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Found My DREAM HOME?! | HOUSE HUNTING | New Home Shopping

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– [Woman] Raven’s TV. – Say hey guys, what’s up, it’s Ziya. Hey guys what’s up it’s Raven, welcome back to another mom vlog I guess. I’m not sure, I haven’t decided yet if I’m going to actually
call this a mom vlog or not. It seems like all of my videos could technically be a mom vlog if you think about it but for this video, guess
what I’m doing today? Guess what I’m doing today? Guess what I’m doing today? You’re going to school. I’m bout to take her to school, but after that, I’m going house shopping. Yeah, you heard that right! House shopping. Not apartment or townhome shopping. For the first time in my life. I’ve never gone house shopping. I’ve never gone to look at
houses for myself, ever. Today will be the first day, and its like, not even just a fantasy. It’s like real life. It’s like, I’m not just going for fun. It’s like I really need
to start doing this. So, I’m pretty excited, because this is just like a dream, a goal. It’s major. Yeah, I’m bout to take, uh! You’re opening your lunch? That is for lunchtime. You gotta put it back, boo boo. So yeah, I’m bout to take
this little one to preschool, and then we’re going house shopping. (excited gasp) We’re gonna buy a house! We’re gonna buy a house! Is that exciting? You want a new house? And maybe you’ll have a bigger room, and a playroom, and a backyard with some swings, and a slide. Does that sound cool? (mumbles) Oh, you just ready to go to school, okay. (scoffs) Okay guys, so I’m with my mom now. She’s gonna be my realtor for today. I think it’s nice to
obviously do this with someone who has some home buying experience. How many homes have you
bought in your lifetime? – One, two, three, I think six. (laughing) – So yeah, she has some
home buying experience and I absolutely do not. So, she is obviously helping
me with this process. We’ve got a couple of,
like maybe three or four houses that we’re gonna go look at today. This is my first time ever in life really looking at houses for myself so this is kind of like
getting your feet wet, seeing what you like,
seeing what areas you like, and then probably this is gonna
end up being like a series on my channel where I, you know, go look and narrow it down
and look at different types. Right now we’re gonna go
looking at new constructions. So either we’re gonna
look at the model homes and then if I were interested then I would be building you know, when I’m ready to buy then they would build the house. Or houses that were just built and they haven’t been purchased yet but they’re like brand new. (bass thumping beat) – Do all the home sites have just the little garden backyards? – [Realtor] They’re all
different sizes and shapes but it is low maintenance living. – That’s good. – [Realtor] And so its a little
differences in all of them. From one side of the
community to the other. – [Raven] Oh so gravel, no grass. – I love this – [Raven] Coffee nook. – [Realtor] Yes! – I love this. – [Realtor] Yes. – And I like the Silestone Countertops – [Realtor] Yes. – But I’m wondering if you could tell us what’s included and what’s an upgrade. – [Realtor] Of course. (echo drowns out mom’s words) The floor is an upgrade. So in the standard, I’ll tell
you what’s in a standard home if you were to build. – Un huh. – [Realtor] And people can
choose an inventory home or they can choose to build one. – This mud room. – [Raven] Oh that is cute. – [Realtor] That in this model. And people love that. – [Raven] Yes, I love that. – [Realtor] And why, they could choose to make that a full bath and a bedroom. – Okay. – [Realtor] It would just be small but it still would be a
guest room downstairs. – [Raven] So this is the office. – Studio. – [Raven] Yeah, which
would be studio for me. Slash office slash make-up room. Big windows. I like the stair railing. (background chatter) – Okay. You go. – [Realtor] So the
standard upstairs would be up against the shower. – There’s three bedrooms plus the office – [Realtor] Yep. – And two and a half baths? – [Realtor] Two full baths,
two and a half, you’re right. Two full and one half, un huh, yeah. – [Raven] So we’ve got one bedroom here. Ziya’s room (laughs) – I love the neutral. – [Raven] Lots of windows throughout. Double door closet. We’ve got bathroom. Double sinks in here. Shower tub. So this is like Jack and Jill. – Mm hmm. – Jack and Jill bathroom situation. This bedroom’s pretty small. Pretty small. This is the master. This is like parents with
two kids type set up. Cause its got the Jack and Jill. If you had two kids and
they share the bathroom. – Yeah it’s, um Franklin Shower is definitely upgrade. – Okay (giggles) Nice tub. Master closet is, you know, good size bout what I have right now honestly. – Yeah. – Decent. – I love the decor. I love the neutral stuff. – Well we ain’t lookin’ at the decor. – I know. – Little toilet room thingy. Yeah I like all the
upgrades basically (laughs) – You like the upgrades in anything. – Everything that’s an upgrade
is what I like about it. The closets are a lil, I
mean its just small overall. The bedrooms are not that
big, closets are kinda small. – Yeah. – I mean my thing is,
I don’t wanna feel like I’m just basically moving into
a slightly better townhome. Like I wanna feel like
