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Mumbai !!! …bigger the city, Denser the population.. …hence more number of problems. Regardless of whichever city or place…. …a problem can arise anywhere. When a problem knocks on the door, it doesn’t see
any ones face, colour or designation. It can enter in anyones life. And it comes through two means only. Either we invite it ourselves…. ….or it comes uninvited. But in both the cases, one thing is pretty clear…. …that my friend, now you are going
to be screwed…!! Mumbai police is searching for a 25 year old
missing girl AYESHA, a resident of Andheri (East). AYESHA who was missing since the last two days,
was found dead There was a deep wound on her head. Blood was spread all around her body. As per the police there was no other wound
or scratch on her body. Police has arrested a person named SUHAIL SINGH
in connection with Ayesha’s murder. Sir…. (Bit scared) Look Suhail. If you will co-operate….. …then it will be good for all of us. Whenever we used to talk to Ayesha…. …about her marriage with some body else…. …she used to always say that she will
only marry SUHAIL. And this guy !! This guy never wanted to meet us. Always used to make lame excuses
and never came to meet us. As per the police investigation. Ayesha’s close friend
has given a strong statement against SUHAIL. So how much you knew about Ayesha and Suhail ? Ayesha was very serious about her
relationship with Suhail. But Suhail…!! He was just using her. Did Ayesha ever mention…. ….about any quarrel with Suhail… Or any threat ? Quarrels !!! There used to be lot of quarrels. Especially related to marriage. So you knew about the pregnancy report ? Yes, I knew. Now I understand (Crying). Thats why this girl was so much worried. He never wanted to marry Ayesha. He is the one who has killed my daughter. According to the initial investigation…. …a quarrel might have occurred between
Suhail and Ayesha… …which later turned physical. Arabic background music… This is wonderful. One more. Sir there is a call for you. Who is it at this time ? My name is Arjun. I am your new flatmate. Mr. Pandey gave this key…. …but I think the door was locked from the inside. Ohh I forgot to tell you… …Mr. Pandey was trying to call you. But I think your phone was unreachable. Ohh yeah…. ….there is some network issue here. You sit over there… I will be back in a moment. That bed room belongs to me. Thats the bathroom… ..this is the kitchen.. …and this is your area. And one more thing..!! Yes ? A lot of female friends of mine visit here. You better stay away from them. And don’t ever enter my room. Understood ? Yes. I got it. Hello Mom I am fine. How about you ? No. Not yet… …haven’t got any job as of now. I have been interviewed at a few places. Something will surely happen. Yes !! Yes!! I have got a room. It’s really nice. Mom you don’t worry… …the moment I get a job, I will send it to you. Yes mom, I am trying, I am trying. Don’t worry. Yes, yes. You just take care of yourself. Yes. Okay mom. I will disconnect the call now. Bro, tell me one thing ? When are you going to colour your
black & white life ? Means ? Means, go… get a girl friend… …take her out… ….wine, dine & dance with her bro. Enjoy your life man. Dude you know very well… ..these responsibilities never leave me alone. Only if I get rid of them, then I can do
something about my life. But despite that…. I have never come across that girl yet… who can colour this black & white film of mine. Look bro !! Your life will become colourful….. only when you will come out of this never
ending tunnel of your life. Whole week from morning till late night…. …only office office and office… On top of that, what is that !!! Overtime !!! Yes,..Your bloody overtime !! Which also consumes your weekend. And if by mistake !! If by chance you escape from the jaws of
your BOSS on any weekend !! That weekend you end up sleeping all the time. Then who and how will some one
