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Flat Earth LogiC “Comments in Review” #1 / THE TRUTH – OPEN TOPIC

lead is a tea tasting to phone the night ’cause I decided to start a new series that you may notice if that will be called the fighters logic comment and received that the Sandinistas obviously size
four D a few fighters there’s a home or stationary cursors the natural
home as a very few that are
going to actually have a
conversation about this and that
I’m realizi comments that could acquire
where they can find any evidence on but more
importantly of the decided to attack the plots now on I know how to
roll I was never a having a site near a station at
home I actually did come across
a on the NT they did and it was
actually a really the interview how science works how how time to heal from 10,000 years ago toll now have
changed how things are we
perceive have changed because of
that time in technology sprees
and the that’s your own breakdown no 20 years ago that we will do so
through the day the Sellers to the home so they can use it that
you guys before we start home is
going to be very short and sweet
is not the beaver launching w since a lot of manage the dancer was a
farmer that’s either from masses to four tie doing an omelet and I was actually one
pundit of excitement for this
new series only doing the job
farmers, maybe like how, will suffer as with such a moment, when heat
off just like I do as the
institute also be bob hope
you’re still here you better be
here, the rat was some underwriters are a lot of Knowlton many students
are the homes of social and the
Kings who is obvious in a
blocked Chris the home will also
see y even after 2 1/2 years the wall street the section of
first, actually talk to our room
for and that was everything I
thought would be the ones that
one is up Barney my friend we’re
going to have questions for you on will do that right after this
home loss of the table than nothing to do that for the
moment, so the Syrian didn’t
survive see it that the law was
up roles on my committee looks
and time, startles announcing all
know that of the tighter searching no way it’s
flat , not provide evidence, one to that are help us understand I’d
know that a lot of times of the
iron out to the solicitation
that don’t need tires evidence and more because
there isn’t any and all we’re
doing is trying circles so what
am I to do is I’m going to 1.
out lovable foul seas are really
coming from and also would only
do is is make it very clear that
is far that will be told how wide the
interaction with fire fares that
they decided a one to come on in
and prove their opinions are po looks upon the idea started to
see their than what is up, always could
see were from the route list is
just get this done on what I
said it’s just the form of an
inch we that it actually can be found on
his whole idea of the spoke to
us along trolls on one being
over at D of the hells it called the
forgiveness the marble slab that
teacher fire football blocks
anyway that the home and I started doing is actually
started uploading are not one
side Schering miasma strings or
uploads dual but fires, they
spoke the happened if it is the chief Russian argument for
wild wondering, but suddenly the
All-Star to two than the eye of
thought that I found it to be wi Jerry entertaining ’cause some of the things I’d that are
saying I’ve actually never
encountered to move with face each was as a whole yearly lire Le that’s the whole of romance, that what this is because of us
get into it like that the idea of a month, coupled
with a citizen state over home I
should add two things going on
the title for maybe a few
comments still and couldn’t hear them as one of the case of medicine the selected did the upload was
the restoration and a thoroughly
the city like it because it is said the lease it is I’d like to
she’s couples compared to my
life and Solaris why did you
like to premiers and should the this upload of all vehicles are
ever done that for the kids than
a better idea reactions Jalisco
has told the first one, as are
sure to override of the bombing
is a baseball than the first, about wilson’s
comment on the message of black
outlasting some of you guys know
my turn around care but the cell that people may not want their
last names on you to sell and
market them out so that is why
that is the case the west edge
on sa lost me at universe talk about
the Dinah in the adolescents and
knocking off the sitcom and
kissing from means the
university le though this is the part where
all the start letting you know
that this is have a no slack those disguises to be space so
someone stars that never changes
the end Stephen and close system
teeming with wives them above them all of the label
to communicate reasons saying
that several of creator of
creator your suffered from them
becaus not not really a firestorm of
the thing is a little finger
from the home; this is the civil
war one USC the Russian have
discuss the LAN says that there’s a flat
gold has no evidence so what are
whatsoever fighters evidence you
try to repeat you should try toss it out what no evidence
really not the Kaye sent you know it’s like that’s evidence that springs
lunar eclipse is offered in
evidence that snow that right of law of
the lunar eclipses it’s it’s
literally the piece of evidence that we all observers that the TV people and fighters me the longtime science of this
where people, jump around to
different topics and not one of
the swatches that little too fast lane is
what is not flocking five. But a that’s a file their ActiveX one would be the golden or see his mother for your eyes
sinking ship only people with a
dog in the flight in the ones
that have informed the sticking
to tormentors 7000 miles their
system 700,000 to 7,000,000
miles the need to use a context of a
one-under so basically, asking
for evidence and the first thing
as mop is basically how come that if we win on the where able
to use a telescope to look at and see the photo
that the tea can see the landing sites of
the Apollo missions so if the than does have some context and
reduces would talk about everything you know about about
it to the side and think about
it that’s about it to you really
think you’re on a tear sheets pl that still expanding into space
of 1,000,000 miles in all the
cosmos goes right along with us
in perfect harmony that Norstar
ne that you I don’t if I don’t even though say nothing I know that about what he does it was
dropped so I turned the city are you saying
you don’t understand the 2120
foot area to win a free seminar
to win 39,000 losses is hard to
s the where you were to one start
up a second opinion on pear shaped wrong wildly wrong 60,000 miles on its
actually 66,000 then it takes about a year so up
with all these things he’s
making news conferences sound than one trouble but
realistically he just before I
bought it on so, shows were his
knowledge is about about how
things work tha home machine to make good stuff
that you that if you understand
how measure, measure the Norstar
move that would make Boeing pla that a nice it is back found
observations by overtures not
just mass of any of your claims,
with evidence or just a mile of
the the home and some other guys
jumped in which ways are
spending on Virginia mean on to
their next to the defendant, was
a sea and that the city were often
hear up to Mrs. Had a seizure
gold card than no distances won the one
who said it’s a parachute in on
textbooks to its wobbly on the
saxes and you’re not taking the
bal and the tse the fruits of this funny part
the law of final footage which
will be starring in the mix one
home in the next 10, show a second and if you
want to jump onto the sales
while walking to the home basically we go into this for
wall that home again this like
little 5 to 1 make it seem as is
offering caving in spending by
the the end of the definitions for the now you can see it as too
small but trust me they’re not
pull the purcell’s to the same
thing is actually has to
different m D spinning for rotating not given around the sun
networks than one fast for Sunday to a
file of footage was he is actually hear all the good that no one was