this was worth the energy to kind of upgrade to a home rather than I coulda stayed
where I was at (giggles) – Nope, this where tax breaks come in not necessarily just the feeling of – I mean I understand
there’s more than one reason but I think if, you know, if you gon’ do it, do it right. – Okay. – Basically. Alright, so that was house number one now you guys can already see that me and my mom are
going to disagree (giggles) on some things but you
know she is here to help and give guidance and help
me make good decisions but I’m dramatic (laughs)
when it comes to what I want you guys can already guess
that I’m going to be dramatic about buying a house because its just, I don’t know. I like interior design. I daydream about what
my house can look like. I’m not the type person just be like oh its a
nice house let’s get it, no cool it work, it’s functional. I’m like I want it to look like this, I want this many bedrooms, and especially even after just
looking at this first house I’m like, mm mmh, no, this not cutting it. But my mom is like, oooh its just your first house (laughs) – Well it is and, I mean you know – Its good enough. – Even though you looked
at this neighborhood and you looked at the
houses and you’re like, no – They’re ugly. – They’re ugly, I don’t like it but it’s important to look and see how much they’re charging, see what you get, see what you think about
the pros and the cons, and then you can move
on to something else. Do you have something to compare it to? – I mean I agree that
like I wanted to look at the full range. Like you said, get something to compare but I’ll tell you main
things I didn’t like about this neighborhood or this
house that we just looked at. The exterior has the siding on it which just looks cheap to me. Its not my style, its
not what I would want my house to look like if could choose I would want like stone I don’t really love just
typical red brick or anything but I like the stone,
like the white stone. I even like the smooth,
what’s it called, stucco. Having to spend more money obviously for the stuff that I like but of course I wanna be reasonable but I also, I was telling my mom in there, even though it’s just my first house and I know I’m not stuck with it, I’on know how long I really am
gonna be like stuck with it. I’m not planning for this
to be just like an apartment where you move in you move
out the next year, obviously. Like, I am going to hopefully
be there for a while. – When you buy a house at least, in this area
the market is going up. And with the right kind of financing you can get some equity in it so that if you only plan on
just staying in the house for instance for five years, you could come out of that
house five years later with a sizeable chunk of money that you could put down
on your next house. You know you wanna be
somewhere that you like but right now you’re spending
a large chunk of your income on rent and that income
could be, that same money, could go towards a house that could be appreciating in value. – I mean that’s what people always say like when you’re renting you’re just throwing your money away and obviously that makes
sense and I agree with that. Alright so pulling up
to location number two. One thing I forgot to
emphasize on the last location is that they didn’t even
have a community center like pool area type of thing and that’s a deal breaker for me. So, this location at
least has a little pool. Its not the best but at
least they have one, so. And the exteriors are
similar to the last ones but like a cuter version, so. I mean, its like, a little bit better. (bass thumping beat) – This is cute. They have the iron – Oh yeah they have that, but see I like how the
stairs are not carpet. (chuckles) – So this is what its a
sun room or sitting room – [Realtor] So we refer
to that as the sun room but basically it is a flexible space. This could be on my buyers
who bought this plan do work from home so this is they’re, gonna be they’re workspace. – So this would be to the garage. – [Realtor] Correct. So this is actually, this
would be a solid wall and the entrance to the garage
is actually in this hallway. – Okay. This is cute patio, are all
the patios done like this or is this an upgrade? – So all of the homes, all of the lots have
different patio spaces or a different landscape layout. This happens to be included
in the price of this home. – Mm hmm. – So this one starts at four 15. – Mm hmm. – It includes the patio squares. Now what would be an
option would be the pergola or this covered porch area here. – Cool, okay let’s see. – I’ll let y’all go upstairs. – Okay. (stomping up stairs) – It’s kinda hard to look at the homes in a sense of like just the home itself and not look at the way
that they staged it (laughs) cause that kinda warps your view – Oh yeah. – What it really is cause you’re looking at the
furniture and the decorations like oh this is so cute but then you have to
think of it like empty what it would be like. – So this is a loft area that
could be used as a playroom. – Yeah, I like this added what did she call it, extra living space. When you first come up
the stairs from over here so this’ll be a really
good playroom type set up I actually think like that
is the perfect compromise of what I was saying of like not wanting to put her in a closed off room but still wanting her
