the saloon!!? Not an experienced sailor, but isn't that really dangerous?

Amazingly inspiring though. I liked how you both still have normal jobs for the time being, just instead of washing money down the drain on rent you're buying your boat. Love it. Also if SHTF you can go anywhere in the world, should you need. Very smart for the future.

All the best!

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Nov 11, 2016, 7:49 am Reply

I understand that you all want to cutback on living expenses and be adventurous. But have you all thought about how your acts might be disturbing wildlife? Boats tend to make loud noises which might interrupt sonar that the orca uses to communicate with each other and also to locate prey. And what if you all have a medical emergency like hypothermia due to the boat possibly malfunctioning because it's powered on all year long? Now that's possibly a huge expense that the state has to use in transportation and medical resources to locate you.

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Ruben Navegante

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Keep up the good work!


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Youtube is not a film making company

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All the best to you guys, I'll keep checking you out 🙂 Fair winds!

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It is possible in a confined space for a layer of warm air to collect near the ceiling. This prevent the Carbon Monoxide from reaching a ceiling detector. The best place in a place where there is air movement and at eye level. If it has a readout screen then it must be at eye level. I'll go back to the vid now, hoping you are not sparked out. Love the boat. Can you remember where thing are with all that locker storage?

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I have been living on boats for over 20
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