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FLAT CAB | Authentic Intent | The Pilot (Who Saw The Curve) Episode

hey hey hey hope everybody’s doing well
this is Joshua your host for Authentic Intent The Pilot (who saw the curve)
Episode thanks everybody for stopping by and hanging out today this is the debut
of Flat Cab and our first episode is going to start
off a little more choppier than expected it is raining outside this intersection
right here lost power so it’s flashing red lights right now so we got a bit of
a rainstorm going on good to see I saw Plane Sailing in the chat room good to
see you hey Maltov, Advanced Settings good to see ia buddy yeah we’re in the
house today man it is Sunday August 6 2017 starting up a new fresh exciting
idea from the group of think tankers from the Flat Earth community good to
see everybody so we’re on our way to set up our first
meeting with our uber driver I hope they are
prepared and in store for a an exciting fare so before I did this you know
clearly you know yeah I’m nervous so this is a new venture I don’t know what
to expect so we’re live right now so you’re gonna
see it as it happens I’m on my way right now I don’t
I haven’t even scheduled the uber driver yet because it looks like they’re about
eight minutes away from being able to so ten minutes now there’s the closest uber
driver is ten minutes away hey Andrzace saves good to see you flat
earth yeah this is gonna be fun this is definitely much better than TV tell-a-vision well they’re not going to tell me any of their visions because we’re
creating our own reality right here ace Ace Mcloud what’s up
good to see you I hope you will be entertained throughout the next you know
hour and a half or so I figured I’d be able to get probably three or four
20-minute interactions we’re going to at some point head out to Lake Harriet if
it’s raining I don’t know if that’s gonna happen because I’m not gonna stand
out in the rain when I can sit in an uber car right Pay Attention what’s up
good to see it Days no I will not be driving I will be the passenger and what
I will be doing is I will be asking the uber driver basic science questions that
we all learned growing up hopefully they’ll be able to answer
because each correct answer that they give me is gonna be a $1 tip right so
they’re gonna have to earn their money IPS is a house good to see you this is
an idea that he came up with IPS thanks for your input and I added my own flair
to it I came up with the idea that it should be similar to Cash Cab where I
asked questions of the driver this time instead of the driver asking the
passengers so it’s going to be kind of a game show
esque feel so each correct answer the driver is
gonna get a $1 tip and the maximum tip that I’m gonna kind of give allow them
to have is ten bucks I mean ten bucks for fifteen or twenty dollar fare is
pretty good considering that this fare that I’m looking at for my first one is
gonna be $18.15 so that’s about twenty bucks you know and then throw on a
maximum of a $10 tip that’s a pretty good it’s a pretty good ride and so
before I you know started you know driving and everything I wanted to kind
of get an idea of what uber drivers expect from their passengers and I came
across this one video that said thirteen types of uber passengers you’ll
come across and out of all those thirteen I didn’t see gameshow or flat
earth or science questions so I hope to be one of the more unique passengers
that they will ever have and it will clearly be a memorable experience a
Cat’s Eyes mew mew is in the house Ah-Chu (I am allergic to cats – haha) we are on our way to the first pickup if
you’re just stopping in right now I will plan my first uber ride and then we’ll
go from there and then we’ll get to my location where
I’m going to be at after I ask them a series of questions like so it is raining out so we might have
some slight technical difficulties it’s gonna clear up in about ten minutes so
you’ll have to bear with us yes I am going on uber rides and we’re gonna ask
people basic junior high, high school science questions about outer space our
earth and the moon and stuff with varying degrees of difficulty so like um
so how much do clouds weigh does anybody know how much do clouds weigh
the clouds right here that are storming on me so the clouds that are above here right
now raining on me with their chemtrails chemtrail rain are 1.1 million pounds so they might not get that I might use
some multiple choice to kind of give them an idea of you know kind of let
them have a better idea of what number I’m looking for cuz that a lot of people
would probably know that but us flat-earthers one point 1 million pounds of water above me right now how is gravity holding that water up right how come
there’s clouds in the first place if the average cloud weighs 1.1 million pounds
what’s the deal with that how’s gravity holding the cloud up in the air that’s
what I’d like to know alright so we are gonna confirm our uber which should show up in
nine minutes I’ve never done uber before either so
I only know what to expect but I’m excited I think this will be
quite enjoyable just post up right here so we got about seven minutes Chevy
Malibu is our first car that’s going to be picking me up
so I’ll get prepared here with all my stuff I got my questions here on my
laptop or iPad my questions I got about 35 questions available with varying
degrees of difficulty and so I’m excited this is new for
everybody so I don’t know what to expect so be patient with me if you have any
questions or suggestions later on how I can improve we’ll talk about that after
my first ride and then we’ll kind of assess the situation together what I
could have done better what questions I should ask and whatnot and then you know
try it out again and see what the next interaction is gonna be like okay it’s
no one forget anything in the car so after this like as the day progresses
I would like to plan on going to Lake Harriet Lake Calhoun Hey split
lickety split here good to see you no I’m not well thanks days but hey I gotta
give credit IPS came up with the idea but you know we can come up with ideas
all day right and it’s until we execute these ideas you know that’s how the
establishment takes over this reality in which we live in because they don’t sit
behind a computer screen and just type up or I hate the establishment you know
and flame other people about chemtrails and vaccines and how angry they are and
they make videos you know you can do that all day but to actively go out into
the public is what makes change what causes people to think oh that’s a good
idea you know maybe I don’t have the resources or maybe the I’m shy I’m an
introvert but to take action is is the first step so yeah boots on the ground
days Rosie good thanks a lot Rosie says yes respect man well I appreciate you
guys come in here hopefully this will uh you know whether it catches on or not I
don’t you know I don’t give a rip this is what I want to do this is fun so I do
have links in the description I might go fund me page on how to send gift cards
directly to uber so I could use those gift cards to uber so they’re not
going to me not a shell you know give me a break no no I’m not a freemason
either okay you see these rings on my finger right black and white okay let’s
just clarify why I wear these rings again because I think a lot of people
may be confused and haven’t seen my previous videos what
I first started a Flatlander did you see yeah yeah umbrella well so the white
okay that’s on the left hand that means commitment to truth honor
commitment to love okay that’s why it’s on the left hand that’s purity that’s
TRUTH okay the black there you go figure that out
that’s what that means okay establishment that’s my science
right there okay you lied you lied to us that means deception okay lies deceit hope that clears it up for a couple of
people out there who message me privately and think that I’m undercover
agent okay that’s duality right there GIVE ME A BREAK!