to have her own space. (sighs) Is this the master? – Yes. – Dun dun dun. No! (laughs) This is like for Ziya’s clothes but lots of natural light. Of course all these
upgraded finishes are cute. Oh look at that. – I love that. – Light coming from the bottom
under the cabinet over here. – Ooh that shower, yes. (sighs) – Ooh I love that, what do you call it? – Oh no, it’s another closet. – Oh. I was like that can’t be the closet. Okay, oh look at this built in thing. – Whoa. – That’s cute. Okay so there is more closet space. The bathroom is really
cute the way they have it with the little this
thing for extra storage. All these drawers and stuff. I like it when they have the toilet in a separate little toilet closet. And that shower is huge. Pretty decent size for the master. Okay. Going over here. There’s like a little closet
right here for extra storage. Put extra toys and what-not in there. Um, you go over here. Ooh look a barn door. Very Magnolia. This is, is this a bedroom? – Mm hmm. – Its too small! You can’t put a bed in here. – This is the same size as
the bedrooms at our house. – No its not. – It is. – You cannot, what? – I promise you. – This feels, maybe its
just what they have in here that makes it seem like you could not put even a Queen bed in here. – Yep. More storage. – Mm kay. Other bathroom. – Its cute. – Nice counter space,
bathtub, shower thingy. – So
– So this is like – It could be what you said before like your house is now like Ziya’s bedroom and you
could make this your studio but them you wouldn’t have a guest room or you could put your studio in Ziya’s playroom, all in here but you don’t wanna put
those two things together. – No, cause I can’t have all my equipment and her toys in the same spot. That’s asking for trouble. – But you could have that as your studio and this could be her playroom and then you could have a
sofa bed in here for guests. It just wouldn’t have guest room. – Yeah, cause I mean definitely
it’s enough space in here to still have furniture and
have all her play stuff. I mean, how they have the TV and the couch like I would still do that but just have, you know,
everything else is for her toys. (bass thumping beat) Is that the front door? – Mm hmm. Its kind of a strange
– That’s weird (laughs) It’s like front door will lead you straight into the bedroom over here. I have that lamp. And then this is like what? Just random sitting area.
– Sitting area. – That’s kind of wasted space for me. – Yeah, laundry room
as soon as you walk in. – I don’t like that layout this is the office thing so
I guess it cuts right here. – This would be the garage right. – And then you go upstairs. – She said the kitchen and everything was on the second floor. – Oh no. (laughter) What kinda nonsense. (laughter) Ain’t nobody got time to be getting Oh this cute if it was just on the bottom. – Oh yeah, it feels like um – Feel that urban, New York. – It’s cute. – Bachelor pad kind of
layout for some reason. I think its the tall windows right here – Yeah. – that makes it feel more swanky. – Its got a little patio. Tiny little patio. How do you even get out there? – Over here. – Oh. – Its literally just like (unlocking doors) kind of scary (laughs) – Oh okay. If you could sit out there
and drink your coffee or drink your wine in the afternoon. I would. Yeah, this is um, interesting. I’m not in love. – It just makes you think
of like a bachelor pad. Like having to go upstairs and I don’t know something
about the layout. – A little bathroom. And this is the master, tiny. – Bathroom is nice enough. Big shower.
– Girl. That’s nice shower. – Little closet.
– Closet. Tiny closet there. – Is there another closet
cause that’s small. – Uh, its a little
bigger but not very big. (Background pop music) – Okay then there’s another story. – That’s the only thing
on this level, okay. Keep going. – Game room, bar. Little bathroom. Now this is just like a open wall. – Who needs a gym membership? Yeah, no, this is – This is very bachelory. – Yeah. – The game room and the bar
and its not very family ish. Everything’s all separated. – Yeah. Had a little half, no,
that’s a full bath isn’t it? – Yeah, its got a bathtub in it. – Oh yeah. (words drowned out by music) Yeah, no. – With a closet so I guess
it could be a bedroom. If this was already built
when I moved into my townhome, cause this is brand new and my townhomes were already brand new but this is like brand brand new then this is like back when
I was going into my townhome maybe I would’ve chosen to just buy one of these houses instead but now like a year and a half later I’m kind of like, let’s
bump it up a little bit more even like better than this so I kinda wanna look at
like the next level up. (bass thumping beat) Alright so, neighborhood
location number three. You could probably tell by this that its kind of a different style. Lil bit far from my ideal area. So yeah, off the bat its further out. Its got a different vibe to it but its got like a nicer vibe to it. Its got a lil bit more of a grown up feel you could just tell from the exterior. It’s a one story, four
bedroom, 3.5 bathrooms, a family room, a media room,
a study, a dining room. This is what you can get
for the money further out. This is gorgeous, this is – [Realtor] I know I’d love
to buy this one for myself. – So this is all one story. – [Realtor] One story, 3,008
square feet, four car garage – Good gracious!
