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FIRST MAN Official Trailer #1 (2018) Ryan Gosling, Neil Armstrong Space Movie HD

are you sure yeah being a venture first man to walk on the moon that’d be something we’ve chosen a job so difficult requiring so many technological developments we’re gonna have to start from scratch only after we mastered these tasks do we consider trying to land on the moon Neal if his flight is successful you’ll go down in history what kind of thoughts do you have about that we’re planning on the flight being successful and that is a big mother it’ll go up like a half kiloton a bomb if it blows the vehicles not safe you need to fail down here so we don’t fail up there this isn’t just another trip Neil you’re not was going to work he ain’t coming back there are risks but we have every intention of coming back somebody got a Swiss Army knife Swiss Army knife you kidding me here we go six five four three two do you question whether the program is worth the cost in money in unless you down here and you look up and you don’t think about it too much but space exploration changes your perception and it allows us to see things that we should have seen a long time ago we have serious problems we’ve got this under control you’re a bunch of boys you don’t have anything under control [Music] you

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