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Findsider – Homes For Sale – One Beacon Court – New York Real Estate

Hey everyone. This is Chance for Findsider – Manhattan Real Estate Buyers Club. behind me we have One Beacon Court, also known to some as The Bloomberg building. the most powerful people in the World have
offices here they live here we even have Le Cirque. Let’s find out why this is the place to be. I am here with Carrol Weisman one of the original residents at this amazing place behind us and she’s gonna give us the inside story. When you walk into the lobby, you can be in any city in the World. It’s beautifully built, it’s beautifully run. There are gorgeous photographs from World-renowned photographers What is it like working in this place? – It’s incredible. It’s very open, very transparent. It’s very 21-st century. But it is expensive, crazy, loud and… did I mention expensive? People dont think that there are families that live in the 50’s I am sending my daughter in public school there next year. They have a brand new public school. you got a little rap about working here? – Yes, I do. I am a courtyard guard. I really work hard. Midtown 151 East 58 is the best. The new shift and I am getting to this money. Ain’t not funny. Beyonce used to live here and it’s very high profile. There are constantly celebrities going through. Movie stars, politicians. For record high sale price for 2-Bedroom apartment you can go diagonally across the street and at least spend half or even less than that. five thousand five hundred and sixty something dollars per square foot. Is it worth it? Absolutely it’s worth it.
– I really don’t care very much about this site. You live in the building where you can see celebrities walking through every day. You can do a lot of networking a lot of business and grow from here. Some people look like celebrities. I don’t know if they really are. They might be I don’t know. I like the way the lights just hit the glass And you work across the street? – Yes. – It cannot get easier than that. Bloomingdales, easy acess to Long Island, the Hamptons. The neighborhood is great and it’s just a fun area. – We wanted something modern and sexy – Like you! – Thank you. So we found a perfect place for us.

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