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Filming at Eddy’s New Apartment

Eddy: Oh you haven’t started vlogging today? Joan: I didn’t
Eddy: Oh Oh well, hello, good morning everyone J: I’m here at Eddy’s new place And then, it’s so nice~ Eddy: But dirty, thats the thing Not dirty, its messy J: I actually helped him find it I linked you a bunch of apartments that
I thought would be Eddy’s aesthetic and if you’re wondering why the lighting is so good,
it’s because his vanity has lights on them. Eddy: I actually changed it, or they used to be yellow J: Oh yeah, yeah I saw your vlog E: Because the lights are originally that yellow I went to daiso and I was like, “uhm, is there anymore?” and she’s like, “no, that’s all” Joan: So you had to-
E: Yeah I still have to go back and get more
J: work with it But his place is really nice room tour is coming soon and he was like, you can film it and I’m like, um its messy. Look at how- look at this! Look at this kitchen oh my gosh, you didn’t even do dishes! Eddy: hahaha! (dying lol) Look at how messy it is! But its super nice and were gonna film at this corner? Eddy: It depends. I’m deciding whether to film here, like sitting on the couch and doing it, Joan: Or upstairs E: Or doing that sort of thing where, you know people put camera behind the vanity J: oh yeah and they’re like looking into the mirror, I don’t know i’m not sure yet. Joan: No, lets do it here Eddy: okay, we’ll do it here J: And then, ya he’s gonna set it up and his makeup is everywhere E: Everywhere, mostly everywhere J: You have more drawers Eddy: Just this is my lip stuff
Joan: *Gasp* E: Haha, updated makeup J: Updated vanity tour Oh, you’ve bought your Tom Ford J: Yeah, I did Your, um, what does this smell like again? ashtrays? Eddy: She convinced me to buy another one it’s actually the different one
J: Ooh, so all of his make up brushes and then his um, healthy drink.
Eddy: LOL Joan: Look at all this dust You know that he’s not using the products when, it looks like that. E: oh my god J: This is so funny and then you have autographed ploaroids over there. Is that a secret? or… Eddy: No, he had these, right
Joan: Who is it? Of course, there was like no fans so they’re like, “Take it Edward.” J: Oh! Ooh E: I was like, “ok, haha.” Joan: And then yeah, he just has drawers of makeup but you’re gonna film it, right? Eddy: Mhmm Okay, stay tuned on his channel~ I don’t wanna- that’s like the teaser I guess. J:This is the teaser
E: Yep! Joan: This is so funny, You’re like, “You can film a little bit of my apartment” and it’s so messy. Eddy: hahahaha! Go right ahead Joan Joan: I know We’re going to film two videos one on his channel, one on mine. We’re filming the Innisfree.. the palette that we bought and… I’m gonna film the Q&A about our job. You bought a mic! E:Yup J: That’s so nice E:Yep, it’s really annoying though, if you forget to turn it on. J: Ooh, yeah. I haven’t done that yet, but.. I’ve seen many videos where youtubers complain about that and had to refilm the entire video. Did you try this? Eddy: Oh yeah, I ate the whole- Joan: You ate all of the Crunchies! But this is like, Eddy’s breakfast. He’s so unhealthy E: I had cereal, okay, but then I ran out of cereal.. So you ate that with milk? E: no no no J: Oh, okay E: I just ate it alone Yeah, so we’re gonna film those two videos. I think they’ll be up by the time this vlog is up, depending on when we decide to upload it. Eddy: Sometime next week pretty much Yeah some time next week so.. Stay tuned Look at this right here, He has.. what is this? Monsta X’s album Are they in Loen? Eddy: No, they’re Starship Oh, why is there Loen right here? E:I think that’s the distributor Joan: Oh! Okay I was like.. Isn’t that IU’s? Wow, you have all of.. um, Monsta X’s stuff No this isn’t Monsta X, it says JYP GOT7 Eddy: Giveaway~! E: JK Joan: Oh! Have you uh, done the giveaway yet? Eddy: Mhm, Joan: ‘Cause I know you announced it. E: Alot of people keep asking me but um.. When I do giveaways, I contact directly, I don’t make announcements Joan: Oh, Okay
Eddy: So people are still to this day, “Oh, when are you announcing?” J: Oh you already did
E: I’m over here like, E: I called the winners already
J: Oh, Okay So if you watch joanday, now you know! I’m gonna quickly put on my face because… He just said that… It’s a contour, blush, and Eyeshadow palette So, why? Do the whole face process? So right now I need to.. Remove all the pollution that’s on my face right now. It’s so dusty out I got a… Notification on my phone saying be careful out there. E: Oh the little alarm thing Yeah, it’s so polluted right now so.. oh my god, I hate it. Eddy: Especially for those of us who wear contacts Oh, I don’t even wanna show you. This is disgusting Oh yeah, the- And then I was showing him, I was like, “Look eddy, look at my phone.” And there were dust on it. Eddy: Yeah, I was saying yesterday that when I was getting to this car, there was a layer Of dust on the car And when I shut the car door it like *poof* Joan: It’s so bad, something needs to be done about this pollution. Everyone is trying to wear masks, so you don’t know if there are an idol or not right now Eddy: Yeah I know right?