I’ve never been a part of secret society never taken any oaths in that regard and
I never will so anybody who wants to message me and say hey you should uh you
know you should message me so we can talk man yeah so you can try to give me
your circular logic of how this reality is this and that give me a break there
you go that’s what that’s what these rings mean okay all right so we’re
looking for a Chevy Malibu that’s our first ride hey Chevy Malibu I don’t know
your name yet but I think you’re gonna probably come into my my my card here
I’m bringing my cards with me so everybody’s going to have an opportunity
to look up the idea of the earth being flat and not a ball like we’re taught in
school so we’ve got a handful of these we’re gonna hand them out to the various
drivers I plan on hopefully meeting three or
four different drivers and I don’t think you know I don’t think
that they’ll be put off by me wanting to do this and if they are then we’re gonna
wait for a new car you know most likely the the uber driver will have their
own camera in their car which you can do in Minnesota so there’s another
clarification in Minnesota I am in within my legal right to live videotape
or even just videotape them if I want as my own personal you know safety in
Minnesota I don’t actually need the uber drivers permission to do but I
obviously want to have a good rapport with them so all I’ll ask them but
legally they can also videotape me so I think this might be our first ride here
guys so let’s do it got my keys and we’ll make sure I don’t
lock my keys in the car so good to see everybody think he’s driving around it’s not raining out too bad bad right now it’s just a little
sprinkle I am getting chemtrail down right now so I’m probably gonna melt in
a minute I don’t find safety have to flag this guy down stop em right here I
really appreciate everybody watching share this if you can be great the more
exposure we can get wave to this guy and see how this goes here we go guys
let’s do it how you doing man yes sir all right good good good yeah
just take us straight and then take a right “how was your day today.” that’s been well about yourself yeah you mind if I you roll the window
up here yeah yeah that’s alright now that’s raining a little bit yes sir yeah I’m doing work actually I’m I’m
live on YouTube right now I started a new show called Flat Cab yeah and I
asked uber drivers science questions you like science and outer space and
stuff no you’re not good with it no well it is it is kind of part of this show
right now so if you don’t like it I might have to turn around and and talk
to somebody else yeah so yeah that’s all right man but you
know or just go up ahead here and yeah I can turn it off on you but so what is it
that got you into uber driving okay but where are you going then no you got to
turn around and like bring me back to where I was yeah yeah so but what what
got you into driving for uber yeah okay so would you with me to talk about
winning yeah yeah okay yeah we’re just trying to find somebody that’s
interested and talking about space sure not to be talking no but since you’re up
here you do it might as well just drive me up to you know partially just keep
driving I’ll tell you where to go yeah no that’s all good I have a youtube
channel yeah well I mean I’m not looking to make
money I’m actually talk about the earth being flat and not a ball like we’re taught
trying keep going straight yeah it’s all good yep yeah and you know just talk
about science and I asked people where they get their idea of outer space and
us living on a spherical ball you know what you lose about what was
you to pay you really living why can’t I do that way why can’t I why
can’t I go on YouTube and interact with the public and talk about that big money
food yeah well you know what I mean like this does working and getting a paycheck
does that validate somebody’s you know work ethic okay that’s fine you are sure
yeah just keep going yeah well yeah I think so I think it’s also how are you
contributing to society yeah you can take this take Plymouth
Road yeah so I’m just kind of starting out this is actually my first episode so
we’re just trying to get a feel for what types of uber drivers there are I’ve
never taken an uber car before so no I got my own car you know so what
would I need to take to convince restyle then putting the live show
that’s cuz everybody likes live today today yes not take a right here
everybody likes live man yeah so we’re just I’m part of a community of people
who have an idea with evidence and proofs that the earth is flat and
motionless and we’re not spinning on a ball you don’t have to be ok but where
do you where do you get your ideas of where we live do you know where we live
right now you know what no I think we live on Mars yeah well what if what if I
was to tell you that Mars is not a physical planet that we can land on I
believe that we live on earth but I believe that it’s a flat motionless
plane take a right up there well we’re we’re here on earth and that’s real in
Mars as described by NASA is fantasy yeah yeah and take a just go straight yes sir yeah if you were to invest how
many population is immersed in Mars I don’t understand your question well nobody lives on Mars it’s zero zero
do you think somebody lives on Mars and they’ve asked that visions but I
don’t know you know yeah I know sure you know and you don’t want
confirmation that yes or no you just don’t care okay if I have something
evidence to conclude that it is to back it up go ahead and you know okay
what if I get what if I gave you concrete evidence and then you could
decide whether or not you it’s something that you want to pursue tonight you can
just drop me off right up in front of the store here yeah yeah yeah just
straight ahead yep yep because I do have some provocative evidence right here
that I could give you and you can explore that on your own time man what’s
your name Abdi okay I’m Joshua real pleasure to
meet you know all right then take it easy sure yeah all right folks
well Abdi yeah he knows now all right so that’s what we’re gonna come across I