– Four car garage? – [Realtor] Yeah. – She has only one car. (laughter) – Hey, you never know. Alright so totally different
from where we just came nice little upgrade
from where we just came. Bigger, I mean you could feel. Its one story which, I mean I guess I don’t care between one and two stories. I kinda like having two stories but this kitchen is nice, spacious, roomy. Dining area, living
room is roomy and airy, fireplace, that’s a new thing. So that means two dining spaces. We got the lil breakfast
and the dinner over here. Lots of space. Of course they got it
decorated really nicely. Then, the master is
right here, very roomy. I mean look at all this extra space. Then you get to the bed and then even space for extra furniture. Big windows, got pretty much
like a more normal backyard compared to what we were looking at with just a little small backyard with the gravel and barely any grass this is like normal, full grass backyard. Feels like it has tall ceilings and stuff. Ooh! Glamour bathroom. Ooh, didn’t even see this
giant closet over here. This is definitely the
biggest closet we’ve seen. Oh two closets. A giant closet and then this is like the size of the big
closet at the other place and its the small closet here. Little toilet. I don’t really like that shower, its kinda claustrophobic (laughs) Being behind the wall but you know, its a cool feature. Big bathtub thingy. I like the bathtub separate thing with the nice big shower cause sometimes you’re in a bath mood and sometimes you’re in a shower mood. They’ve got like little vanity set up where you can have a chair in here. Lots of counter space. Lots of counter space and mirror space. Definitely like that. I also like how there’s like natural lighting in the bathroom. Okay so laundry room. Nice laundry room with the storage. Ooh and it has a sink. I like these types of laundry rooms. – And then there’s a little
mudroom I think right there. – Yeah well its just like a little – Okay. You can have one built in though. – So front door, we didn’t
get the proper layout. Front door, standing right here. You’ve got the walk walk in and then you go over here and there’s actually a
bedroom in the front. Smaller bedroom. I don’t like having the
bedroom in the front that’s kinda weird. And then full bathroom. – Be a guest room. – This other side is how
they have the office. That’s cute but depending on if I’m using this as my office or my studio. I don’t need built ins for a studio but it just, you have to think about – You can always, if you
were building a house you could tell them don’t put – Yeah that’s what I’m saying though it’s like I have to think
about what I’m actually gonna use each room for. Another bathroom over here. Okay so now we’re
walking through the front – And this is like the
game room or the playroom. – Yeah, I like having
the playroom situation. And then we showed you over here and then the master was over there and then you go over here another bathroom, full bath and two more bedrooms. So they’ve got like kids rooms back here. Little, normal, small bedrooms. Nice backyard. Little patio thingy kind of dangerous (laughs) Nice little grass backyard
that kinda curves around so it gives you a lot of space cause it curves all the
way around over here. The exterior of this house
is like the traditional brick that I don’t like but I don’t know. – The big thing is that this house, and the house we just looked at are the same price. The difference is the location. (bass thumping beat) – House number four I don’t even know. Ooh! Pan up. Get the architecture. – Yeah, yass. – Nice, oh see this – But, let’s start at the beginning cause you were walking in. – So, you walk in from door looking right. Wow, there’s a lot going on. There’s like a little playroom thingy. That’s cool. Then, there’s a bedroom, pretty big. – That’s cool idea to put the
playroom next to the bedroom. – And then there’s another bedroom. – This is so cute. I know I’m not suppose to
be looking at the decor – You like that decor? (laughs) – It’s cute. – Alright so another bedroom over here. So they’ve got like a brother and sister with their playroom in the middle and then their bathroom
that they share I guess. – What I love about this
house, look at the door height. See how tall the doors are. They make the space feel a lot bigger. – And like I notice little details like little built in little
architectural details just make it feel – I don’t like that. – You don’t like those things? – No, cause you have to figure
out something to put in there – That’s what makes it like
– I don’t want to do that – It kinda makes it
easier for you to, I feel because its like obviously
you put a painting right there and it just looks – I love the fireplace. – Ooh I like this fireplace. Let’s get a good size comparison
– Its very modern. Yes, its big. – Big, glamorous, I love I
like this whatever this is. And panning over to
this kitchen baby, yes. – See this is more my vibe. – Un huh. I love the kitchen. I love that it doesn’t have
the separate dining room. Its fine, its got the
dining room right here. Look at the cabinets, how tall they are. Way up there. – I like the tallness