goes off such businesses would
happen if you basically select
those home again I’m rushing through to get
to this guy and the guys on this
panel but the more importantly
the smoke test around to see us to
go but this is my favorite part of the fact the 16 the difference was free to
pursue not do this right to that area though that in this
business hours and the pitching for children that mean because they’re then
we’ll have them do that and the
union of the movie is limited to us to
see if the one used issues like this,
said the home -day so again their promises is actually vote
of the video that I’m talking
about this is a new investors
and one home again on them a little bit
was nothing to offer not only to
convince this is thus is a whole actually be the
story she binds whole new series
on to do so again of our body in the chat site of
folks out of fact, foliage the
home site to make some their old
claims without thinking it for Joe pieces of you guys are truly
fan boys don’t understand for
science at all so might even
call the local study study the
prope that next knocked flat earth
years by the way ’cause the
ship’s don’t exist the view that is to our diets to
real research chain actual are
standing in the actions of crux of it so
again that’s the masses question to him at
least , maybe at the times when there are those close to
anyone who believes is BS where the file that show some
evidence the truth for something that says that a
new domain gravity was for rolled out as otherwise
on my friend all you do a song
like, racer Riley and enlist
other five worst content
creators the Sanchez I’m not an odyssey asking where
your sources said from Asia to
know is coming from this
otherwise you would be the Sam
Boyd that doesn’t understand for
science team would be denied a global
one you would have zero
understanding of how science and
or perspective would be working
that is again before teammate,
said that re that so again my response was
that interest and science are
yet you don’t understand science
clearly the apartment of a study being
applied in top confusing than
what is it down workforce in
which all have of survival and
repeata Joe again home the holder breast don’t expect
any answers for the dow work
force to be legitimate again the
two sides are really begin with,
sa that it’s the same ship tours of
king something that’s been said
in in shown to be wrong though
some time so that it at this point though you
provide evidence were just
opinions he says water can be
used as a witness this every
time you orioles Rivers and water stores
the institute or fall school
wouldn’t exist that in you that,
long before in the proper cells
on waterfalls annually cups, manage the bay and home but here’s the
most important part about this
than debt and are doing the
homes you guys understand that
when y is not all itself so when you
say and water can you please
start defining the ending of water would be on
otherwise you sound just like a
enough to recalled as a wire
vendors are optimistic to tell us about slight by basically explain it
to Thomas alone is founded fires
claimed worse , it doesn’t even make sense
than walk in space, just the
same damn thing then again I
passed him again with your
sources for gr living now than he that subpoena for the lecture
magnetism that could push down
not a pull down ended in an
article just came out where the
they’ve that provide a source because
you’re wrong and exist. You’re
wrong unless you are provided
this worst when you told me
about the you know what electromagnetism
is the most look for miss the show
is not a push down for speech
and th five row for a look up with 2 minutes
and then come at me was that
this uneducated up with that me
was that only if you take a
negati that can prove once worse than
saying Newton was thrown out the
other fact that my fear part that’s close to anyone that are sacked the hope that my channel
newtonian gravity is not only
talk to fly to this day team to claim you have actual
evidence in researching research
knowledge then be can you are
what else can you the light
sources or explanation is stand Boyer
creepy info and someone tell me the show is
clueless Riley, reserve brush and she is
in may and may make that all the
reason I ask me see if you have
looked up with the madness and that in that much if you look at
this, but I looked up to just so you understand the
little man that is an say a pulled down or pull up
forced to description of basically
amounts and for all looking
briefly Naprosyn and ideas and
products of marinated the old
along himse that the corrections that which
these forces were applied that
none of these forces to be our replied that used on
the way you perceive them let out which thus the
realization of this that is why
the South Pole reasonably been
doing this right now you need to understand that when
you say something like that
electromagnetism and that’s a
push down force how fast it is to understand
your don’t know which are
talking about that for that reason and not
taken seriously shown me that force were little
money to the makes any damn
sense to replace gravity into one
again. Joe I thought would be done I
thought he was seated out, but
he kept going to essentially SMS comes in is
talking about it, it is the sea
island go to those links because
you’ll need to the lesser Joe Foss is for life from the
city you’re never understanding
understand so you when you are
right hand how can I miss the
fact and manner to get on their
regularly are if the sole
baseman Sid was allowed are you
write really were just running
away without that’ll be sharing this on my
leg up to a football faced with
in this announcement is this a
long beach and I want us to be
here Terri Jo basically on lasso of
the way by default the accessory
kit saying only that it might
not be I thought that has been
not was based on common theory
that’s that was rendered false
what does that mean about the
experiment all you need to some critical
thinking there if you can I don’t know what that even talk
about and say anything about six
permit and more duty the slices through talk about
uses review article from oracle
you talk about you can provide a
source that and tea and that’s
up I know that the news talk to who
he was parenting from home basically that’s pretty
much it, I would love for
incoming and descendants of the
home basically everything else
and here i Teresa positions of the u.s.’s
might call it than nothing but with a logical sense
to rule the thing with a
dedicated the Connecticut guess I would
say that owns 22 points are so few
guys might continue to a dual comment on my of my post: the mind of all that
don’t the condition of the deal I
cannot than that of some continued in
the nicotine to learn and understand the everything I can honestly tell us why I actually get a file that I can see the gentleman in
an icy lot of the yes on one of
the things I do see some awfully
saying he’s lying the please le that I’d hoped to tell me it’s
this link your loan me a call to
check teams: opens up on the intercom
joins anyone to come on, but on
flat out lie you do have floor
if you are willing to come on
the with the select and seed and to give the same as the articles
I’ve seen this before does not the thing you and thus leaving
prison by and for four more
logical people one is closer idea that I needed is a nice idea , read all of it are they using a
home that june the article on the edge of the sieges of the problem of the
home of the games, falls in the lines
of trying with an uncle, on
their doing some geoengineering
is now the main area of doing
this the home the core of greater
east on that’s what they call
bleaching so it’s basically are
dying off to some time off its
going I call the bottom lot more
homelike distrust in different
but I know most of the technical
term for a year to Suchinda
don’t kno than pump the water from the
ocean for the fed up into the
race june that that’s one method that’s
one of 51 years that I would say
is a good lesson as innocence on
the external no detectable is ci that issue I have is that
they’re also going to a tee time to do on some know what then the connection
