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Findsider – Homes For Sale – The Plaza Hotel & Residences – 1 Central Park South, NYC

Hi everyone. This is Chance for Findsider – Manhattan Real Estate Buyers Club. Behind us, we have the legendary Plaza. We are gonna find out why
for billionaires to celebrities to rock stars this is the place to live in new york city and
we’re gonna find out from people who live there themselves. From all the places in new york why did you
choose to live in the Plaza? Because it’s the best place in the city and because there are a lot of rich people, celebrities It’s very international So for those who travel, it’s the perfect place to meet others, who travel as well. It’s a place that I like and this is new york for me The room is awesome and the food is gorgeous And there are many places close to here. I think it’s beautiful. Can I come live with you? Yes. Yes! You can, come in. It’s fabulous. It’s opulence at its best. You walk out and New York is waiting for you. Central Park is right here. We take our family, we play football. So you are telling me this place is so cool, that you are thowing balls with a doorman? – Yes, sir. Is this a party place to live? Yes, sir. You can be honest. Don’t worry, your parents are not gonna see this. Is this a wild place? – Yes, sir. I love living at the Plaza. Phenomenal parties. Over the history Merilyn Monroe was here, John F. Kennedy was here. The Beatles were here. You know, the latest, the greatest the next big thing. I feel like at home, I mean like in heaven. People appreciate living here they enjoy living here it’s a little bit expensive, but there’s only one Plaza and there’s only one New York. It’s really a one-stop shop. – I think it’s the best place in the World. The Plaza is the place to live. I am mister New York and I love the Plaza.

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