guess let me get a new cab and so I hope it’ll get charged for the
destination I had plans right right because that would not be productive
okay where to boss alright well we’re gonna go to where we
were planning on going and boom hey it’s not raining so we got that going for us so that’s what’s gonna happen you know I
mean some people are gonna be into it some people aren’t he didn’t know
anything about outer space and he was not it all intrigued about what we’re
doing here okay so our next one six minutes away Toyota Camry so we got six
minutes so yeah right riding in style I got a pretty nice car it was a newer
Chevy Malibu yeah he was he was really interesting to my erste Abdi
good to see you man hope you explore the idea of the earth being flat and not a
ball like we’re all taught growing up so hopefully he watches it well Time I do
have an idea of the Koran I just have the he laid the earth out like a carpet
you know I got that going for me but Abdi you can investigate your Koran and
it does in a few verses explain in somewhat great detail that the earth is
flat motionless and firm because when you lay out a carpet it doesn’t have any
bumps on it right it’s flat you know and level so and I’d like to use this
opportunity also to be more interactive with you guys and gals to get an idea of
some of the questions that I can ask yeah it’s pretty poopy outside today somebody doesn’t know where their car is
so they wanted to hit the panic button yeah I hear that I see that a lot like
people hit their panic button on their car because they can’t find it it’s
embarrassing so hey Joy hey LOCO we’re doing it yeah
right you’re gonna get in this Toyota Camry coming up looking for somebody who
wants to talk you know who wants to interact he was not all about being on camera
though that’s that’s a shame Chris Fisk good to see you Kianu Collins
days it’s not proof just a good thought provider for Muslims yeah it is what do
you do for it yeah right usually I drink sometimes I eat and drink Ace McLeod
says right yeah I have Geo’s geocentric love Josh have you thought about driving
for uber rather than taking rides uh yeah it has crossed my mind but I have a
2000 and if I’m not mistaken for uber they’re cut off is like 2002 or 2001 so
I know that they’re Nazis about how they want their image to be hey Jovian
Edwards good to see you you can’t blame them about being on camera I bet Who
Cares right well teach their own yeah I hope so Daniel Daniel says next driver
is gonna be a globey Critical Thinking Always great work thanks sir appreciate
it good to see you oh they will they’ll rent me a car
that’ll be a MayBach yeah I think I’m alright on that Day’s I think we’re
gonna be okay today yeah okay I’ll do that flat earth fish says maybe not
mention the camera for a bit well I mean I really technically don’t even have
technically don’t even have to say anything about the camera hey
Night Angel good to see you well okay Ace MacLeod uber will give you a rental
car like that Malibu if you drive X amount hours well only
I’m gonna lonely drive a Maybach so Google may balk and see what that kind
of car looks like bring up the Flat Earth bit yeah the emergency landing
that Ginger Bush says yep well they had to diverts yeah could you imagine
driving for uber and then having these conversations because then I can legally
have that camera I have a camera on in my car okay yeah I’ll try that
lickety-split we’ll just uh you guys just want to go aw do you mind just
going audio you don’t want to see the driver that’s fine we’ll just go audio hey LOCO good thanks a lot appreciate
your contribution always appreciate your drive to distribute red pills keep it
up authentic intent I appreciate it yeah we are on a mission okay yeah a nice car or something like
that their Diamond Club what kind of what kind of cars do they have for their
Diamond Club so the guy he I was watching this video about the various
people that you’ll end up picking up one of the types of uber passengers was
you’ll have to help people move right so you’ll rent an uber car like a SUV and
they’ll just pile all their junk into your car oh the Toyota Camry is arriving alright so you guys know you guys don’t
mind just going just audio right nope that’s not it that that wasn’t it
almost I almost creeped him out a little bit udx Toyota Camry udx said it’s
arriving maybe this is it right here nope somebody’s calling me right now all right I think it’s actually coming
right now nope we’ve had two Toyota Camrys show up none of them are the car but it said the
uber app said that it’s arriving (German accent) where are you where are you uber I know right I’m excited I’m excited to
see what’s going on here well lickety-split I got in the wrong
car for a drug deal once sad day that would be quite intimidating for sure well this is
slightly irritating it said that it’s arriving but it hasn’t arrived yet why oh you were he’s way over there all right yeah I know right
it’s the its it says it’s still two minutes away well we’re trying it out
Geocentric Love yeah I mean 20 30 bucks but if we can get a good interaction I
mean trying it out you know this this is an interesting way to do it it’s
different we could probably try it one more time after this and see how it goes no I have flat Flat Earth Fish says do I
get charged a fortune no I have unlimited data on Sprint
I’ve already capped at 60 gigs right now for my payment month 60 gigs you imagine
going through AT&T or Verizon with 60 gigs all right dude where are you like
I’m right here dude all right I gotta walk coz this guy is
lost or girl could be a guy a girl but they’re not driving far enough like I
have my spot right here and they’re not driving far enough so
you know then again I mean I like the live stuff but I you know maybe I could
you know he might have had a good idea maybe just do it and then edit it all
together and put a bunch of rides together you know I hope I hope you guys
don’t feel like I’m completely wasting your time right hope you guys are
enjoying each other’s chat at least but you know stuff like this is gonna come