of everything in here. And like obviously they have
decorative stuff in there but it just makes it feel, even though you don’t
need the cabinet space – Open the pantry. Let me see how big the pantry is. Its probably a little L shape. – Yeah. – Its good. Its good enough. (TV chatter in background) This is huge. This house is too big. – I like it. – Its too big. Its got the game room. Look at this outdoor area. – Ooh I like it. This is my vibe. So this is like another sitting area, game room, living room thing which they already had
the kids one in the back and then you already have
the living room right here. So I don’t even know
what this (laughs) is for They have it as just
like another living room right next to the living room. But, these extra spaces are good for me because I need office,
studio, playroom like – You don’t need that. – I want, wait we didn’t even
go into this bedroom over here this is the master? Nice big master with the, I like that window layout right there. – Mm hmm. – With the lil seating area. Gives you a open vibe then ooh I love ooh I don’t like when they put the tub between the sinks like that. – Yeah, this is the house we looked at. This was the house similar cause the bathroom was like
that, but it was too big. It was just too big and I just didn’t wanna move from one – Cause y’all were tryna downsize
that was the whole point. – But I love that they
have the shower here. – You like that? – Mm hmm. I mean I guess it’s okay I just feel like it deletes
that extra vanity space. – And then I remember
when you walk through here no, it was a different floor cause you walk through the closet and then you walked into the laundry room and then back out to the – That’s creepy right there. (laughs) But yeah I mean this bathroom
is really nice and its cute. I just, I mean you can
get some counter space off to the side over here but like in the other one it was giving you a whole
extra vanity right here but this has the tub right here but its cute how its like with the window and then the tub and
then a really big shower. And I always wanted a
little bench in my shower. – Now this is what I really like. I like this outdoor area. – Ooh see this is a nice backyard. You got your little one
patio sitting area right here and then you got this whole
lil place to get married. (laughter) Gazebo thingy. And then it leads you to another little seating area
vibe a little fire pit. See that’s cute. Its got some nice greenery. Big open grassy area if you had a dog. (mom’s words muffled
in background distance) (laughter) What time is it? – We need to leave in like 10 minutes. You didn’t go upstairs on this one. – Oh I forgot about, I
thought this was one story. (laughter) There’s more. And there’s this little
bathroom right here off the kitchen. Is that a full bathroom? No, little powder room. And then there’s the upstairs. Oh wait, and we didn’t even
look over here (laughs) Okay, office, wait a minute. Big ol’ office! Ooh, I like this. – How many offices does it have? Didn’t it have the other office or am I confusing? – I’m getting confused of like – Okay now this is the only – I need to go look at the
front of the house again because I already forgot
what was there (laughs) Okay so over here, okay yeah This is just the kids nook with the bedrooms and the kids playroom. – Alright. – And then you’ve got the living
room and the adult playroom and then you’ve got the office,
big office, nice office. – Mm hmm. – Would be good for a studio. Nice laundry room with the
cabinetry and the sink. I love that. I don’t know what you
really use the sink for but I just like it. Oh yeah, – Mudroom. – Mudroom thing. – Okay, come on. – Alright. Then we got upstairs. Then you got another lil office thingy. Not office but you know workstation overlooking the not that good view but nice, bright space with storage. – This is like a homework station, if you have school-aged kids. Then (laughs) wait how much is this house? – Um, its probably around
the same as the other one. – This is got another game room. Okay they have three game
rooms in this house basically. Cause this is the game room game room where they have a bar set up over here, bar table, TV, big ol’
space for a pool table. So this is considered the loft I guess. – So this is just probably attic space. Only thing up here is the game room and this bathroom. – So its not really a full story, it kinda like a loft. – Mm hmm. – But it still gives you a lot more space and they have a full bathroom up here. So, now this I do have to
admit this is a lot of space for just me and Ziya cause there’s like 40
million game rooms in here but I do like the office
space, the studio space, the playroom space, the outdoor space. – The kitchen is amazing. – I would just delete
like two of the rooms and then it would be good Cause I don’t, like this is
like if you have multiple kids you got this whole section
for like four kids. So of course that’s my favorite so far. The most bougiest, biggest one (laughter) is my favorite. I just, yes, I like it. (bass thumping beat) Let’s look at this one. I like the exterior of this one a lot more cause its a lil bit more streamline but not with siding. I like this like stucco stuff – Stucco’s gonna cost you
