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Farmers cheated, land grabbing unchecked in Pune | Rohini Pawar reports for IndiaUnheard

A lot of farmers are committing suicides in Maharashtra one of the major reasons being debts from money lenders In this system, money lenders give loan on land as mortgage and then grab the land in very little money I would like to show you such an example in my video What happened to your land? He kept the land as mortgage for the debt and said he would give the land back when we went to pay back the debt, he refused now we have filed a case against whom? Sitaram Shevram Surve cheated but the land is in the name of the daughter-in-law what’s her name? Devi Mahadev Surve People say that when they are in need.. the money lenders tell them to mortgage their land and take a loan after you pay off the debt, I will return the land And taking advantage of the farmer’s illiteracy he grabs the land in less money When we are not here they intimidate the children they make our daughter-in-law, grandchildren stand in the field take their photographs and signatures Did they buy your fields? No, they did not buy the fields they tried to grab the land but we didn’t give signatures When I went to the village to make this video I got to know that it wasn’t just Kashinath Bhate’s land there were two – three others whose land had been grabbed in this manner by the Surve family so do you go to the fields now? Yes, I go Is it harvested? No harvest, the land is just lying since how many years? been 9 years I made this video because I myself am a farmer’s daughter and when a farmer accrues debt and his land is also taken from him I can understand what he goes through I would like that Kashinath Bhate gets his land back and is able to do farming again and take care of his family I am Rohini Pawar from Bongvalli village, Pune District, Maharashtra reporting for India Unheard

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