and seizure full than I had all the prepare for
this the wrong tonight is only to fall that was
when I was gonna go numb, call
six sides day was like I am
going to the huntsman phone that it was I the tunnels I just loved it and I’m a piece of
light of the time of life than one as I don’t think there
are 0:50 and defend themselves I know Ali I know you’re down to the tune of one talking about
either 10 years and then the funny part
is I just went to what are the
four, is a solid hits they don’t
like the ice on the job, so one the right so it’s all because then you have to
defend his claims to the work that way the one
farmer stopped and could the eulogies of the ultimate
goal is to me see hears me
calling him out because he
called me a liar will lie in the
event that I all fine parties can assure
right now on to star TV that home and that I’ve I’ve
been a look at my contender now
this is not something a science
institute is going were backing
eve special because that that match masher bowl the shovel and
you can leave no doubt source that
says Newhall gravity was wrong
plane scientist target
feinstein’s general to the next copy of the root for the title
was sees you read that so the demand by the heralds the that, before we get into this I
can leave the home this isn’t a credible source for
it not for Jesus is incredible
source and is the time you’re
now there’s never been a time in
a get their point across that’s number one that the that for fall yet tens and
are geared to guess she’s a
reporter of the scientists and teaches the early playwrights
and staff and giving her are giving us her interpretation
of what you read that’s just
what is the thing is that that all day and then it doesn’t
throw anything out that the A.L. are the latter
part you’re the first off you are
arguing that newtonian was in
was thrown out by Simon tells it
possible spread is not real. John Riley now if Joe again the work on the LAN the concert will the apt than the skin wheeler of the name so
familiar old chase and saying it’s a
definite no one can wear under
the skin with those facing keep
saying is named them something to do with
gravity that scares me that I know is I get done
journal link that was proving my
point and I was listening to this guy
who was reading telling everyone
thought it would think that I think if I jump on the casino the disclaimer selection of
liver the one where home that the depths of hostile the fifth,
the fifth day of the tax will unleash a future
for considered that he was on my
brain so ready her question the right of the night I have a decent
understanding of what it is not
have not yet given up just
enough bills young women in the
sense I lots than that sense that’s like
saying there there’s frequency look like we can’t see
we know that are ready to act Leon strong women should remove
the fifth of this so that that
said could we see Europe, notify: call it that had been an explanation for
these dimensions and why we
don’t see them to the alley on a fifth that will my my question was
more to the user a correlation Ortiz its
own notes not have an ax of the
way I saw was the home were of a number of talk about
the mentions in inferences for
the fourth dimension the law but
is not something we’re able to
ob that there’s also these
licensees that we can see to it than see now we only know
what we observe it will be no
less reality is based on the
fact that the selected kids are
red n was covering someone could I
have anything to do with
commission can see the low we can see that the
courage to perjure space, we
don’t see that the EC affects the union vote, Judith brame and
officially had to say that if there’s enough already
found the that’s a file and Joe, because
most of the fifth and off a
portion that the Girard the loan that where the kid that you
would have to say what that getting a hand is this
something we know but not
focused are there, flying over
something, actual flying over
something tha kick the can I see if I see your
point that I, you were to say
right now you’re the kit that your top are you
talking about than its second season as upset that he
is to update the literally just listen to
this last night and everyone
should refer to as those
findings talk about are you
talking about tha passed future thing on the one
that works- take the basic and then if the that’s before about to go backwards and
wanted to go for it to say that
secure talking about Maxwell the problem is is that frequency that leads to that year, adding a couple
things together right now
Maxwell that that’s not really tugs at the test if that’s not a star get that no anno Maxwell, that if the site that no to the plea than that that the actually use you are a sight
to see in your time’s sake of
confidence in the city center no than that doesn’t make any time at eight and the Russian, have the
muscle focuses on what this does
you actually have a lot to do
with all of a fit of all this
and fifth 5th of the living dead in
the selling its action because I
sure would decide within the
fifth home toe as a staff of about she’s a floppy and Chrysler
plant hold, head of the students
on, literally father’s rate of
five of the earth that enjoyed the story that is happen when a
socket topple said bonnie RT is our he needs
help if they’ll know if someone
disagrees with body heal the
next the convicted of the ticket and then was that the school tools that mean the meet the party could you
simplify in use a buccaneers the house and senate music set to
music, the condition that
perfect if the lead on the earth that detect and if that’s the end that if if if if if if if the people that were that your behalf of
Ali-up before valley you Gotta
remember that you’re there, the
swelling the whole different
things is time to time and the other
question for tots ton of steel maximize a comment
that guy’s name was getting from the so I can cause them to sell
than every time you as the door
of your 2¢ and he startled just limited to stop these tough if the than that the fifth off the the mall, and I do not qualified to say
that either a fifth that are right for the fifth of
the all the time and again like
like maxwell’s like really kiss
me off the same time he said Wayne get
everything I want talk about
your fifth to come down and it
could affect up the world wants to be a the homes that sold the knife
and remember how to phrase my
questions of the list but then
Martin said Michael, help me if
I’ve those asylum and grimacing that
Cynthia A a talker when I said,
as the muscles asking some
questions designed by the one
the mac that and we actually do I can’t look up a little universe than know what I’m looking at
several nowhere did, what split
and was being tried it is not so
I’ve been asking diagram to know topics to talk about and one was
talking about that really blew through a crossing
and how science explains things though she be
the Meserve, the stains on mainly won’t talk
about was the richest or as in the universe causes the plasma
ratios than a basically changes
it would bet it would better yet
change how we determined distances in
the universe all the light works in the universe
the related works. As the home that is this is feasible or is just A had no that while the processes that
stone opera, like the fifth 21
Electronic Commerce for once other than than than than this topic on just the the intuitive and if the theaters and that of the
admit the home than the data that so the users on that image of
Sharon right now so that I came across as this is,
big bird that was published by
Harvard university that’s talking about this in and
sheen in Grenada may seem as if
on this is new on-riches
cosmology on a noun, giving what
you’r the dow to sew, freezes though the south and for instance the
things that the image to sit by and sign a card from
others was the fact that home
when he came up with general to
the the way the show this was the way of looking at the clips
and that’s the point you’re
seeing how wide the ends around
some were wrong and horse of the good home that elway and then
I’m looking at this article and
again I don’t have a great are
standing of it but I have basic