up and it’s gonna be a bit irritating so dude where are you going yeah dude I’m right here man yeah hey whoa Tony says that all the
drivers in Minneapolis are cool yeah I mean I’d like to find out if we could
get an interaction here with somebody this was the plan today but all right I think they’re coming I’m not
sure but let’s find out I have it where I want them to meet me
but there maybe I should be an uber driver so I can pick up my passengers
where I tell them to right yeah right Ace McCloud this looks like a shady
drug deal right outside of the grocery store right but we’re trying thanks a lot Flat Trotter SS listening
as you drive home I don’t really know what the holdup is here but kind of disappointed right now hey thanks Patricia appreciate it I’m
here supporting you guys too – I just want to you know make you proud
Ol’ Blue make us proud Ol’ Blue actually it was kind of my first ride
deep inside the rabbit hole but the guy did not at all want to have any
interaction in the car so I had him dropped me off shortly down the road but
I did hang him off my card he seemed like he was of the Muslim
faith and he just was not into it at all this person is this person’s really I have the address you know I wish I could
call them they keep just driving in a circle they’re over at the mall right
now right it probably is DITRH is it the same driver no I don’t think so
because I confirmed it with a different person it’s this is a Toyota Camry this
time and they apparently don’t understand that I’m I got the address so hey Dave good to see ya what was that
can you call geocentric love you can call and text them through the app I can
oh all right hold on okay okay economy okay that’s that’s why I sure
man um do you like science and outer space and whatnot
what’s a science like outer space Mars do you like that stuff no I am NOT just
new legit like that you know you’re not into that ya know what’s that well cuz I
kind of got a YouTube channel and I’m do uh questions I ask questions of the
driver okay of various things about outer space no okay well I do have a
YouTube channel man I’m gonna have to get another driver
well yeah cuz that’s what I do so between my destinations I talked to the
uber driver about outer space where we live like how many planets do we have in
our solar system do you know how many planets yeah now eight eight okay yeah
like how fast are we is the earth spinning right now do you know I don’t
know you gotta be yeah are you in you into it because yeah each for each
question that you answer correctly is a one dollar tip oh and if you cannot
answer any questions correctly you might not get any money is okay okay you anyway okay you are on the fastest roof
you should reach your destination by 7:14 p.m. okay so we’ll go there yeah
that’s fine let’s go there yes one yeah yeah yeah
let’s find comfort for you sure let’s say 79 79 where you sure don’t be don’t be shy on the I
gotta get there nope take a right yeah or go up ahead and you can spin around
there go straight let’s all right so what’s
your name in ZemIn Zemin yeah okay I’m Joshua yeah sure yeah yeah I think so yeah I do I live just down the road here
fifteen minutes away oh so you designed it this way website
yeah I got a YouTube channel and did you go to college yeah yeah what did you go
to college for you should reach your destination by
7:14 p.m. did you go to college why did you study no I didn’t go to college
I just went to high school oh okay yeah and you interested in this nature yeah
I’m interested in just informing the public you’re straight okay yeah I’m
interested in letting the public know about where we live yeah and what is
there anything about our planet that kind of fascinates you at all no no
because I went out from school long time I don’t take any geography I don’t know
that much I don’t read like other science okay in a daily basis and if you
don’t just follow internment if you don’t use it a lot
you’ll be out of it you know why yeah yeah do you think the internet is a good
way to be educated if you are selective yeah I said if you are very selective to
use you know okay because the internet source is bulky a lot yeah and some of
them are negative yeah if you are a very selecting user
I’m saying that Internet’s a good way to learn a lot of things yeah but like the
way I say you need to know yourself first to choose the very useful yeah
yeah there are kids I didn’t have to change my fare so yeah yeah just take
this way here that’s fine okay but okay yeah science technology to learn but we
have to know to choose okay in our edit skirt but still it doesn’t
matter means of learning yes I feel like me
and a community of people have learned quite a bit about where we live in earth
and outer space do you think that if I was to present you with some new
controversial information would you investigate my claims yeah would you
would you question the information that I present to you even though even though
it goes against what we’re taught in school yeah I’m not question maybe a
question to understand okay yeah believe in the information maybe I questioned
you to understand more that you emphasize the point okay I believe it
information whatever you just say I’m very sure you’ll not say for anything
you dig out the information from any source I believe you okay so I got a
question for you yeah what do you think what do you think the characteristics of
water are water yeah what is water usually do one of the main thing is like in our
let’s stop take a look can I get on the left lane yeah let’s start from our for
our family to that body it’s a means of transportation okay yeah okay how about
this let me ask you a different question what are the character with
characteristics of water that you see on earth how about that does that help
clarify what everyone kind of going yeah what does water do on earth that you
notice that for example when you look at a lake
do you notice the lake curving like a ball or is it level and flat I said it curves it’s it does curve okay what what evidence do you think you could show me
that it does curve just by moving gun if you look at a leg