– Where its just like flat and smooth and nice looking. And the big stone, what is this called? – Stone. – Alright, so from the
front door to the left you got some big ol’ office thing. – Office. – So this is the office thingy. And I guess that would just be a wall. So that’s really nice like
natural lighting right there. And then this is like game room, playroom situation. Cute with the pool table. Nice windows, it leads you
back here to the full bath with a bedroom, Ziya’s room perhaps. – Door, I like that. (laughter) – Okay so coming back out
through the game room area – Another full bath. – There’s the other bedroom. So they have a lot of these
his and hers kids setup for like if you have two kids (laughs) But they get their own bathrooms in this house. This is a big bathroom. So you got your lil, is that full, no. This is the powder room. Laundry room, big laundry room. They don’t have the actual
washer and dryer in here but it would be right there. No sink but it leads into a closet, what? We gotta hurry. – You gotta see a lot of stuff here. – Okay so, living room. Nice, nice fireplace, I like that. Spacious, open, love those
big window things right there. Wall of windows. Kitchen, ooh, yes, this is my kitchen. – Look what else they have. – Ooh
– Mother’s pantry. – Ooh, yes, this is my kitchen. – Look at your little coffee plans. – Big ol’ pantry thing
and then on the other side your little butler’s coffee nook. Even has a window. I love this cabinetry. Look at the stove. It’s very spacious, big ol’ island, big ol’ farm stick sink. – Now this house is a
little bit more manageable because there’s no upstairs but you still have a game room. You still have one, two bedrooms, right. – There was two bedrooms
over there for the kids, we haven’t seen the master yet. And the office and the
game room over there. I really like this kitchen, then the eating area is
also spacious over here with all the windows I really like that. As you can see, the outdoor space is nice but let’s look at the master ooh I see they have the same similar little window thing that I like and then lots of room in your bed. Kind of a cute little touch
with the extra windows. Ooh, I like his bathroom. I don’t like this countertop right here but I like the counter space and the natural light, the big tub, they got that weird
claustrophobic shower thing but its okay. Cute little cabinetry, counter space. And so you’ve got your two sinks but one is over there. Closet, well this is what I saw before. The closet actually leads
into the laundry room which is kinda cool because then – Just bring your clothes straight – you have a, you know,
perfect for doing laundry. Got some built in stuff, its pretty big. Its just kind of in a different shape and its got some high up storage. – Also noticed this
house has the tall doors. – I just love these wall of windows and let’s go outside really quick. Nice little patio thing. Ooh that’s nice. For your TV, outdoor fireplace,
built in grill thingy, that’s nice. And then its just got the
regular big grass area. – I like it. It feels more manageable than
the one, of course you know – I mean the one we just came from it just had like so many different rooms. Like I’m not even sure
what I would do with them. This one is like I know
what each room would be and I would actually use each space. The other one had a
lot of like just extra. Okay so, think that was the last house that we have time for today. We have to go pick up Ziya from school now but of course this is
just first day looking so definitely have a
lot more looking to do. Alright guys so I am home now. Today was actually really fun because I just love interior design and stuff like that so feel like I would just like
to go look at model homes just as like a fun weekend pastime. So I enjoyed myself just being able to look
at the different houses and it was cool to actually think like wait I can actually get this for myself like I’m actually house
shopping for myself finally. It’s just like my dream, like one of my biggest goals in life so it was really fun and
it was interesting to see what you can get for your money, different features, different things like that and get to know what I like and what I don’t like of course like I keep saying
this is just the first day of house hunting so I
definitely have a lot more thinking to do, a lot more looking to do, but it was nice to kinda get my feet wet and start forming some opinions so for the comment of the day I wanna know you guys’ opinions which house was your favorite, which feature or which
room was your favorite, what did you like, what did you not like? Comment down below. Let me know what you think, what you would get, what you would want for me and yeah. So I’m really excited to be
starting this process like just so excited. So definitely stay tuned for
more videos on this topic. I will be documenting my whole journey and yeah give this video a thumbs up if you’re excited for this journey and subscribe if you’re not already so you can stay up to date with my journey and I’ll see you guys in my next video. Bye!

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