make your life colourful ? Compulsion my friend….Compulsion !!! (singing funny song rhyming with compulsion ) Ahh has this compulsion… This weather…. and this distance….. My million dollar youth is getting wasted
because of a penniless job. Man….!!!!! Okay listen to me. There is a house party at my friends place today. So we are going there. Okay ? You be ready, I will come to pick you. But dude ? How can I ? I mean ..hmm I don’t know any one over there So it will be too awkward. He started again ? (Murmuring ) Dude !! You don’t need to know any one. I am there. And he is very good friend of mine. Understand ? So you don’t need to bother about that. I am with you. And I don’t want to hear
your excuses any more. You just be ready. And I will be coming
in the evening to pick you. Okay, Guru ji…!! Bro !!!!!!!! Hey Sameer How are you bro ? You are coming now ? The party is almost over. Yeah man, Got a bit late. Meet my bro. So what else ? Everything is cool. How did you get late. what do I say !! All because of him man. Bro, do you have a charger for this ? Check over there. I will be back in a minute. So you say, how is your girl friend ? Man you break up every day !!! Hello !! Yes Sana, tell me. Yeah yeah Just wait. Yes Ohh…yes dear !! Ohhooo Sorry I forgot. No worries. You relax. Okay, we are leaving from here. Lets go. We have to leave now. Ohh Man…Lets go. Leave now bro. We go to go. Listen dude..!! I will see you later. Dude, let me get my phone first. Give me minute. Quickly. Okay Manav, see you later. Bye. ohhhh What is this ? Dumbells ? Who changed my wallpaper ? Who are all these ? Who deleted all my contacts ? From where have these contacts popped in ? What is this ? So many messages ? Hope something didn’t go wrong in the office ? Ohh my …. Who the hell is she ? Phone looks mine…!! What the hell ? Call from my own number ? How is it possible ? Right now the mobile that you have…. ….actually belongs to me. And the one with you is mine ? Yes, thats right. Actually in party………… So the whole confusion happened because
of identical mobiles ? Yes !!! So when can we meet ? To exchange the phones ? Hmm..It’s not possible to meet now. Why ? I mean Is there any problem in meeting up? No No. Not at all. I came to my home town Noida for 6 days. What ? Yes thats right. Your phone’s battery was
completely dead. After reaching home I came to
know about this. But I get all my office calls and
emails on that phone!! My boss will kill me !! He is merciless devil !! Listen I have an idea. I will forward all your messages
and divert all your calls on my phone number. I can do this much if it helps you. Please please, you do the same. You have saved my life. I will also do one thing, I will divert all your calls to my number
and if any messages I will forward the same. No No Not the messages, the calls are enough. And please don’t read my
personal messages. A lot of useless messages are
exchanged on chat. You don’t worry. Once I am back, I will call you to
exchange the phones. She is cute. Voice is also sweet. Is she the one ? Busy ? Hope I didn’t disturb you ? Not at all. How are You ? I am good. Have you forwarded all the messages ? Yes, I have forwarded
all of them. Okay okay Today our phones are returning
back to their homes. Here is your property. And…. …here is yours too. By the way, who is this Sameer? He is my friend. Why what happened ? What kind of messages he sends ? You read all of them ? No No. Not at all. Just read a couple of them. I thought they were urgent messages. So that I can forward them to you. I hope you didn’t read my personal messages ? No No You can check. You will find all the messages unread. I didn’t expect you to be so sincere (teasing). I assumed you must have read them. You know there is always this thing
…hmmm..curiosity..!! Anyway you would have never found
anything in these messages. Except the same old & useless girly chats.