J: No,sometimes i’m like.. You know what I mean? E: Yeah, there’s just something about wearing a mask, that makes you looks like an idol but Now everyone’s an idol I guess J: Everyone is an idol
E: Mhm E: Did anyone guess who the people in the vlog were? Joan: People were saying it was 24… maybe 24k, the new produce 101 people or ….A.C.E? I dunno but I was looking at it just to like make sure I don’t think.. someone also said it was boys24, I was like I dunno… But I was like shocked because.. y’all know Eddy: And it was just like a slight pass in the face And it was far, it was like this far Eddy: And one of them you could only see like half of the side of his face J: Yeah! and they were like, ” I think that guy holding the camera is a manager.” You guys are amazing E: Theyre… not messing around
J: Yeah Okay so I’m just quickly putting my face on and then we are gonna test the innisfree palette… *sigh* so… *giggling* look, using my hand to blend it But I was watching Eddy’s moonshot um review, Moonshot cushion, the BlackPink cushion, on my way here. (serious) I’m going to buy it guys Eddy: On sale! Huh? E: On sale Yeah! Its like 23,000 Won and you get a refill, right? Okay, cool E: Well..
J: No? E: I bought them when they were together
J: Uh-huh E: They’re about 29,000 Won
J: 29,000 W? E: I believe Joan: Oh my gosh, I got choi peel done a couple days ago, So I am like peeling right here. You see it? Eddy: Thats like… Joan: It’s there E: For me like when I put it on, Joan: You should Eddy: My whole face is falling off E: Oh, I shed
J: *laughing* You shed.. Eddy: Whenever you show me you peeling its always like.. Little fine You know the- have you seen the recent… well you know the peeling gels you put it on Joan: Yes E: Its like that but even smaller particles that come off your face when you’re peeling For me I’m like…my face is like coming off
Joan: Really? Yeah, I’m going later today because After getting a choi peel my dermitologist likes to, um, do a follow up She wants to like add serums on my face to help the process of the peel So, it heals faster. Eddy needs to go but he’s too lazy! But then he’s so- his skin is getting so.. like what is it? Your powder trick. Eddy: I use…
Joan: Powder before.. The powder before and then he puts his foundation and the powder after It looks so good! Like I was amazed. I was like, can I touch your face? Eddy: Um,
Joan: It looks good E: You do have to be careful if you have oily skin because,
J: Ah, E: Um,
J: but I dont have oily skin E: Yeah, right so it would be fine for you,
J: But… E: If you work in like layers because your adding so many layers of makeup J: Right E: If your skin is really oily like mine, by the end of the day, even though your skin looks absolutely perfect and amazing in the beginning At the very end, if you wear makeup for as long as I do It will look cakey and like gross By the end of the day
J: by the end of the day But like his moonshot review, he was like, “Okay, I am going to show you guys throughout the day the review” He comes back, but he like forgot to take the camera
E: Yeah He come back and I was like, Did you even leave the house? ’cause his…his um, the makeup just looked perfect. Ooo! E: You dont need that much
J: Perfect! And then it like all flew out
Both: *laugh* Oops This is so nice, the lighting E: Mhm J: I like this Eddy’s new place is amazing, I am going to help him clean this place up! (next week) E: *cackles*
J: Cause I want to help him buy furniture Cause I know some like cute stores in seoul
E: Yeah He asked me And I was like, “Okay :D” E: Cause I have no idea Oh! Ok good I am going to need to use that concealer Cause I have things to conceal
E: mm, me too J: I dont even think I brought a concealer brush, I am going to borrow one of yours He washes his brushes E: Uhm… I wash- I washed these like recently Joan: Oh, okay Cause I need a concealer brush Okay, I am done with my face! There are SO many brushes here J: I like this size
E: Oh that brush I used and cleaned it today J: Okay E: I mean its clean for the most part its just stained Joan: Its okay, I dont care I should care
Both: *laughs* Charing my phone and look how long this is! E: Cause the wall charger to the wall outlet in my room is so far from my bed J: But what is this! its like a mile long! Where’d you get this? Uh, the apple store
J: Ohh! Okay E: It is more expensive though J: Yeah isnt it like $80? E: Its like $30 But the cord is much thicker J: Yeah, it is really thick
E: Its not the thing that can break so easily Setting up! We got the receipt out to tell you all how much it was You should bring you bring out like your brow liner and lipstick For later
E: Thats true J: Look at this setup Here I’ll hold it
E: Thank you J: Is this what you go through like every time you film?