gov that she wrote the shipper
rushes for their name in the callers that
were observing home are being depicted correctly and that the parent are able to do this and
laboratory that not the case to basically was being set what
was explaining it was then we
look when judges that some on a folder for flares they know it’s not so awful
flares of solar whistle and start
actually said so ones are
actually has moved or plasma has moved the fact that these call five
small the points that the rest of the right the home and thus that being said all that
changes that the terms of the
distances that we believe that
Hubbell the Hubble all that slayings are incorrect now Hubbell long worried or the
Hubble constant motion confuses
me ready because understand
house casting from us the home this talk is the sale of
universe it becomes reality that doesn’t actually change the fact that the universe is
expanding representative Thomas works out to flock to
patrol the fifth that a but that the same time science is very clear on that
and in the mix planning will we can
explain with what we have right
off Joe team that’s another thing to do
would be for the slightest
though than this is so first sense of
the statue act would be based in
new scope of direct richest
cross section explains the long
rang this topic the Pic® stars and
galaxies and quasars basically
the light we see that that the light we see that things or
their gravitational excel in a
sea of tools, revocation gravity
in his home to state what this first and
Stacy says that all for one to
all we know as rich as isn’t the
right then that they sleep revocation Lansing is
incorrect how the nose at City Hall feasible
that or is it the Dorset the religious observations than
explained that someone else’s
view of it that they and that is sold in what we’re
looking at Reno what I’m looking
at right now this and be the
same can be the equivalent of on
the ro time and in Indian State of
Centinela wheeler their their whole only uses only won the that your love for relief from that, the same are we looking at
the same my fear radical science objects and it’s they still look
is an update of and that offer that so they cannot see
the snow and icy looking at now
some of these issues I had last
night on that explain its oldest
a not just not enough rain and
obviously on but to understand
what point are so Stephen that knowledge and his heart
from a home thus, why I
highlighted the thing I decided
on there’s no need for big bang
inflation d can’t just like there’s no way
is to say the role of things out
everything still works right to stop can’t do that would like
to set possible that the team than take that the real half the workers that’s
already know if there if jack Levin it’s it’s it’s more of in the that than the twin lake could call a physics
be considered them than that it doesn’t have to be it’s
what it’s the gold pits aside
going on out why we need to know
about, Cooley one of the than
one than everything in the future
becomes that much easier to predict another stand there are one of the DNR officials
felons and found a way and I would say
she automatically but again it
urges picking this is a as a
numbered at being that striving
for to the seems like there are half
to one 5th set this thing you can see how
you say all but how can you
think are you saying artificial
intelligence and trying to
correlate that the Parker, but because of
what might I can’t grab which
are saying because of its you’re
saying are in Weimar to bring in where Siemens trying to become machine just the stuff locking fury us the
fifth pick up a Swiss Company
fifth you’ve not distorted and
it’s not that the raiders four visit since the Fuhrman
were receiving and that’s, like
the majors is missing and trucks
and what are we even supposed to
n the everything and that’s what
we do we strive for knowledge like a nuclear bomb if that’s alright phone that the the on the talk about that in that the site construct their sole
contractor that of all the millions are ever written
out that could have than for
more events and you are now in
to the point where we basically
are re the caveman to the Easley, Cindy shiner use the
human race and starting over in
an idea of doing that the
speaker, right the only that the that is, also of the reason for
regulating it and having
treaties and one of your readers
listen to that pressure science
does the funding parts I mean to four
are proceeding turn off and if the tree to you when you don’t
want an exact answer to the path the word short know we need short because
I teach, no Shearson up in a
nonstop stopped and thought the
weird shop is two things and
viewe one ally, the some questions
that are the lecture will then ask that
mean I’m talking like that of
the semester that more to
understand that but you can’t do that but
it did what you can say explain
everything slender stand the
online stream because the sock it to work their signing for a single
digits to understand you’ve done
without really good base will
beloved for tour for a party to explain
I know and understand that on
the many here, but Israel some
of the mission shoot someone be
lik , I’d than to know that because
the fight over the Internet right this is head of the IP the up to its to dispatch, Holliston is
that for all of the june issue would be something
has to happen for something else
that happened to something else
to happen that the cert chain reaction that Sarawak and that we use
that does you change reaction to
compare to the pitching debut chain reaction time to stop that our guys I’ve done I can do to
have to spend 15 minutes of falcon
keepers and I have no clue even
we’re starting a massive
question which is kind of why I
was like you , and the close of the fifth home than in and this is that his wife or your talking
earlier Maxwell home and now the
national can I can just see you
back and turn right and it makes how to certain aspects of like the
worst of it is important to
sizzle of allege what the city
and magnetism that the Cessna
question the the needle, can be than you can make that seemed
charmed more readable form
asking that it apart and everything to them that’s an end and does at the NIH ID I
don’t do to give it the fifth ms
walk that’s why he can’t- though those that this investment of one part
about the ones that don’t that can go back and passwords
on them can you tell it is on that but they so that the way that I thought it
was understood is that the home because are able to convert the
oracle of the first time as you
said there could you home or there’s the reverse its that’s the orchid would you do
is tell if this was basically
home when it came too late for one
example is a letter said was
basically orbiting the home way we were and son that which is Dennis Fong to a
question on the way and
therefore was run some guy came to censure leeward
first time than the Simpson way of explaining
that he would do the same thing that there’s a question how we know that wasn’t
something that played a factor
in the past that couldn’t predict in the future
for instance the home that you’re going around some
work we do work inside the home,
we know the 1,000,000,000 years
ago to begin to Erskine Bowles told a there didn’t win that so we’re going back in
the past that not work than saying tell the women say about due to
orbiting for how green and go
backwards that the committee to the prediction
of the of what can happen not knowing that some may not be
something that can’t be maybe
the subcommittee that happen that the home because when those
listeners and explain it, seemed
as if home a lot of sciences
predictions are based on whether
or not it to the report to do
that no turn gives you the just
tell the d the verse in the time or says the war at the twin the tibia than talk of the actors than that said that sat more of a director of the season is no difference
between that is the this is all the the
theoretical division of the loan
back in time for some in the
differences of time actual turn back the same if we could you would
see that same or what we would use a Perot or care of their rope to the off thus, general to the hiccup that’s that’s a concept of there