Nothing much. You were supposed to return to Delhi. Right ? Yes Lets see. If I get some good opportunity… ..then the plan is to return back. The feeling of living in your own home
town is always overwhelming. You had told me that you are into…. sales job..Right ? Then you must be earning good. Dont worry it will be fulfilled soon. Okay then, I got to go. I have to rush for an urgent work. But not like this.. have something at least ? No no. Not now. May be later. By the way, When are you free ? You are not that innocent as you look. (Teasing) I will message you once I am free. So bro when are you making this
realtionship official ? I don’t know man.. I am scared. What if she rejects me? Dude..tell me one thing ? Have you ever expressed your feelings
for her that you love her ? No Wow thats something dude..!! But how do I know if she loves
me or not ? She will only come to know when you will
express your feelings. Got it ? Yeah man, you are right ? I have to do something. His head is injured very badly. And I was asked to inform you. May I talk to him now ? Not possible He is resting now. It will be good if you can visit him. Where is he ? He is up there. What happened ? (Worried) Are you alright ? I love you. Hope you are alright ? Now I am fine. Show me.. Where are you hurt baby ? Leave it. Leave it. What the hell is this ? I wanted to express my feelings to you.. …but I wasn’t able to do so.. ..it was Sameer’s idea. You lied to me …!! You know how much I was worried !!! Ohhooo my Lord Krishna. (teasing) You got so busy in your love life… …that you completely forgot me. Idiot I have been calling you since
the last two days. Where the hell were you ? No man.. Its not like that. Sit…. What sit man…!! Dude…!! Boss has made my life hell. This work never ends. Ohhhh really ? Don’t act in front of me. Okay ? I know
you since we were kids. So don’t mess. And another thing. I am leaving you. So enjoy your life. Hey stop your melodrama !! Why are you messing with my mind
early morning. Dude I am not kidding. Its true. What ? Seriously ? Where are you going ? Remember !! I had told you ? That I had applied for a USA visa. Yes So that has been finally approved. Seriously man ? Yes I am leaving. Many Congratulations. I will really miss you man. Me too. When are you introducing me to
the casting director ? Ohh Yeah I will introduce you soon. I was occupied a bit. But tell me one thing. Why do you need to do all this ? Your father has such a big business
empire and you are quite rich…. …and you are the only child of your father. Its not necessary that every work…. ..is done for money. There is something known as passion too. Means… …you are not going to marry me ? Whats the hurry dear ? First let me fulfill my dreams. Then we will marry too. How many times have I told you… …to stay away from my female friends. What did I do man ? Oh really ? Then…. ….who keeps staring at them ? Me ? Never…When ? Give it to me. You have been watching too much TV. Dude I was watching. This is the last break. I want to watch news updates. By the way… …all these are your girl friends or just friends ? Its none of your business.. Why are you so interested ? You mind your own business. Understand ? Okay Okay Cool down.. Why are you getting angry ? I was just asking. Hey !! Its not good to snoop into others phones.. You should respect others privacy. I am sorry but….. ….since when did you start doing all this ? Nothing…. Just like that.. Nothing serious. Bit surprising !! You never spoke about this before. What happened ? What is the issue ? Nothing… I am missing my
home very much. Thinking of going
back to Noida. Don’t stress yourself. I am here for you. Hey …Hey.. Look at you… …you look vey happy today. I have one good news. Good News ? (Excited) You bought a new car ? No You bought your own flat ? No sweet heart..No. Then you only tell me what is the
good news. Okay..Very soon….. ….I will… ….be promoted in office. Promotion !!!!! That means now…. …your salary will also increase ? Yes. Its expected so. Listen.. Yes.. Atleast now will you talk to your father
about our marriage ? ohh…..aaa..yes.. I will definitely speak to him once
you are promoted. So lets go…I want you to take me out for
shopping to celebrate your promotion. aaahhhhh A Hindi proverb – The robbers have
arrived, even before the town got settled. (Teasing) You !!! You are just too much. hey hey man…. What is this insolence ? I have a shoot so let me freshen up first. Even I have an interview and I am getting late.
