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Fall room shopping, transformation + ROOM TOUR

hey guys what’s up and welcome to
today’s video my name is Annie rose and if you didn’t know I love to redecorate
bedrooms so for the past four years every single season I redecorate my
bedroom for fall summer spring winter Christmas all of the things and I always
make a video about it because you guys love to watch these videos and I love to
make them and I love to look back at them so if you haven’t already make sure
you go binge watch all of my room makeover videos from all the other
seasons and all of the things that I’ve done in the past and subscribe for more
room videos and singing videos and just everything today is finally at the time
of the year where I do a fall bedroom yay I had the same bedroom for all of
summer I believe and I did kind of like a blue and gold theme as you can see
behind me like we got the Blue Chair and it was super adorable I loved it but
it’s time to bring in the oranges the coppers and get out the fall stuff so if
you guys want to see the whole entire finished room stay the very end of this
video because I’m gonna be doing a little tour and showing you how I
decorated my bedroom from one color scheme to another color scheme I also
make sure you guys go check out my hoodies to match my single that just
came out it’s called I think you’re lying so go check out my single and go
buy yourself and matching hoodie because they’re so comfortable and I wear it
pretty much every single day and since fall is coming up you know it’s perfect
for sweater weather and like it’s just so cozy so yeah without further ado
let’s get on with the video okay first step is shopping so we went to Target
and Michaels and Got some candles pillows got kind of an idea for what type of
color scheme I wanted to do because there’s lots of different variations of
fall colors that you can do I don’t even know what colors I want to
do this year I can’t decide cuz my room is already kind of Fallish if you don’t
know what my room looks like because you haven’t seen my latest room tour go
check it out you can kind of get a feel for what my room is right now but like
literally I don’t know what to do like I don’t know what colors I want oh I love
smelling candles it’s acting up everything ever so good oh I love this color it’s like a purple
this is the vibe I want that kind of vibe so not this no red so recently I actually got this blanket
for a video and it was like this plum color they don’t have it here but I’ve
been using it my room and it doesn’t match my current room I just like it’s
so comfortable edge sometimes when my rooms the on camera of course so that
would actually match like this color pretty well so I think that’s what I’m
gonna do I’m gonna go for plums Browns and oranges but no Reds and then
obviously I have my Blue Chair in my room which I don’t know what to do about
that because blues not a fall color in any way, shape or form but I think I might just
cover it up with a throw blanket because I have a lot of pinks throw blankets or
like plum colored oh I’m gonna get this for the apartment thank you we’re going to get me Acai bowl. my
sister just fits the doctors I Danny how you feel she’ll explain on her video but
yeah so that’s fun we finished up a target thank you you too oh my gosh this
is so good you made it we’re at Michael’s and look they always have so
much like Halloween and fall stuff is I love Michael’s I want to get lots of
pumpkins and and then we’re also looking for some like artwork and stuff this should be
really cute to go with my for my makeup like my makeup brushes going there I’m
feeling two oranges oh all these guys I love when I start seeing fall colors
because it starts giving me like in that mood I like those too these are low-key
cute low-key so I know today we may have only gotten pillows and candles but hey
fall is pill and candles say goodbye to this bad boy even I love this pillow
this is the blank I was talking about it like kind of goes you know what I mean is actually super cute I can write for
the rest of the room to match good morning hello one is freaking up I just
filmed it it gets real video and hopefully that is coming out on the same
week that the suit is coming out my face is really red because I forgot taking my
pills this morning so just don’t mind all that stuff but I’m okay I’m fine it
just looks like I have a bunch of acne but it’s really not that bad.