should be there could be a multiple others of note that the
review also will free up
emotional realities like this the way our every situation
playing out as the number is not
you’re going back and that
enticing again but it’s it’s and to prevent the comments a
call the move to move its shoe purse strings
it’s a super string that sits,
no one is super string theory
it’s the combination of super
cemete and ginger that just to you guys so fifth
5th against NT of the debate perception against
other ones owns perception than the on the toiling at the Montreal do
you agree with you that a fifth
of all the great conversation
between two people that we’re
tryin that one up the fifth that’s the
sliced government on that and the musher with dimension are
watching fist which has no
crushing there was no fate
dropping their own user the loot the day when it’s so if
someone someone says the way to
soldiers and their opinion and
someone else gives their opinion
tha as it , and he contacted the deny on the
walls that I was there to closer than if we hold a town that’s not true of
the saint of the debt and all that is not
true at all , that’s not what you just said
is not true said you’re the only one look at
the winter non buyers, I noticed
so what I remember that one of the
precision was there that fifth
and an tender say just panicked and
ally with the fifth memo,
tearing up the coliseum I know I
promise you I and for less biased than you are . What I know this will be sure about that you do here are some exact ago
but that was a stupid question
because on Friday that is the
fact that the you’re telling us
your opinion right now in your
sync on a fifth and hoping so the pain of how is it that you
were the only non bias or send
in the city were the words you the only nine
bodies person listening to their
conversation that it has even the person you’re using
even the person you’re popping
up right now to see anyone see
it that way that when they make you buy this
as you’re looking for Montreal and the bars with the sea and if there’s a thing is
that that isn’t what it is a man
of the problem is that Montreal
montreal’s idea of how things
wor there like it’s for not the
Saint Joe they’re going to have the scripting answers and were
all the shows they don’t come out
the same again the army doesn’t think your body
straw poll that her that her
daughter also questions the the body answer questions that too was to Montreal
satisfaction were not what
playoff with the Montreal with
press charter but at no point
was montreal’s fresh and body nor was the army
for sheen Montreal they know
they’ve been literally had a
conversation that wasn’t trying
to win the day of that and work though army’s the
wind up by him to the fifth the that at the same time that are only showing your body
is free now their bodies and dense to Bali
do not see that the that a bomb on the eight stop its focus to
dinner party why do you feel the
need to go against everything at
falcons had a total system OK Tedi the fighting force all
could be the fifth and Montreal
did not pursue in a place where I think breezed up
days, some purpose preacher and the desk as to how he was
freezing that you are a lot of the octet
you’re floating that was liked was like it was
like a buzzing like you need not
trunk but buzzing day after the
dust that it was was wasn’t titled winter day what I’d like
to tell when certain parts
Montrose saying certain things what he was seeing what he can
get out of Barney that the
notice that but the same time
Montreal does have a respectful
attitude really come off like a asp
holdings, but I need Ali then contacted the very
refreshing you haven’t yet when
I call a profession in thin end
of triggering so I could see
that’s why the Nokia and based on your
opinion that makes you buy is
the key to its a site say your
bias saved the late Al your
biases floc you do it if you do in the Allies on a there there are different reasons for
what you do and I can tell,
because I’ve known as the one
you want no one can say right
now you’ the way the last 10 years now than when he will be general you
do so would call it 24 were playing nice and you
also can no that made it clear that glad
that put the idea that your fifth to do that again I can tell the good will is this a team that affect a tea I don’t
think you’re you’re sitting
there plotting and the one I’d
like to go all gets time I meant
that that day when that should remain
you gonna do it even if he were and we go to the
sake of the notoriety this upward as
rider for one, starts
contradicting yourself and when
you ask questions on that team
kind of nut kn them you’re talking about a
topic on whether not need some
interest or you try and find
that the Intel the woman when I sent it to us
yet than lose muscle I apologize to two and the fifth and look under the weight OK to
deny that against the way I said
it you have a one way of wanting to
know and then once a senior at
that’s what it’s there is not
going anywhere for on pressure
you , a senior at each role that not
the troll teacher control the
the area in them is a difference does you
don’t do that role like that
when you to decide that achieves
sums happening in such file and
shou you don’t the link will not call and not
saying you don’t roll your police like you to the way
from how you feel about it and go somewhere else and start
writing are something that’s
something that’s just one moment
but that’s one thing that I do
res that we have your ideas about
she works and that you know
makes more press to those that you
don’t troll like you don’t see
know your own stock in Riley
their police the temple did you know what
matters for controlling that’s not even exciting
possible standoff and that’s you can: two CVO Garcia you go
to a hole in the parish for rate
the second than go buy it on the King Cole
that will measure the atmosphere
of pressure for you in your face so the whole thing would like to
know what is he cracked, like I
would like that’s not even worse indicating
that really the key points and lines this for all the same way up of balloons are
ball when they’re in a
underwater wants to pop up the proportion to the holders to send the jury that is that of the few, if you that
if you are one of those all a
balloon and you squeeze the tree
and what happens that I can’t worry now because
is like street people talking
but Ali Ali the late, but the actually actually I was
going to say those going to say that you are no say something Barton
on details going to say Ali
please contact your explanations into Parks told that it’s not
the 15 minute ally rant that will be the whale be either I get the
idea that I’m a sucker often a
sucker on duly notes on and on
Monday talked and pick up of the game when the bit to cap the temperature
because it’s in our case than it
is, which provide reno’s
announcement to home than reinforced its with hot the atmosphere moisture and made
a desert, that will limit its that’s not
just is listening is is that
it’s not just how the modules are in the
atmosphere it’s a circulation of
things from sings a song the races of Laffit T’s happened
to the Florida case all this is
everything would be caught in
the county’s gravity was RE the seven which is for a pick up
the decimal will that that separation the right decoration and rain , it also as that, as if it is operate and
operations and as well what about in Alaska or part of the worst that Dr. That goes against everything
you’re saying it’s your showing that that’s as a ferry call the
area and the very top places
that do the same thing though that the Moon, the gates that all matters are the key to take that than if than that it would take them in the know you’re talking
about part you’re talking now
know you’re talking about
particles the lineup as if you
say nothi that was Alice anger than the toasty particles that that do not confuse always
the house they ate on the madam john mean they should be going
into the cold and ground as you
it’s not that it’s the arms but we also have
gravity in and because of the
gravity its full name, says all
the more dense that also Sewell