Try to understand ? Come on, get out now. So why didn’t you get up early ? Then why you didn’t get up early ? idiot…!!! This is his daily nonsense. There is call for you from someone named
Susheel producer ? Don’t you dare touch my phone !! As you wish. I don’t care. I was just trying to help. Hey rascal !! You tricked me..!! Come out you idiot. Then I will show you. Get out. Hey why do you keep locking it everyday ? What are you hiding ? gold or
what ? (Mocking) Yes. Consider it gold only.. The way you don’t like someone
entering your room. The same way, even I don’t like, if someone
touches my things. You said it right. Any way in this flat…. ….no one dares to touch others’
things. (Taunts him) You will never change… So tell me … How are your shoots going on ? They are going fine. You say. Any thing working out for you ? Hmmmmm…Nothing much. You were supposed to introduce me to
a casting director ? Right ? Ohhh yeah…hmm. I will talk to him again..(Fumbles) I have been asking you since so long. Have you ever done anything for me ? You know..the nature of my work.. Where were you ? You know how long I have been
waiting here ? Will you say something ? Where were you ? Now will you keep sitting with
this stone face or… …..tell me what has happened ? What do I say? There is a bad news. What is wrong ? I am fired from the job. You are joking…right ? Even earlier you have fooled me
with your acting skills. Look !!! It’s not funny. Okay ? I don’t like such jokes. I am not joking. This is the truth. But earlier you said, you will be promoted
with a salary increment. And now you are saying that you
are fired..!! Our company was supposed to get
a big project. Everything was dependent on that. Due to some reasons we
lost that project… …and my company lost all its investments. Because of all this…. ….my company fired many employees. And I am also one of them. Yes but how can a company do this ? If a company doesn’t have enough funds then how
will they pay salaries ? I am fired now. Where are you going ? What is my mistake in this ? Listen to me. Hey listen to me.. Why are you not receiving my calls ? I have been trying since so long. Sorry I didn’t notice. My phone was on silent mode. So what happened about your job ? Nothing has happened yet. But I am trying very hard. Sooner or later something will happen for sure. After that we will get married as soon as possible. Hey..what happened ? Atleast listen to me !! Why are you not responding ? You know very well… ….that how much my dad is pressurising
me for marriage. How will I convince him ? You neither have a job nor a future. Then what about my future ? Dear This is just a bad phase of my life…. …which will go away soon.. ..after that everything will be fine. Trust me !! I don’t want to know. Please leave me alone for some time. (Some day it will work .damn..) Background song. Sir Sir.. I haven’t done anything. This is the postmortem report of Ayesha. Which clearly shows that she was pregnant. And this is…. ….the DNA test report. She was pregnant because of you. Look Suhail. All evidences are pointing in only one
direction. In Ayesha’s murder case all evidences
are against Suhail. As per the police, Suhail is trying to
misguide them. As per Suhail, his Flatmate Arjun has
murdered Ayesha… …and he is innocent. Sir what about Arjun ? Why are you always involving this so
called Arjun into this ? Sir I am telling the truth. This is all done by Arjun. How can a person…… …who doesn’t exist at all… ….murder some one ? Look Suhail.. …at least for your own sake.. …don’t invite unnecessary problems. And stop misguiding the police. Sir I am telling the truth. Please trust me. He stayed with me for 2 months. Do you have another girl friend ? There is nothing like that. And who told you this ? No one. But I don’t know why these days
I am always… …doubting you. Look this is my profession, I have to meet girls,
models, actresses. And you…. And you are here to talk all this
rubbish wtith me? No… I was just ….. “I love you, I love you, I love you” This does not solve anything. See neither you have a house nor a job. I will manage it. Its just a matter of a few days, I am
about to get a job. Look..You can manage but I can not. Listen to me please. Job, girl and house..All three are gone. (Mocking) What a fool..!! Sir have you got any information from Arjun’s
cell phone ? Again Arjun ? And which number you are talking about ? That number is pending with the police for
re-verification. That number was purchased with
a fake identity. Since the last three months…. …there was neither an incoming call… …nor an outgoing call from that number. But sir he…… …used to talk on his cell phone. Ohh really ? Have you ever tried to call him on
that number ? Hey dude.. Why is your phone switched off ? That……… I tried to call you so many times. The battery was dead since morning. Just now I kept the phone on charge. When you keep a phone… …at least charge it. Yes Incoming calls facility is not available
on this number. How will he pay for the TV connection, when he doesn’t
even have the money to recharge his phone ? Once or twice… …I tried to call him. But his phone was switched off. I never felt the need to call him. Most of the times…. …..he used to stay at home. As he didn’t had any job. Look Suhail… …you don’t waste my time. Any way… …Ayesha’s close friend has given a strong
statement to Taavde against u. So did you got a job ? No.. Don’t worry. You will get it. Don’t take any tension. Why are you irritating this
disturbed soul ? (Mocking) You go Inside.. ..I will join you after making my drink. Will you have something ? A coke would be fine. Some times do ask your room mate too !! When are we getting married ? I am not running any where !! Let me achieve few more
things in life… …after that we will get married. I am hearing this dialogue since
the last two years. I am tired of giving silly reasons
to my parents now. Please give me some more time. How much shall I wait Suhail ? My entire family knows about
our relationship. And dad …!!! He is pressurising me to marry
someone else. Then get married ? (Mocking) Marry someone else ? Are you out of your mind ? Here I am worried about something
else and you…. …are asking me to marry a stranger. Whats is bothering you ? What is the problem ? I didn’t get my periods yet. Its delayed a lot this time. But are you serious ? Are you telling me the truth ? Yes.. I am telling the truth. why should I joke. If this happens to be a fact Suhail…. ….then you better be prepared for marriage. Listen I am really sorry dear. Can we…. …. confirm this through a test once ? All right !! Lets get the test done. But you better be ready for the marriage. Because this time… Suhail…this has never happened before. How did this happen ? What should I do now ? What should I do ? Something needs to be done. Are you leaving the flat ? (Teasing) Dont get so excited. I am going out on a shoot for few days. And listen !! Stay away from my female friends. You have been smiling at them a lot these days. So should I even stop greeting back to them ? You know exacty what I am trying to say.
