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Forest Arms Apartments

The morning of the
fire, I started to get phone calls
from other people in the neighborhood saying,
“What’s going on over here?” I drove down and it
was just like something out of a science fiction movie. What worried me immediately
after the fact was the owner at the time wanting
to tear it down because it was certainly an iconic building. You know, the fact that it was
still standing after, you know, a hundred years
when in this town it’s so easy to have
things disappear like that. And I went back home and
mentioned to my wife, “I’ve been through the building,
it’s, it’s missing a roof and it’s a little rough. I think it’s something
we could do.” When we took over the
Forest Arms, the roof, it didn’t necessarily
burn off, it was sitting on the fourth floor. So, we had a snowy owl that
took up residence on the roof, and it was becoming
quite large with rats. So, it was, you
know, pretty bad. It was the worst one we
had gotten so far so. We’ve invested everything we
have in the city of Detroit. One shouldn’t have to go
to the poor house trying to do the right thing. Historic tax credits are
absolutely essential to do these sorts of projects. Today, it has a roof and we’ve
got five penthouse apartments on that roof. We have two commercial
spaces in there, we’ve restored all
the floors, we’ve restored all the
paneling, we’ve recreated all the trim that had buckled. It’s important to you know
attract people back to the city and keep people in the
city because it overall it, it will lead to
a healthier city.

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