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Foreclosed Home For Sale Tigard, OR | $270K | 1800 Sqft | 3 Bed | 2 Bath | No Garage

Hey good morning it’s Kevin Davis Knipe
Realty ERA Powered, your Portland real estate broker I think I’m going to call
this segment foreclosure Fridays. I’m at a home on 11120 Southwest
Hall Boulevard, and as you can probably tell already it is right on Hall
Boulevard. It’s in pretty rough shape. I had a client, I’m here showing it for a
client, and they just left. Quickly! So anyways we’re gonna go in and take a
look. I’m going to show you around. A lot of people think foreclosures are a good
idea. If you’re an experienced investor they
can be if you buy it right. So let’s go take a look around.
I’m gonna pan the camera around a little bit to show you Hall Boulevard first.
Hopefully the traffic noise isn’t too much. Okay so this is Hall Boulevard. Cars
going by… A good-sized piece of property. I don’t know how well you can see the
roof on this thing, but it’s in pretty rough shape.
It kind of looks like this part of the house was an add-on just from the looks
of the foundation things like that. Let’s take you inside. And this home is actually on an auction
site called Xome.com it’s like home with an X instead of an H. So one thing I did
notice is all the trim, everything is has been removed. You can see anywhere
there would be lights is removed. All the trim on the doors… Kind of looks like
somebody decided or started to maybe renovate it and then for whatever reason
either ran out of money or changed their mind, I don’t know. This is where the
kitchen cabinets would have been. Let’s see, I think this is where maybe the
stove would have been? And I don’t know if you can see that very well, it looks
like the stove actually just vents out the floor instead of a roof vent. So that
can be problematic. Especially if you’ve got gases and stuff going underneath
your house, if they’re not vented properly. It looks like somebody started to build a
deck or rebuild a deck off of here and then stopped. It’s a little bit of a
reflection so I think I will walk around outside. And then you’ve got a neighbor
here that apparently likes to collect things. It’s a good sized piece of
property. My guess is it would be probably be better to bulldoze it and then build
townhomes or something like that. Here’s one bathroom with a shower. You can see that a
lot of times with foreclosed homes, especially in the wintertime, they’ll do
what’s called winterizing and they’ll actually put antifreeze in the toilets and
turn off all the water. There is no electricity in this home so right now so
if it gets a little dark I apologize. Here’s one bedroom. Wow! That is a purple! Got a nice big
closet though. It looks like a lot of the windows have been updated in this home. And then we’ll go into this area here.
This is the one I think was an add-on master. Nice big closets. Just that it’s a
lot quieter in this area of the house, so I’m guessing it’s better insulated. This
house was built in 1940 originally. 1,800 square feet. So it’s got a 480 square
foot basement in it. Let’s see, I don’t know if you can see this very well. It’s
pretty dark. This would be the master/ main bathroom, and again there are no
cabinets. Got a big walk-in shower. And this is an interesting room. So hopefully
you could see this pretty well too. l love the paint job! Somebody took a lot
of time and effort to do that. I would have chosen a color other than green,
but that’s just me. Okay, so here is the basement. And this is the part where you
say “Hey, don’t go down there!” because that’s usually where the dead bodies are
or the zombies or whatever. But you know what? I am going down there. I haven’t
been down here, my clients didn’t want to go down here. Some pretty steep stairs. Okay,
interesting… It almost looks like some of the kitchen cabinets were taken down
here. I’m not sure what? It looks like the laundry area.
There’s the hookups for the washer and dryer, it’s been tiled… But it’s on a
raised surface. Huh! Interesting. Got an area below the stairs. And I should
have brought… Oh ,here’s where the furnace would be. So, you can’t see that anyways. It’s
too dark. And then there’s a whole ‘nother room down here. Looks like somebody was
doing some work on it. It looks like that’s maybe the main, the water main? I’m
gonna have to get some lights for my camera. There in this the access, so this
could technically be a bedroom at some point. Okay I don’t think you can even
see that. so… Well, no dead bodies, no zombies,
no homeless people living in here! Here’s a good look at the stairs going up.
They’re steep and narrow! So we’re gonna head back up… Alright, so I’m gonna put
some links below and if you like looking at foreclosed homes let me know. I’m
happy to show them. I’m gonna put links to this home, you can just go there, click
the link and it’ll bring up this home. And if you want to see it,
just click the showing request and I’m happy to show it to you. Subscribe
below if you like this sort of stuff, and I’m happy to continue showing you
foreclosed homes. They’re always interesting! And that is a huge tree! I
don’t know if you can tell the size of this tree, I’d say it was probably four
feet across. So there’s one and here’s another one.
Not quite as big. Both of them right on the house. And then like I said, there’s
the neighbor who likes to collect things. He’s actually got a container in his
yard! It’s just behind these bushes here. Nice big barn.
So anyways, please click the subscribe button and in the comments let me know
what you think about my commentary. I’m working on getting better at it. In the
meantime, enjoy looking at homes! This is Kevin Davis Knipe Realty ERA Powered.

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