So don’t play with me. Will you have some tea ? (Changing the topic) No. I am already late. Hey, where is Suhail ? He has gone out of the city. In fact, he just left 20-25 minutes ago. He said that he is going for a shoot for 2 to 3 days. He didn’t inform you ? No. Where did he go without telling me?
(Murmurning ) Come sit. Will you have some water ? Yes. yes tell me ? Where are you ? I am out for some work. Why ? Where have you gone leaving me alone
in this mess Suhail ? I am sorry. Suddenly, a last minute shoot just popped
up out of no where. I was about to call you. Anyway the model’s health got deteriorated…. …so the shoot has been canceled. I am coming back. Is there anything urgent ? Yes, something is urgent. Yes I am waiting. Why are you stressing me ? By the way, how much time will
you take to come ? Dear, I am out of the city… …so it will take at least 2 to 3 hours. You must be having a girl friend. Right ? She dumped me.. Anyway leave that. Would you like to have some tea ? Of course. If you make it good, then why not !! That you will know only
after tasting it. Some of Suhail’s female friends have claimed…. …the existence of an imaginary
person called Arjun. But as per the police, they are trying to
protect Suhail. And as per their investigation till now,
there is no such existence of Arjun. But if required the police can re-investigate
his existence. hey Arjun..!! His phone is always switched off. Let me try Ayesha’s number. “The number you are trying to call is
not reachable currently.” Mr. Pandey. Yes Suhail tell me ? What can I do for you ? Mr. Pandey actually I forgot my
key inside the flat. And my roommate is also not inside. May I borrow your duplicate key ? Roommate ? (Surprised) Which roommate are you talking about ? You were staying alone til now. And during this time I haven’t sent
any roommate. What are you saying Mr. Pandey ? Why ? What happened ? Aammm ..mmm..Nothing…
just like that….sorry !! (Fumbling) And yes….. …you can collect the key from the security guy… ….as I always keep one extra key with him. Okay Mr. Pandey, I will disconnect now. Will call you later. Seems like this guy has lost his mind. Oh damn !! Why this power failure happened now only ? (Flash back) (Flash back) What the hell !! Mr. Pandey was saying…. …that he never sent any one
to share this flat. Then who was this person staying with
me since so many days…? What is this happening with me ? This Arjun !!!! All his stuff is also missing from here. His phone is also not working. There is absolutely no sign of him here. Am I….Am I dreaming all this ? Why I am thinking like this ? Have I become mentally unstable ? Am I really mentally sick ? What happened to you was really
awful. Isn’t it ? Anyway I was about to leave
the flat. But I was just waiting for the
right moment. Two months were about to complete. And Mr. Pandey was about to return. And Mr. Pandey was about to return. Hello (Namaste) Is this Mr. Pandey’s house ? Yes. Tell me ? How can I help you ? My name is SANDEEP, I saw
an ad in the newspaper. For sharing a flat. So I came here to inquire about that. Oh yes yes. I got it. Yes, an ad was published in the newspaper. But yesterday….. …due to some work elder brother had….. ….to leave the country for two months. So you mean to say that something can happen only
once he is back? Yes.. So without his permission we can not
rent out this flat for sharing. I want to bother you for one
small thing. What is it ? Give me the address and details. Sorry bro. Can’t you see where are
you walking ? This world is full of idiots..!! Hope nothing got damaged. Are you blind ? Sorry. I am so sorry. Well done. Had I not left that day, Mr. Pandey would have
surely caught me red handed. What else could I have done ? I was helpless. I had lost my job, was also running out of my savings, The house allotted by the company
was also taken away. I was left with no options. So with a fake name.. …and a fake identity… …I had to enter your flat. Sir……….that.. Did you get any evidence from