like today and if you know that like for 10-15 years there’s a difference that’s
why I say okay what if I was to tell you that you know like when you observe a
boat on the ocean have you ever seen the ocean before yeah okay
have you seen like objects that are off in the distance disappear over the
horizon I haven’t you haven’t seen that with
your own eyes no so if I was to tell you that there is an observation on Lake
Michigan where on one side of Lake Michigan you and I are looking at the
Chicago skyline from 52 miles away with the Earth’s curvature we shouldn’t be
able to see the Sears Tower because that’s 1,800 feet of curvature does it
take it right up here okay so does that make sense yeah so if the if the earth
does if the earth is a ball like we’re taught in school we shouldn’t be able to
see the Sears Tower after over 52 miles away but we can yeah does that make
sense yeah okay so if I was to give you
information about the characteristics of water again and you just told me that it
does curve does that kind of help you understand yes that if the earth is over
70 percent water do you think that the earth could be flat yeah you think so take a left
up here tonight I think so yeah you think so yeah I think I think so
because that’s the information it’s programmed in my mind yeah since I was
little okay yeah let’s not annoy me nobody
teach me anything different you know why right yeah the first thing that it’s
programmed is good since you know yourself or the map you accept that they
will question you to answer they’re assuming to repeat what they told you
that’s our mind is programmed hey that’s a good answer man I appreciate your
honesty yeah it is programming and it’s indoctrination mm-hmm and I do agree
with that because I do talk to a lot of college students and it is very
difficult for them to come to the conclusions like you have because they
are currently in school and what science teaches them is very different from what
me in this community of flat-earthers believe and I would just so much
encourage you to investigate the idea of the earth being flat that’s why I gave
you my card yeah put some videos that you could sit
down with your family and critically think and have some questions you know
yes about why we’re being taught the idea of us living in a ball in outer
space mm-hmm I have another have you ever been
to outer space before mm-hmm no I haven’t either
right yeah what about the moon landing what do you think about the moon landing that’s much do you believe that we
landed on the moon I don’t know hey that’s a that’s a God’s
the answer Thanks do you Oh
mind if I ask how old yeah yeah okay how old I am fifty fifty three okay oh okay
yeah that’s all right now but you’re wise I mean I appreciate your humbleness
of plenty of just kind of seeing where I led you about the characteristics of
water and mm-hmm I think that it is true that water does not curve her on the
ball yeah thank you yeah sure yeah so I didn’t have to no
thank you and it’s a good opportunity to I had to meet you because if I didn’t
meet you I don’t learn ya know anyone like these this is my first time to tell
you the truth okay yeah yeah good I’m very glad I did not miss you you know
yeah yeah no I I’m glad that you’re open to war listen um the last guy I talked
to he wasn’t really into wanting to talk about this so I kind of you know we
didn’t we weren’t able to really interact very much so okay but this is
that oh yeah but you’re going the wrong way no that’s fine man hey thank you so much
your name again yeah Simmon Zemin yahshua okay pleasure
meet me man I really hope that you have a good rest here afternoon III Josh yeah
all right all right okay so what do you think that was good man that would hey that was worth the 15
bucks or whatever it cost to get here he is informed and he was a humble man
Zemin we salute you and we hope that your travels on this flat motionless
plane bless you and yada-yada-yada so we’re at Starbucks I’m gonna get a
coffee I don’t usually go to Starbucks so I
don’t know what they have hey yo you do I’m doing well thanks can
I get a mocha cooler blended with coffee and of course I like a large is good
yeah no do you have dark chocolate okay yeah
that’s fine no that’s it oh sure all right thanks she didn’t ask me what my name was guess there’s not enough people here hey
Jordan good to see you Jules Joey
good to see you still hanging out DJ black I don’t know what you just said
man hey Steve Jordan hatch hey that’s a good idea that’s a good idea all right
let’s get our next ride alright I’m picking my next right hey thanks left hey I’m so sorry I
forgot to ask you could you take the whip off oh yeah it’s my phone hey thanks a lot thanks you too all right
we got it hey char I’m good to see ya the earth is
indeed flat but cuz it’s already got enough sugar in
a piano Collins I don’t need all that whipped cream on there dude if you if
you like all that whipped cream on there that’s that’s you man that’s cool but all right we got a 16 minute arrival all right and all right yeah that’s a good point Simon okay yeah that’s the that’s the quickest
I got I got 15 minutes now so yeah think for yourselves
I got a cold coffee yeah well I will hang on hang on I don’t
want to I don’t want to do it too early so what are what what do you think are
some other ways that we can do this because if they’re not into it but they
want but if they’re not into like the questions and stuff how can we have an
interaction that would pan out you know yeah have you heard about those crazy
flat earthers make them curious well how do we do that chippy because the last
two guys they just weren’t into it I’d love to have a younger person the last
two guys were in their 50s for sure okay because I was trying to get them because
like each each answer that they give me correctly would be a dollar tip you know
on Cash Cab they offer money I mean they’re offering them 50 to $100 it’s
not like a 1 dollar tip here and there so I see I see some good potential here
but but that interaction that we had with him was great even though I didn’t
I wasn’t able to lay out questions or anything he still was into it and I I
