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Friday morning fire destroys Lafayette apartment building

22 people this place tonight but they’re thankful to be alive after a fire destroyed a four-plex at the ill diccon apartments in lafayette everybody got out safely and as justice Henderson reports many of them say they owe their lives to a Lafayette Parish sheriff’s deputy the only thing I remember is like sitting up and saying what the heck and I’ll sleep in our car and the cops told me to leave but I was like I’m not even my family’s upstairs deputy Jacob sampie was the voice yelling at her to leave ok I kicked the door in then I went inside and meet my partner cleared the home we went upstairs made sure everybody was out babban said she didn’t initially realize the house was on fire oh he was like you have to get to safety I said I cannot leave my family behind so I’ll be like calling y’all cool woman and once they were all ran away she and her family weren’t the only people who need it to get to safety deputies MP and other deputies worked until every house was clear the whole burn building wasn’t really on my mind the only thing that was on my mind really was just to get people out just you know because I know in a panic a lot of people me they may forget their kid it’s unfortunate but they may forget their kids they may forget that other peoples in the house you know and me and my partner’s I mean our main focus was to get people out babban sister says they were saved just in time 2:30 with smoke in the apartment 240 it was engulfed in flames very thankful everything else is irrelevant but my family’s like I said my family’s life in my life is much more important anything and so our community here daughter Collin I think y’all can sit officer that kicked in the door thank you so much our family’s eternally grateful in Lafayette just as Henderson ket see TV 3

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