that CCTV camera. Which CCTV are you talking about ? Those CCTV cameras… ….are not working since the last 6 months. In the entire building…… ….at least someone must have seen him
while coming in or leaving ? The building is full of bachelors. So a lot of people visit the
building frequently. No one knows anybody. Sir.. May I get a glass of water ? Well..!! Now since a crime has been commited… ….some one needs to be punished..!! Then why not you Suhail ? Your deeds are worth this
punishment Suhail. One day this had to happen because
of your bad deeds. Now you keep guessing
who I was ? Where did I come from ? And why did I enter your flat ? No one will believe you Suhail !! No one !! Are you alright ? Ayesha how did this happen ? Ayesha open your eyes ? Who did this ? Police ? Police will hold me responsible
for all this. I don’t want to get involved
into a police case. No police. My life will be destroyed. So I will do one thing. I will
clean up everything. I will leave no trace of mine. Will leave no mark. Now it looks good. No one will ever come to know. I never came here. I was out for a shoot. No one will know. Why this guy isn’t answering my calls ? The number dialled by you is out
of coverage area. His three months rent was pending… And now he has even switched
off the phone. “As you sow…… ….so shall you reap.” Now camel is under the mountain. (Hindi Proverb)
“Hunter got hunted” You had enough fun. Huh ? Now you just see, how the police will
screw your life. I know that you love me immensly. And want to see me as your life partner. But there are a few incidents in my life… ….which you may not like to listen… ….I don’t want to keep you in the dark. ….but my life has been completely destroyed. ….and I don’t want that… …your life also gets destroyed because of me. Some of my friends… ….introduced me to SUHAIL SINGH,
who is a fashion photographer. He shot my portfolio
along with an audition. And promised to get me work
in a big banner film. I was passionate about acting… …and had big dreams
to become an actress. Sir there is a call for you.. Dude, I am in a shoot. Sir it is urgent. Are you busy ? Not really. I am in middle of a shoot. You were talking about a role in
big banner film. Right ? You do one thing. Come tomorow at the casting
directors’ place. Right now I am out of town for a shoot. Then I will introduce you to the
casting director. Meet him once. At home ? Yes…. Any problem ? No No… It will be good for you as he has seen
your monologue too. And he liked it very much. Once you meet him personally, you
will definitely get the part. Okay then its fine. Hmmm.. I don’t see the casting
director here. He has gone to finish some work… You know there is always some
traffic this time. Why are you worried ? He will come soon. No No.. I am not worried. So what kind of a movie is this ? And then he shot some obscene videos
and photos of mine. Since then he is blackmailing
me repeatedly….. ….and taking undue advantage by
forcing himself on me. I wanted to surprise you… ..that after getting a part in the movie.. …I will tell you everything. ..thats why I never revealed
anything to you. But after meeting you, I realized that…. …its only you… ….who can get me out of this situation.. I saw a lot of love for me in your eyes… So I thought…. …that I will settle with you some where else
after marriage. Thats why I was….. …pressurising you to get a good job. But… …now I am not able to bear this torture. So I am going away… ….please don’t try to find me. Yours….PRIYA !! I came here with a different plan. But something else happened… “Someone else suffers
for the sins of others ” Now you will see how the police
is going to torture you. Your game is over now. Now you rot in the jail. I am sorry Ayesha…. Priya….I wish you could see that…. …..I have avenged you….!!! Tomorrow Mumbai police will present SUHAIL
before the judge in court. The case is expected to be registered under
IPC section 302. Mean while Suhail has got a
lawyer to defend himself. My name is Satya Prakash. I am your new… …flatmate…!!

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