gave him the idea what do you do you think I did ok with the water thing you
know trying to help him understand that water is level cuz he at first thought
that it curved around a ball so okay hold on his dr th he says make an offer
hey there are people that think the earth is flat I’m offering $10 for every
proof you can give me that shows we live on a spinning globe then explain how
that is not a proof okay religion questions well there were two
people who seemed to be Muslim faith hey Miki rush thanks for hanging out coming
in stopping by the boat thing is good you know yeah about the the distance
curved lake right yeah I can see that all this one now says if you offer money
they’ll just agree to anything question on things Dania says question on things
they like first sports movies whatnot and then slip it in always best to start
with what you can prove and they can also prove to themselves jibby says no
curve that’s the smoking gun well yeah copasetic of course once she’s done making this coffee I’m
gonna go talk to her hey proprietor good to see you thank you
a way up a way to up the money without going bankrupt well yeah I gotta wait
five more minutes man I cancelled the one and then I got another one and that
was still 15 minutes away coffee on me bro enjoy that for you thanks man
flat earth fish okay check this out hey see I got a YouTube channel it’s
probably one of the most unique tips that you’re probably going to get yeah
and I do science questions and I actually interact with the public about
like basic things like outer space various nature’s about water and earth
and stuff can I ask you kind of a question I know
I know just one real quick question could you give me one proof that you can
prove to me that we live on a spinning ball in outer space
okay you know what answer it no well in your free time you can check out the
YouTube channel and kind of see where it goes from there but water does not curve
her on the ball and it’s we live on a flat motionless plains so check it out
all right thanks you too all right she doesn’t want to lose her job so she
didn’t want to interact all right we’ve got about five more minutes oh yeah I gave her five there you go
gave her five no I gave her my youtube-channel card which has various
propaganda on it for to lead her to flatter hey Vincent thanks man
appreciate it thanks enjoying a coffee in the next cab right yeah
well I hope it’s productive this next one Danny I appreciate it
Cheers you’ve been with me since my Facebook days also I appreciate you yeah
people that don’t want to talk about it they’re not really in there in uniform
they don’t want to lose their job you know we don’t they don’t want to go that
next road so all right pay attention good to see you thanks for coming in quarter okay Jimmy says Boston area so
far Boston Globe reporter come in to next one at Revere Beach this Saturday
so that would be what the 12th August 12th so look at look for GB in Boston Curly’s Curly’s accent yeah hey that’s a
good idea your toe
Gordo says take the bus and talk to riders you know that’s a good idea
because there’s the light rail the light rail is super cheap 350 and I can do I
can hang out on the light rail for six hours you know and just go back and
forth get off get something to eat and then come back on start with the celebs coming out yeah
yeah I try to use that to our advantage that Kyrie Irving no they can’t they can
beef some people just want to sit there though lickety-split he says people on
the train can be interactive yeah the light rail might be a good idea
especially he so August 22nd is the first day of school here at the
University of Minnesota and there are tons of college kids who take the train
from one part of the campus to the other because they got dorms that they live on
earth pump says I wonder if Kyrie Irving is sub too deep inside the rabbit hole
okay so maybe the next one could be I’d like to try this over thing one more
time and see how it goes but yeah the the light rail would probably be a good
idea just yeah we’re awake enough yep that’s know
there’s this those are the only pair that I have all the other balls there
they’re gone the globe it’s like a zip we’re just gonna pop it yeah Mickey rush
you know I thought about the Oberer driver thing and I had some constructive
criticism about if you work enough they’ll actually rent you a car so you
could do it because I have a 2000 and so I don’t think I think that there cap is
2001 or 2002 or something like that get in the car while the stallion
mile-an-hour kills me yeah you would any colleges yeah so GBI this August 22nd is
the first day of school at the University of Minnesota and that’s where
I did half of my videos at the beginning when I was doing Facebook so and when I
have been at Lake Calhoun I’ve had students who have heard of me doing the
satellite surf a deal so so yeah this yeah make it right GoFundMe for joshua’s
2017 new car could you imagine flatter reset would have a conniption I think
you would have an aunt you would literally have an aneurysm he would
literally have a heart attack if I came up with a GoFundMe page for a new car
just even to do it just for fun to do it for fun and then it gets funded
could you imagine yeah yeah well hey you know I mean that’s tempting okay okay so ginger Bush says apparently
around Niagara Falls you are not allowed to carry a sign but parks police said a
t-shirt is okay yeah big Rolly oh I hear that i’ma set hit I’m gonna say well hey
Mickey rush I’m not gonna stop you he’d probably lose his voice and then he
we’d have to question his gender right he’d lose his voice it’d be high pitch
he made a video about me too I can’t believe it I can’t believe it
wait til the end of this month wait till the end of this month Minneapolis is
gonna get hard hit hard all right for real where’s this guy not that I don’t
like talking to you guys but seriously okay three minutes got Victor that’s our
next driver Victor Victor vector ow all this one now says I had an
aneurysm in 2009 they say worse than having been giving birth okay so act like okay act like it’s a
