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First America Homes | Why rent when you can own?

Hi my name’s Mike, and I love my new
First America Home! I’ve been renting apartments for years, and I was never
happy with throwing my money away on something that wasn’t mine. It was
difficult coming home from work late and then having to drive around until I
found a parking spot, or walking up three flights of stairs with groceries,
plus my poor dog Max had no place to run around. Luckily, I came across First
America Homes, and I was able to find a beautiful home that costs less monthly
than I was paying for rent! Now, I’m not only building equity in something that
is mine, but I have a big backyard for Max to run around in, and a garage of my
own. Plus, I don’t have to hear any neighbors through the walls or ceiling!
I’m also saving a ton of money on my electric bill since my home had to pass
over seven inspections through the Guardian Certification program. Thanks,
First America Homes! Don’t hesitate on owning the home of
your dreams, begin your process today. Simply visit www.firstamericahomes.com to learn more.

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