E: Yeahh pretty much J: Oh my gosh this is like so professional I just have a camera I dont even have a mic This is why out skin will look really nicely
Both: *laughs* E: I know right? They see my vlogs and are like, “Um, Edward.. ..you werent looking like that in your cushion review.” No! his foundation review is seriously so good though I’ll link it up here, its the moonshot one. Alright, gonna assemble our palettes now And this will be the time lapse E: Yes Just finished filming My video is going to be like 50minutes long And I’m not-
E: 50 minutes?!
J: Im not even kidding 50 Minutes! There were so many questions that we answered So hopefully its helpful. We might get something quick to eat and say goodbye! E: Alright!
J: Yes If you guys watched my London haul, smells like eddy. Both: *laughs*
E: It does J: Yeah E: The smells changing a little bit
J: The smell?
E:It smells a little…different J: Oh, really? E: Trying to use all of it Cause I have like four bottles all at once
J: Oh yeah J: You bought them in Korea? E:I bought one- I bought most of them in Korea I got one from England J: Mm, cause they dont sell it in California E: Yeah I dont know why? Is there like an ingredient in there? E: Uhuh Oh! E: Which is funny because.. J: All products-
E: “Too much alcohol”.. For california I guess? Alright, Im gonna help him film his room tour Or, his house tour next week.. So, stay tuned. Cause I really feel like he needs to film it. It looks really nice.
E: hehe J: hehe Starship Starship! Now we are on our way to… Fancy Kimbap E: Its not all that fancy, its just an upgraded version J: Of like where he usually goes Yeah E: Uh!
J: Its SO much walking! Eddy: They aint messing around, they’ve got grass J: Right! “fancy” Woah, its huge! So lets have pasta and pizza! No we want this! “Lets eat!” I dont know where to start Yes! Bunsik Its the best J: I am going to put mustard. Do you do that? Do you put mustard in yours? E: Uh, I put more vinegar in mine J: Oh
E:Yeah J: Theyre all good I put em all Thats the vinegar, yeah. E: Oh is it? J: Im pretty sure
E: *checks* I think it is It’s Cree Mare! They changed the interior! It looks nice~ Your favorite… I am kidding Your’e going to really like this place
E: Oh, am I? J: They have this new brand here *laughs* Oh my gosh, Pony is all here They have all the new palettes too E: The organic mask is here?
J: Yeah!
E: Yeah right there J: The one you didnt know how to use He said this is the gentle monster of-
J: What? Edward: This is the brushes Pony use Picasso! E: Oh my god
J: Yeah~ J: I heard great things about this too E: The makeup artist had to do my makeup at (?) academy J: Used Picasso? Its $102 for this brush right here $97 for this one right here Eddy: A highlighter brush for 53,000 Won? Just left and now we’re going to head over- he’s going to HongDae I’m going to my skincare clinic because I need to get my touch up
Eddy: Yep! But yeah, very cool store Funny story, they had contacted me asking if I wanted to film for them, I had to forward it to my management because it had to do with like, um, Money related They were like, “Oh, we’ll pay you!” Didnt hear anything back from them Yeah So, why?! I know, I am so sad I would have loved to film the tour but.. Whatever! I just did it for you guys! For free! I’m at time square now for my treatment I’m not going to film it because I usually share the room with two other people An I dont want to film without permission so.. When I have a day where I get my own room, I’ll make sure I film it for you guys But other than that I am going to end the vlog here Because this is the last thing I am doing today. Here’s the shoutout of the day, For everyone who translates and transcribes my videos; Thank you so much for doing that! And I’ll see you guys in tomorrow’s vlog



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