dumb idea yeah they do hey Jeff alright you should do and I did
I tell you I went to that place and they run out it all into me being there and
none of them were flat earthers alright the drivers coming here in a
minute who wants a PSA sounds like oh we’re
playing golf here authentic intent he’s lining up this looks like a 18 foot putt
it’ll break to the left he’s got a bit of a breeze northeast
east hey everybody in Starbucks I just like to present the idea that you guys
should investigate the idea of the earth being flat and not a ball like we’re
taught in school water does not curve around a ball and it always finds its
level okay it’s the best proof that I got water does not curve if you’d be so inclined to check out my
claims I’d love for you to check out my youtube channel and know ok so if I
presented you with new evidence that we live on a flat plane no okay
you ladies have a good afternoon all right sir have a good afternoon
here you go man check it out there you go man
have a good afternoon investigate everything that you’ve been told okay
really appreciate it man have a good one thanks you too all right well I think
that was uh I think that was a hole-in-one yeah it really is Starbucks they don’t
have very good coffee this mocha man not very good sir
I’m gonna have to you to ask you to vacate the premises hey Victor my name is Josh pick up driver for two months okay what type of
people have you come across everybody everybody yeah I would play football
with also yes sort of fun it was supposed to be fun you tried to make it
fun yeah I’m sure a lot of people use you as their counselor their person they
can vent to maybe yeah coming up to the play and they like to just dive so so
with you being a man of faith what you read the Bible then right okay lay there
which is millions for 11 years old and we were arguing about whether this was
right or not and some of us it was not right you shouldn’t pile on somebody 37
years okay gal than the big boys ten years myself
yeah it’s the best thing bestest it can make you right yeah no I totally totally
agreement I’ve come up across like sometimes really quite interesting
verses myself recently like that people share with you some of those little you
familiar with job right girl okay I thought about because she had done
what you remember much about joke yeah okay what about what about job 38 five you
familiar with job 38 five verse okay who hath laid the measures thereof if
thou knowest right or who had to stretch the line upon its yeah you know so he’s
questioning job was he here when I Crete where you here what I created the earth
you know no of course you weren’t right and he stretched the line upon it if you
make a line what is that line is what is a line it straight or curved okay
so officially if you stretch a line do you think that line is straight you know
what I mean like you know that that yarn that has chalk on it yeah you know when
you’re trying to create you know like a level house for example you want that to
be a straight line right right so do you think God may it be referencing who
stretched the line upon it do you think that he’s talking about a straight line
I mean maybe yeah I do see that as him stretching a
straight line upon the earth no I’m not actually no I just I understand I just
have a that’s one of my gifts I guess my spiritual gifts is understanding God’s
Word prophecy if you will right and the reason it’s a fascinating verse for me
is I have recently well to to understand like job 38 five would mean that from if
you and I were on the shore of the Michigan lake okay and then we saw 52
miles away in a Chicago skyline and we were to stretch a line or maybe a laser
from one Shore to the other we shouldn’t because of the Earth’s because of what
they tell us the earth being a ball temperature or the curvature of the
earth yeah we shouldn’t be able to see the Sears Tower
because 52 miles in accordance with the Earth’s curvature calculation eight
inches per mile squared is 1,800 feet of curvature but what if I was to tell you
the Sears time so with that being said from one Shore to the other Shore we’re
stretching a line across the lake that make sense 24 hours day yeah so would it wouldn’t ever cross
your mind that we were taught as children that we live on a flat
motionless plane and not a ball like we’re talking in school you know because
water what does what are some of the characteristics that you notice about
water on earth or just in this reality do you do you notice that water will
always find its level okay and so it will always fill the container that you
put water in but then it will always be level and flap it’s that kind of a
universal observation that we could have about water that you and I could both
agree on okay but if if you and I were to dig a hole and create a man-made lake
for example and we were to fill that hole with water would that water be
level and flat or would it have curvature to it okay so
the sand would it fill the sand up with water right yeah so it would fill up the sand and then it
would feel level right yeah yeah okay so if we’re if they tell us that we’re
spinning at over at just over a thousand miles an hour 1,024 miles an hour why is
it that the water isn’t spinning off of the oceans at the equator like if you
were to to dunk a tennis ball and water and then spin it how come the how come
the oceans don’t fly off in a similar fashion centrifugal force okay watch
forced yet bouncing around that
well I that’s what I’m okay do you think that this information would draw you
towards investigating what we were taught as children and that we do in
fact live on a flat motionless plane and not a ball or does it just not really
like kind of matter is it and I know there’s a scripture where
Daisy talks about just something on the circle of the earth
yeah in Isaiah it actually does differentiate between a circle and his
sphere yeah and I didn’t I didn’t courage you to to check that out yeah
and in regards that it was because there are almost 40 verses in the Bible where
it does reference the earth being firm and immovable yeah do you know who