you get that what we type of civic Levi Percy of that the me that if you go look at if
you go to this town to any that the Ins thing as a man does
not on the bottom of the valley
have sought no stop everyone far
to stop is I’d actually just g john , four young chap I have never seen one for all be
disrespectful the lessee is you talking should
stop unless you do that stop
while many times the sitting
here in the chat calling the
shots th this issue being a flocking
Astros on to stop the fed may conversation was all
I know he’s a NASA for most of
the reasons so stop than anybody left the Kinchen
fills a need to be so
disrespectful that he was telling you that the missiles the keynote issue me the part of
a constructive respecting people
who should get as than 10
neophyte the one you to be
talking l though, if the government jet members of the PLO, one of a
conversation with something
Shawn block the apologize only and will and
Barney what I’ve read enough and
it really gone one step ahead of the none of them and
let them know I am literally and
I have not paid attention to you
people in 20 minutes password on care what you do
right now I get small and should
go on continued oxygen on its
ally the eye and I am personally
taken myself out of the string
for now and I’m busy to you on
with the ever that died I know you don’t need
to be defended your calendar for
itself I know that this and says
that’s when anybody on the fol this respect in your pocket
waiting to come out that every flocking argument
that’s going to make you look
like it because flocking a soul
and distributes you get to seize
it person who sees it and says, all
downtime that slider that would
show that 91 trial is in a
circus of love for doing a
senior, c I really don’t recall go on the
reality of it is up shows go to
the needs and you’re cheating as
I could hear it in jose’s count home feeling that you want you
to sure the offer doesn’t go home is as an active that away a surcharge that you
need to go into your salad the
options of your computer than
turn your shootout or sold your load and member
hour edition of the U.S. Atty. Home could answer is that going
going from alter the the DOS and I like to the day the old ones to talk to us on
that a run of your data that you hear him this morning
she’s not debatable doesn’t have that he plays the game easy he’s
gonna come without you that
every semantic argument he can see the doesn’t tease the early this without
these are the only fighter for
that exists that zero zero theory idea of how works
them till he needs it that don’t you realize like he’s
so I can say that or I may never
make a comment that he steered a
touchy teas are you we’re here to land the lives of one punch and said
that such a fifth of that she thinks into the them than that letter presuppose
argumentative like you’re in
preschools and I can say that,
you’ll have to say the fed doing
at home and the facts the act the act that if you get a red
marker then you give a black marker there and never no matter how
much of the Unix falls to cover
does not want for how long
you’re not gonna get wiped than that’s reality that it doesn’t work is an
experiment doesn’t work that strong test or not that’s not the same that’s
theirs for meetings that they
would have different units are a
fraction which weekend that and
testin the than it takes that you takes a
Saint James situation happened
is about to happen in the past and enabled them
that’s the view that certain
than that is the present the rigid
glass and that no pain is it
that the median is the same in
the overstock and that’s a
fraction is other optional which disobey
what the workout know that would lift the
blockade but with a glass do
without the light than a then sets the no, it is so light that’s a light for the that the viewer us your love for
says you’re saying that it’s not
the median that makes the
rainbow that in itself is saying
it a dozen others other that because of other mediums,
means that we can just above the
all that think we can recreate
the rainbow in the body in a meeting between what the
light that does that is the life
of the way look around for now you see colors you see
everything will, the delay is
the same thing that are seen as
its story cross the main
difference is this order for meetings are that it is that hunter sense
does that to the callers to see
you see because of light that now now that that class than make that
window when a polite as you can
make the rainbow without that we
get me in itself than using enou you see what do you see windows
inside the other DC Puc windows
in the sky is to know that show
us to know that you know, like a toll in the sky do not take a look again look that are
saying that if you take away
that when you do not have a
rainbow but I’m telling you look
in the that life is they’re the other
thing is that put their it’s
unfair because the ship and 50 there’s no signs are no signs of
never hurt when he wears around
Paris and compare the sheets notes the pointer by
Ventura the new bill floppy Judy said a way are you saying that he
talking about time we talk about the time
zones vs. The aid of the soul learning the imaginary son the gap to say an actuary so
it’s a little time of those childhood acted as you just for
you yet unknown to them and
alleyways sounds like you’re not
not not troubling as the fed up
wit the song that we see, we need to
hear what you said you said the
sun that we see is the gap
parents on this song that Israel is the
Fates on things barring the fifth though nope no NAFTA happened a few years on bodies to this
one the old they hold toll has to take the lead to take the paternity
test to see the summit is the fifth of the fifth that it hurts my feelings valley
panels from the ship no way that does the same way when I
say house owner includes work of
fighters and someone says the invisible been visible
object that they know is there
that the inning, since all the
Sinn fein and logical to even
try to co than there is the real son that wears
a real son when we’re looking at
it would topple and kicking off the
top of the edges, arousing that
the fact that it takes the
second grade minutes for the
sun’s r that Fountain Valley that
someone takes 8 minutes in and
some that word your face or
looking its neck and rise is
assigned that just that just means use a
passive explain and should the
fed the jazz and that you’ve been noted that a child actor else
and that the alley wonder some
relief until I got a 5 minute
rebate the way of that, here’s the thing I have a
5 minutes the replay a Korean
consul records and it saves are
you sure you don’t want to our E
t they start off by saying the
parts on that issue is not the real side the real son that is the fakes
on this ethic said frank Sinatra the genesis and upload as that
level and flapped rounded
locating in in spending but I
can stop and say that if Jesus
Christ the their right to use ms mary’s the than a few Bali is you get its
way you explain it because I it
took me awhile but I doubt that
what you’re saying is correct that’s because of how you
explained it it wasn’t good that he the whole idea: lasted half or
because I just defended you to
50 th I just said your own
rights , Eugene explained properly
which is why no one understood
which are saying house and did a
house that anything besides the
trut that didn’t find it correctly or
aren’t that all rights so, just read only you said that
for the senate for time for a rally could use edit the worst times
to four times that no one got everyone touch
or crazy exclude myself the
insane when it now know it’s
because you suck at the spinning
mean th now all I can update in the
second Ide and the second it cut
grass which were trying to say that sticking up was I doing what’s the late now you said Colby said George
after this it should you sounded
like a king or when are we
earlier date would use explain
that I all usury as the lone why
because I explained it to like
it is not like you interpreted
for I interpreted but that it is
that’s all should the Celtics planning
at the idea that because I now
see what he’s trying to say and
slice it correctly it took me 15 wrong way to submit to the wrong
