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Flat no 205 206 ( Horror Film )

Yes, I am alright Alhamdulillah I hope you are fine Yes Yes Yes Aunt with this cheap rent, i got this beautiful house
because of that, i am feeling great Yes Yes It’s ok Aunt, Assalamualaikum Get those things inside Yes yes. Put those things right there My payment? Payment is too much less can you make a little more higher? just go go go a little more just go I have given enough a little more just a little just a little more, just a little yes? are you new here, brother? yes, you? me? i live here in this building for a long time I just came here to see the new face because after two days, your face will be seen on the news what does that mean? You will understand Yes friend getting out just wait for 10 minutes Mujtahid Alam: Where can i find Haunted House in Dhaka?
if anyone knows please inform me Kamrul Islam Kebu: There is a house inside Mirpur, i don’t know the exact location,
i just remember the flat number. May be 205 – 206. That flat is haunted, i am sure Fahmi: Bro, i saw your comment in Facebook. You have written about a flat.
I am interested to know about the matter. If you have any information, i can collect some evidence Kamrul: I don’t know much, i just heard that from my cousin.
What i can do, i can send you his number and facebook id, you can talk with him directly. Fahmi: Thank you brother. Please provide me his contact details,
that will be helpful for me. I will contact with him. Hellooooo How are you? actually we are a peranormal investigation team we come here to investigate a paranormal activity many of people suggest us that there are some haunted houses in Old Dhaka City some of them are also in Dhanmondi but someone suggested that.. can you move the camera a bit? okey, no problem can not capture the full so, we are here in Mirpur here we heard that a flat is haunted and almost everyone knows about it. That is.. flat number 205-206 is that alright? 205-206? Yes Yes Yes 205-206 so, we are here now as a team i can see the comments coming as well. Let’s move to upstairs to the flat what are those comments, can you read that? 1st comment is from Mr.Rofiq hello everybody..best of luck okey, thank you so much what did this guy say?
a mobile charger pin with small size ? a mobile charger pin with small size? sorry, we dont have any small mobile pin charger we have a selfie stick if you want that we can give you yes bro, we are a serious team. We are moving for an investigation we are real, not kidding no we are not This matter is so damn serious now this is the serious incident because we are heading to that haunted house we are almost there Flat number is .. check by yourself 205-206 and we all are excited okey keep prayers bye and our.. after doing investigation after that we will return and don’t forget to like comment and share yes (Y) Thumbs up Hey, Adnan right? yes brother oh, nice to see you here how are you brother? yes, good okey brother, my investigation team hello, i am Fahmi shantu, my cameraman Mitu, My sound detector and Tonima Hi and my overall partner nice. full team is here Yes Come inside yes brother, sure haha, that was the good one By the way. Tonima i think your face is known to me Did i see you anywhere? why this question suddenly? may be no okey, forget it what you guys actually know about this flat a lot of things many things has been rumoured about this flat okey once i heard someone sliped over floor in Toilet and died don’t laugh, it can be real i just told what i heard i don’t know what they heard, she can know the different story what do you know? i heard that this building is built on cremation true true it’s serious then yes brother, too much serious, too much out of the level i heard another different story okey once, a couple lived in this flat. All of a sudden, husband found out that
his wife is having affair with someone else. okey okey then husband killed his wife full of strange incidents happened in this house this is so pathetic after that, this house is haunted as we heard hmm, true don’t laugh, this is true wait wait.These are not the real stories I know the real story, i can tell you what actually happened here at the beginning of this building, after few months later a woman jumped from the roof and died really? yes. this is the real story if that woman jumped from the roof then what is the connection with this flat? that’s it i mean.. because that woman.. lived in this flat, lived in this flat yes..exactly lived in this flat yes..yes..lived in this flat are you guys do the investigation seriously? or making fun of the whole thing seriously bro, don’t you recognize us by our faces? we are real investigator, did you check our facebook likes? when we come to live, we get too many viewers we live with ghost all day and night what you guys are doing? brother actually meaooo what happen? okey, excuse me i mean, tonight what is the actual plan of yours if you guys share with me actually bro. i need a small break sure, proceed hey, let’s go with me, you know this is ghost’s house
i hope you understand yes, okey.Let’s go why you guys go alone, you will need me to cover you guys Tonima, look there! Tonima! Look at there! AAAAAAAA what happened, what happened?? Tonima? Tonima? What happened? What happened brother? what happened? why tonima is behaving like this? What happened? Tonima?? Ohh Shit! what will we do now brother? now i realized where i saw tonima’s face where brother, where? in this house, in my nightmare we are in big danger everyone, please leave this place now Let’s go we are trapped we are trapped?!

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