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First Time Shaving!

– [Ruby] Shari, you are not the parent. – The way the world works, you work first and you play later. – We need to get this under control. Julie has been asking all summer if she can shave her legs and armpits. I think every girl has a story where they’re in a rush, it will cut. (soft music) (upbeat music) – [Kevin] What? How are we in trouble? – Well because there’s
things that you guys are doing that aren’t
very helpful to our family and that’s why we need to talk about them. So we’ve noticed that in the mornings, where’s the very first
thing you kids go to? – The Xbox – And how do you think we feel about that? – I don’t know.
– (mumbling) completely ready. And my room was clean and ready. – You both were down there this morning, first thing in the morning. – I was not. – Yes, you were.
– Yes, you were. – I was (indiscernible). – Whether you were on Xbox or not, you still go to the TV. – [Ruby] I feel like we need
to be looking specifically at these two. Not, I mean Sheri never
plays it, but these two are my biggest– – Russell and Eve.
– [Ruby] Complaints. – Well, I’m telling her that
you can not play on the Xbox until you get ready and– – [Shari] Well, you’re not ready. – [Ruby] Sheri, you are not the parent. You are not the mother. Stop it, they don’t answer to you. Eve and Russell, look at you. Eve’s wearing the same
dress she wore yesterday. Russell’s hair looks like
he put it in a blender. (laughter) I doubt you ate a single
thing for breakfast. – Indiscernible. – [Ruby] And your hair
– Hey Russell– – [Ruby] is not fixed, Eve,
your teeth aren’t brushed. We need to get this under control. You guys need to go get
ready and get your work done. – [Kevin] Russell. (laughter) – Someone’s gotta have the
laughs while Chad’s gone. – I want you to learn
this responsible behavior. You work first, then you play later. (soft music) (laughing) – [Ruby] She just gives up. All right. We are going to be going room-to-room and getting our chores
done before we go play. Capiche? – Capiche. – [Ruby] Capiche. – Capiche. – [Ruby] Capiche. – Capiche. – [Russell] Capiche. Not from me. (soft music) (can shaking) – I have a really– (screams) Broke. I have a really fun project that I have in mind for Chad. Despite, there is this rumor
going around that we sent him to a religious camp because he
wanted to leave his religion and we’re forcing him
to be part of a cult. Let’s just put that rumor to rest. The camp where Chad is
at is not affiliated with religion at all. And, I think the church has been probably the
one thing in Chad’s life that he’s really enjoyed. I mean sports, too. He’s really enjoyed athletics. I did a video about several– Your hard assumptions, that’s what it was. Your hard assumptions about us and we answered those
questions very, very genuinely. And so if you have any
questions about what our take is if our kids didn’t want to be a part of the Church of Jesus Christ
of Latter-day Saints anymore, I answer it in that video. And, just to answer it again, it’s totally our kids’ choices. I’m not gonna lie, our
feelings would be hurt, but we’re not gonna use our hurt feelings to manipulate the kids and abstain. They know that they have
a choice in that matter. So, anyways, I just wanted
to put that to rest. What I’m doing today,
Chad’s always complained about his bedroom furniture because… things like this. So, it used to be like Abby’s
and it used to be Julie’s and then, like, all the kids
learned how to draw pictures of the family on it and, like,
there’s just little things that the camera doesn’t
pick up on, but Chad’s like I feel like I’m sleeping
in a 6-year-old’s bed because I kinda am. So with the measurements of
his bedroom we have to keep the furniture still
small and, fortunately, Chad’s really not that big of a kid. He’s smaller than you think. That’s like the one thing you
guys always say when you get to meet us in person. I should say when we get
to meet you in person is that you guys are
smaller than we thought. So, anyway, I’m going to
give them a good sanding and a good, fresh coat of
paint and we’re gonna put new sheets on his bed. And I found a beautiful,
wool runner that was made by the Native Americans
down in Arizona where he is so it’s got some sentimental value as well and will remind him of this wonderful experience he’s having. He’s written some letters,
we’ve gotten some letters from him and they’re
just too special to share because, and I probably
would share if I wasn’t feeling so attacked, so I’m
just gonna hold them to myself, but rest assured he’s having
a really, really great time and we will get to go
down and hike with him here in a couple months. (soft music) Get a little closer. It’s too far away. Whooo! Okay, good. (tapping) The girls are all getting ready for bed. It is time to go to sleep. We are trying our very best
to do earlier bedtimes, 8:00. – That pillow has very much room. – We’re sleeping in our own
beds and Julie has been asking all summer if she can shave
her legs and armpits and I’m– – I never said that. I don’t want to shave my armpits. – You don’t? – No. – [Girl] Julie, you should shave your armpits.
– I think your armpits need to be shaved
more than your legs do. – [Abby] When you start stinking– – Let me see. – [Abby] When you start getting B.O.– – We won’t show it on camera. – [Abby] When you get
B.O. I think that’s when you need to start shaving. Julie stinks. – [Julie] When did you
start shaving your armpits? – So, it’s not exactly, I mean,
there’s not very many steps for, like, shaving legs. You get the leg you
want to shave first wet. And, then, you don’t need too much because it spreads a lot. Yeah. (soft music) Okay, I don’t know what shaver. I mean, just pick a random one. (laughing) Julie needs her own shaver. – This is like the worst possible tip. Um, just, you know, get
your leg kinda, semi-wet and just pick whoever’s
razor you reach first. It doesn’t matter if you
start with a fresh one. – Okay, well, she doesn’t have
her own razor right now so. – Yeah. And– – Just do it right shaving. – I’m scared I’m gonna cut myself. – You’re not gonna cut yourself. – But how do I look like this? – That’s not very hard. Just a little bit. Okay, you’re fine, Julie. (soft music) You wanna shave your knee, Julie, that’s the most hairy
spot on your entire leg. (soft music) You need– – [Ruby] I think, too, the
angle, wow, there’s a lot of hair in there, actually. – [Julie] Wait, don’t show it. (laughing) – [Ruby] So I would
suggest that you angle it a little more that way. Can you feel that? Does it make a difference? And the biggest place that
you’re going to want to be, well you’ll be always
careful, but your shin bone, I think every girl has a
story where they’re in a rush or they weren’t being
careful with the pressure and they put a lot of pressure
on this shin bone going up and it will cut. – Shari cut on her ankle
and there was blood. – [Ruby] Also, Julie,
when you’re done shaving what you’ll want to do is
put lotion, especially since we live in such a dry climate. When you shave you are taking
some moisture out of the skin. – As soon as you’re done
shaving it’ll start drying out. Your leg starts, like– – [Ruby] When you shave your
armpits you do the same thing. You’re in the shower and
you get your armpits wet and you put a little bit of
foam on it and then you just with your armpits you might need to shave in several directions. Where you on your leg it’s
just up, but on your armpits you’ll go in multiple
directions to get it all. It will help, I think,
keeping you smelling better. To shave your armpits ‘cuz hair holds on to aroma really well. – Okay, that one’s (indiscernible). How old were you guys
when you started shaving? – [Ruby] Well I will leave you and Abby to finish up the job. (giggling) – So do you guys want me
to do color-coded razors. – [Abby] Yeah. – Julie, what color razor
do you want me to get you? – [Julie] Purple. – Purple. – So, it looks like Julie’s got this thing down so I am going to go. Have fun. – Bye. (door closing) (soft music)

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