[email protected] it’s right when a lot of really wasn’t enough that
you had more words and no one,
which were saying I have less words and everyone
comment that no one else did until I did
I explained it for them and actually on parent in
imaginary his old child as
compared the overtake the sun we see the
parents and the sun we don’t see
this faith is what you said
onsite imaginary underwriter and
ri the than the kid just off that put the word out that it
doesn’t make sense that I know I know because your
closet the office of the stringent and just a note of
someone said to me by some as
explain should also add to that
address the Ica class of
tentativ fifth seed another cell for the
fifth of I was superbly Z ID one
explain it smaller than the women just while 1000 years ago or 1500 years ago some better
than have been having an idea of
just in time like that so they
say that Arvin have a tougher
time that would be, as a work that time was inaccurate as
acrid to the place that is incorrect to just 10% right is assigned below and
disappear that would take the
limits for us to see that that the is the is it disappeared we
would orbits the sun or it’s like is as as as normal
as as normal as it is right now that’s a pity he’s never he’s never ties personally that person you
heard ID say he gets the
committee is a perfect number
for that distance and signed as
a referen tease the slow start this announcement
just year to year and to that the child is a change of his death
toll would that happen and you think that it’s moving
across this guy is like that
that you realize that the loss of knoll was not who
otherwise would have a steep you
can measure the steel I hope you can measure the
Steelers cells and then from the
first time they get it until
today it’s improved based on the
technolo there is intense its constant
suppose we can say that that is seeking to become the
check it than that that anything you can
get the Montreal you can get
home is into a car you can get
the tools and in the leg and
shoulde that the Ali Mahdi said that in
the fact that we can measure its the arching in Uganda like a
cardboard box the job: eight and that’s pretty
much given us the fifth that would make that’s not fair has really the what did you
think you have to say close to set yourself up the fed that he was talking to the fire
for the fifth the talk and slide the fifth as
audited the political life you
do that automatically if she could reach all to see you guys know this
can be no water a shoring up
some of the bathroom and you
guys are just can be that at that the alley bees will the killing of reader to the
bolts of the government were more than in the
can always do this and talk to when our talks than no close this tenured teacher and what it
would fall most of the used on more than that because of the videos and
the murder of the A the only to me now. But you’re
breaking up like a Motorola to the water around and redirected myself of
the army’s the younger precincts
are injured off the east bay on his Allies trained by using
beyond the joint venture of the
times and two years in the home down the road, four of us,
and check to women go beyond for you by 3
minutes the ethics of cooling and other
topics the wind or Sinatra to second that you
like to do that than I could to
the than oracle site completely
off topic and longish it never
jus the old white to black men and
someone’s bound up and look into, with about
half the mean every scientist of ever
existed then you just described science than but you just say OK with one of the site what would a science
about the one scientist to focus and that of yet another
none of this and watching others
on this tradition to get on a total cost of like the miracle, percent of gross
Tyson so will say will do after
the fifth that Ahmanson in review
again, do a folder that I’ve
seen so that he doing a little Monday
that now flows mother didn’t
want to be that there’s no, I hear on Ali the first team efforts that,
U.S. West as one of the gaming industry them to
listen to their that mean that that they’re fixed in the slot like
jelly Sean you didn’t say much today
and you try to sort a couple
times than he was in a the ones you only occurs the loan would you like to say
anything to listen to close them and the beans that have that if it does the home that Ceo Joseph unknown to
eliminate any skew the real loss
to work for you than serious
team Captain Eli and uploaded
the home the icy linemen are made and for
rush hour earlier with the same
ship the fifth the little league
and say this much ruled the dy of the third should be in here
that’s an air of 2138 on one of
the one 3rd 1:38 PM are actually be for us
it would be 2 hours that seat
opened my time if the old 8:00 AM so confused its
inherent the fifth that the new more than hour to the poll you left your others in hours on for the jet the motion seeking back to a maternal and post the
volume while you talk so no one
else talk as if you’ll forgive
below everyone’s ears out some
good on some awesome the actual amount home show that
at home are you part of my true
from one server or provocative right as a newer justices make sure when you do we are
uploads put a link in in one of
my server so I’d be either known
that see it and I can get
another the home also pretty one in the
chat show has kept his link is
in the description on suited up on the local human history suggests
looking for below current the wealthy and that’s not
really too much above you people
suppression same thing in the
stars of the sending of bull
should so than in the case of down and you will get loans and earth at home and Cindy Wilson shown you back
to you wanted, for the anyone shed a that they actually the home this case so that I knew from
bunker in each of the wallet the
fifth with a vote your own home
are you part of the tree
followin the day the home I will make AA
is bad enough and you want to
all major john reed and post all
use of that enables the sauce among resource use a no-no takes dedication and
experience here at home that so
you just never spied on my
server of Wilsonville than of
the IE me about 20 minutes and whenever
you’re ready that will be their
home in that goes for once you
have to let me know the home of offer to anyone you know what
the people’s home if you’re now
sold only when Congress fifth
home but spending stifling
hasn’t al and a designated area the fifth
sky slide down payment staff of
this book and mean everywhere
for no reason the home but
getting the Higuera I’d say 80% of his
means are flocking excellent the home the only issue I have
them is that he likes to a toast
and not in his own will tell you
after the meeting of his own pu fifth place that people like
them on to get they’ll be those
operations a few minutes and you
still are home to go into action
m no observations like he’s doing
but of the ball has the edge
over their home the night of
redwood bases the home also a chance milestones for get that if a forgettable against
the fed goes there are guys on
the 50th home clear that I am
actually going to live all save
up to and a static contact the mothers anymore because
that’ll give away the home but
look for me a couple hours on
the unless there’s a string
going on th and all if you are in the bunker
than you would like to be per
day than the panel that’s not
only live stream of recorded that me on the bunker that is
gonna be only to people about
her surgery on the buffer stock
you the fifth but of more poorly
on courted the than the sun and the
time, bound to our so don’t miss
a day but let me know ’cause I’m
gonna set up camp in a city g is not part of a first call you
to stay, and not getting but skating as relaxed braves won
the probable Curtis let me know
when I’ll see if I like yen of if it cannot ask you ask me,
like a good citizen would make a cameo
stockbroking on our own, thank
you so damn much of the school to the party
believes of instrument and
checked go to go home to be a
low bit of a few variation that
seemed to be swear to say the Mac to try to
logon prompt little off to say
about it when in the hang of
guys are prescient home all U.S.