Charles Lawson US okay yeah yeah and he does an interesting sermon about the
earth being flat he’s not saying that the earth is flat but he’s saying that
there’s some serious inconsistencies with what we’re taught as children about
the shape of the earth and he just encourages people to investigate those
claims Oh campus airplane Oregon Smasher
take out right here there’s uh there’s a guy named Rob Skiba ya SK SK I be a of
that car right there the white one straight ahead there his name is Rob ski
but I’d love to write his name down on the back of that card I gave you
I’ll give you here gonna give you the card no no no no because I have a
YouTube channel and I actually interact with the public in regards to the idea
of the earth being flat and he’s kind of a Christian flat earther who does some
phenomenal dialogues and presentations that’s kind of what I do man I I
actually this is my first time going into over calves but okay I share with
the drivers the idea of the earth being flat and motionless and firm and the
lies of the enemy have polluted this reality to make us believe that we live
on a ball in outer space and I just encourage you to investigate like NASA
and the CGI that they use to tell us about outer space and I got some links
in the description section below of this video right now and on my youtube
channel that are very provocative so god bless you victors you know thank you
appreciate it sir thank you yeah you too man all right so what do you think that’s pretty good yeah I don’t yeah Simon I didn’t but it
doesn’t really matter because I do I am in my legal right to film people in
public whether I let them know that so we’ll finish that on a good note I mean that was encouraging hang on just a
second everybody hey that was a hard reset all right so I hope that Flint as well as it could
for everybody not I mean I didn’t really know what to expect hi you know obviously I wanted it to go
one way and it went a different way so something I’d like to brush up on maybe
do the light rail thing a bit maybe we could try this uber thing again I’m not
sure yeah lickety-split he says I was a bunch
of old dudes so I mean I don’t know yeah that’s that’s kind of a it was so good
no yeah all three of them oh well at least the two guys at the end know the
first guy just just was not into it the second guy he was into it because he
wanted to know maybe he wanted the fair you know so he was like yeah come on in
but he seemed to understand where I was coming from yeah I think it went well
also Chris hey Jamie Brown good to see ya thanks for coming in man appreciate
it joy says a lot of new flat earthers and
their 50s yeah right yeah well these all of them got the
information pertaining to Flat Earth so they can investigate it on their own
time and though yeah those people at Starbucks got smacked you know I mean could I have locked up to them
gently and handed them my my card you know I could have I guess but there
were a couple of college kids who kind of were snickering they thought it was
kind of funny but yeah I mean maybe I could have
handed on my card been a little bit more low-key but I think they would have
reacted the same way those two ladies were not into it at all they certainly
are in the reality that they’re living in Jordan Answers 23 get a megaphone next
time right 56 I’m all out of bubblegum man I am all out of bubblegum
so I appreciate everybody’s viewership and encouragement while the stream was
going on you know I wanted to ask them questions I thought it was going to go
one way but I have to figure out you know maybe we can try it again next week and see how to I hate you know maybe
we’ll just come across younger people I mean it’s Sunday like what I have do
you think I’d have to go downtown Minneapolis are closer to the you to get
some younger people a flat Trotter I appreciate it yeah I’m just I’m just
trying you know we’re all trying different avenues different ways to
present Flat Earth to people and this this was a unique idea so I figured
let’s do it let’s give it a shot and see and see how it goes age McCloud says true Rhonda once you
get in a 22 year old and a 66 year old can be on the same level and as good and
be good friends as anybody critical thinking always great work I
appreciate it Simon Says my granddad is 89 years old
and he’s a flat earther hey there you go hey I is a robot on Flat Earth
propaganda machine Oh help thanks ace appreciate it loco much appreciated so but hey it went
as well as it could have right it went as well as it could out this is the way
it was always meant to go they were live we’re back
so it was my first time and so maybe I was a bit nervous to get inside with
that first cabbie but he wasn’t really into it all right yeah this area here is
really bad with connection funny oh they can communicate with the satellite
billions of miles away to give us the image of our solar system in the Milky
Way galaxy but I lose signal five minutes down the road from the house plenty of it all works huh yeah I stay away from the little
constellation Eclipse conversation in my opinion I don’t think that the
whole Eclipse thing our disproves flat yeah I don’t know you’re talking about
Collins I don’t know who Phil is Phil Collins the previous leader of Genesis okay I see what you’re saying
that film that’s the Phil you’re referring to gotcha yeah I don’t I think
we’re all starting to get a better idea of who’s on board with us and who’s not
unfortunately it doesn’t help the newcomers to Flat Earth who have to hear
about all the drama that’s going on but when you have human beings you’re gonna
have drama so I think we all need to be aware of that and the more that we’re
aware of the drama that’s going to ensue as humans become more prevalent to the
idea of Flat Earth we’re gonna have a lot more opposition so just get home
here I’ll have to see what Phil is talking about so I can get an idea so here’s my here’s my humble abode well
we’re always gonna have naysayers that’s for sure I think it should be better now
for everybody


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