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Fix Up Your Home Before You Sell vs Sell As Is – Anas Tayour

Should you fix up your
home before you sell it or sell it as is and get it over with? (calm music) This is Anas Tayour with
Whissel Realty Group and many of my friends
and family, and clients have been asking me this question any time they would like to sell their home. In today’s video, I’m
going to share with you the tips that I usually give
them whenever they ask me that. When it comes to selling a home, every situation is different. When a seller sometimes is
in a distressed situation, such as going through foreclosure, being in a divorce situation,
or having an unfortunate death in the family, these
sellers need to sell quickly. So it would make sense
if they sell a little bit below market value in
exchange for the convenience and the speed of the transaction. These homes usually end up
going to a local investor that’s going to take on the project, put on some work into the property, and then put it back on the
market for a fair market value. If you find yourself in
a situation like this, reach out to me, I work
with some of the best investors in town that
will give you a cash offer and we close as fast as five days. On the other hand, if you
are not a distressed seller, and you’re just wanting to sell your home, there’s a few things to consider. First, study your market. A real estate professional can help you have a clear understanding
of your local market and help you gauge the
demand of a house like yours. Second, get an inspector. If you’ve been living in the
house for over 12, 15 years, there might be some
significant improvements you need to do to your home. You’re thinking electrical
system, plumbing, foundation, roof, siding, you name it. The inspector will give you a clear idea about what needs to be done,
what needs to be changed, and if your home is up to
current code standards. And remember, most home
buyers are using a lender to finance and buy their property, so if there is any structural
issues with the home, a lender will never sign off on that loan until they see that those
issues have been addressed and everything’s been taken care of. So be prepared. Third, let’s say you want
to do some cosmetic repairs to the house, you’ve got to be smart about what you’re choosing. Today I’m going to give
you three top tickets that would give you the highest
return on your investment. The first one is flooring. You’d be surprised and amazed
what a brand new carpet or refinished hard wood floors will do to the value of your home. Second, kitchen and bathrooms. Installing brand new
countertops and new cabinets will add a tremendous value to your home. Sometimes you can get away with
just repainting the cabinets and adding brand new hardware, and boom, you get your return on
your investment instantly. Third, windows. I notice that today’s
clients and home buyers, they all want dual pane new windows. So if you can afford it, go
ahead, you won’t regret it. But before you go ahead and
do all these improvements, please study your market. Look at what’s been sold for
the past six months to a year, and pay close attention to the
finishes that have been done to the house in order
to get that price point. Often times it’s way
better and more beneficial for you to price the home well,
price it just right to sell, and let the buyer figure out the finishes, and figure out the colors they
want to put in the bathrooms, their kitchens, and their countertops. So with that being said,
if you’re considering selling your home, give me
a call, let’s get together and figure out the best options for you. Phone number is 619-757-0191. Talk to you soon.

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