Open because you should be in the in
and the bond penalties he’s not he’s tease
out that he’s not the end and the
pauper the home that I owe I do
want to win a blocker because
then situations like if I do
that of home a a small sinew to use called
one personal note when you see
it on good to be in the Norse on
living there, get out here on to
w into our riders on this as a lifelong
hander intranet I actually
enjoyed myself on with the
exception of a few hiccups home then I thought, went about that
the cuts and stay on, guys are
all adults that I really don’t need a
function of those I’m not here to baby sit there
like your poll ISI yards the act one for dates that very well known to be takes you are willing to dish it take it the papacy to curtail between your legs and
run average sales the care of the decide if no
one’s here still invite these
people and that they have the same
conversations and still going to
want to understand much of Joe just me not one single
person in my chat the definition are just for the
sake of it or Michael that takes one of fear that
takes what I want to understand Joe they did to his that’s how I work that I don’t
feel the need to disrespect
anybody thus I’ve been disaffected of this is just respecting some time due
to sides make you look like you
can hammer cells than insecure the kid at the small teams
problem and you’re unhappy with two
cells that you feel the need to
call every single person one that’s your way that uses look at their plenty of bucking more
runs in march at the the second the second is restful them pretty sure you can take it that solvers to the hairs reality of that’s it’s you’re going to their pitch best reality of it that are facing so interest me
pull over to go do it they think your pitch to fame in
a city like I do butcher bits if
you have to call every personal
moral and then your argument that montreux was being more on them someone to call more time is a Sean calls everyone is
talking more misses having
easels temper tantrum as you can
call or because someone doesn’t
the no one listens to ask holes
nothing anyone who has amassed
close as most of those images
taken and no one pretends that tells me want rule or any other
people that I’ve walked shown do
this to total flop with us to say didn’t
hear him Joe every time they have this
conversation that ends up with
Sean being a pitch and if you don’t like each on
don’t come here to Michael block you put on a;
you just one run and two scholar
of the king of because you feel
like flocking saying it isn’t that rolls that benefits to their tolling
Sean that’s yours that goes for anyone does if
jobs the shah was the victim of
my rent today and has been before because he
acts like a world that I can say right now that everyone should act the
same way you act face to face an ump Justin the staff 100%
speculation on that montreal’s will younger
than to shown in this show, more
on to face some of the late
father than that’s my opinion because
if Shawn said to me the LAN said that to mean cheap
U.S. Senate me the developers
and I can see much at right now
who called me and the lack of
any the that you’re someone to do
that right now with us and said
to like Sweden was ace that you wouldn’t then me to pitch that you what then more power to you as you tables vice the threat is the new like the folks for that mission control told it be
good for control juices Christ to hear that some things are
moving here the condemns the soft, creamy is that the reason so what is it home and whatnot,
and if you’re journals and the chat too often
than it comes to Linda were
acting in back and forth on the the the the new series will
be give us all into a back
again, but not the only record fill the holes,
saying the earlier and sucking
the office over your posts up
early busting think this will
only real as realistically it’s
pretty clear to me that the the June 10 of that defeat a
fire like IBM and Intel has been
on they realize that they did
nothing was a say in the canned
chil does it mean that the Mac and looking for now
attacking mean that the market
might Mitchell my comments of
the Sicily Park in Russia always
be com that in that you’re having two
suspensions that’s flat earth you really need a person should that than the simple set this up in the that the father told about those reluctant its the way shows blaming me for
something leading die by ties that was a pitcher’s mound as a guy with pink section works
how smart as he then if you can’t contain
herself for a minute to sell doing that maybe you shouldn’t be here maybe this isn’t what you should
be doing if you feel the need to screen
at the top of your longs for 15
main street while women talk
because they don’t listen to you it’s probably ’cause you
disrespect and enough people
that no one has respect for you maybe should turn a shiver rock
try it again said and done with my rent that U.S. dairy there much
appreciate the shooter once and
then again all beyond about to
enforce the home thus a new idea and look for the new grass Tyson upload that
would be weak in 10 minutes and then this stuff to wither through
these comments up idea that will
air on my show up for at home
that big things, and hopefully
you d than one major thing that you
will see change right now thus five works talked and talked all sides world’s two days wouldn’t talk fires
those rows of this wonderful into a mold and as far as I’m concerned
the Riley Tino that this is write the news for
the right engines on movie is
there like the top fighters
years that have been the same
before s that row should the only people
of arrival of relevance now that
the lights: Montreal the tax will no fires politics
or stationary people on that’s that’s the realization of
it that’s the policy of their time there to start seeing fires go
away completely from everywhere the more they have to say
without showing any evidence why
are we still dealing with it the receipts and there are the
things out pointless than 90 disrespectful about it
but tudor road thus, start calling out the bow
shooters , are used for centuries as if some call me if I can con
artist Bruce Sanchez the one just ignore it that she won some was a vocal
and specially is yours does pat
Anderson Bach and it’s flat out foliage that one of
them to zero step to the ocean , a liar shear off blocking the link is
that the joke them and not as an aside,
television and Thomas coffins to you have in
which you think the the much to join the last disrespect to
show’s host of weekly the Nikkei someone is
in a situation still let them hang themselves the GPS the right thing the skin artist mother think you
the east

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