last night I slept with all of these pillows and all my comfort stuff and
look I did like I put my flowers up I mean flowers leaves I feel I felt really
good and cozy and my rooms starting to smell like fall because I lit some of
the candles when that was done I came home and I kind of started putting some
stuff together but then I decided to go through all the boxes that I have in
storage from previous fall bedrooms to get some more items that could put into
my bedroom to make an extra extra fall I’m going to go through my fall stuff
and see what I already have that I can reuse from like other previous years but
I was thinking about doing this thing so I’m gonna change my curtains out for
these like peach ones that I already own but I was thinking about getting like
like orange Christmas lights where the lights are all orange and then getting
um paper and not paper clips but like the wooden clip things and clipping on
some of those like fake leaves and making like garland to go on the
headboard and then maybe I’ll string it in my picture wall and stuff like that
and then I switched out my record players so everything’s coming together and this
is my current Marfa and it actually matches pretty well I thought I was
gonna have to get a new one but these colors with my pillows it kind of
matches you know next stop is just to go through all the fuss if I already have
my face is so red though so this is my Closet I’m glad I got that on film okay here we go this is really cute this is like perfect
colors and then I pretty much put everything
together I did some DIY some paints we fixed a shelf I hung up some curtain and
I started getting moving and you know fixing up everything major lighting change holy moly look
these these are like making my room like orange oh my goodness look how far we’re
turning into uh yes is it like actually They are fixing my shelf I would just take it out and refix it and now the room is done well I love how I
just hit my hairs like that I’m so excited for you guys to see it so let’s
just head right to the tour I’m so happy with how it turned out I think all the
colors are so pretty and this is a super fun project to do I cannot wait to do
winter and Christmas so stay tuned because those will be coming pretty soon
right here we go here is my chair I didn’t do anything with the blue so I
just covered it up with some pillows and throw blanket that are very fall colors and I have my bedside table and there’s
orange plant that was actually in here previously but it totally goes because
it’s fall there’s a little pumpkin candle this is the first one I bought of
this season’s was awesome then I have my picture wall and all I did to make this
like more fall was I got these these fake leaves from Michaels and just out
of them in the clips of all my pictures and stuff I printed out some more
pictures to fill it up because I’m summing them weren’t filled out then we
have the bed this is my favorite ever we got so many posts and blankets from
Target and it’s so squishy and every night that I sleep in it it’s just so
comfortable so we have this throw blanket that is really similar to the
one that’s on my chair you know they’re like the same kind of color then I got
these lights from Michael’s and they’re like flickering they’re kind
like Christmas lights I had an idea to get lights kind of like these at the
very beginning of this room and I just hung them around my headboard to give my
bed a little bit of pizzazz then above my bed we had my food in shelf and all I
did to make this more fall was added the candle and the plant because the two
things the clock and I were already up there then I have my vanity and my
vanity is where I get ready all the time so it’s still a little bit messy because
I just have like all of my stuff I don’t know exactly where to put it all it’s a
little more clean look I cleaned it up to make this fall I decided to get these
little mason jars that have little pumpkins in there orange and now I put
my makeup brushes in here then I did I’m super into this painting I really like
it it’s like drips and it’s just all the colors that are in my room but in like a
cool abstract style and it just goes really nicely here and I like it with
the polka dots then I’ve changed out my curtains which actually makes such a
huge difference going from white to coral or like what colors this is like a
brownie coral curtains just makes so much oh did that touch the painting it
just makes such a huge difference but it’s kind of one of those subtle like
you don’t really notice it differences and then we have my editing desk it
looks similar to how it did but I switched out all of the candles and
everything for fall colored stuff and I have this little pumpkin right here with
some candy corn so whatever I’m just editing I can just grab a little but
he’s some candy boy that’s probably gonna be gone like tomorrow up here on
my other floating shelf I have a pumpkin and a pumpkin candle we’ve got this
plant it’s so nice it replaced my green plant that used to be here and it’s
orange and so pretty I’m definitely going to be reusing this every fall
because I’m super into it I love the cutouts right here something so simple
but adds such a big difference and then as for my vinyls I decided to just look
through all my vinyls and see which ones were the most fall colored and I
picked the Taylor Swift one and the Hamilton one I didn’t have to change too
much to make this a fall room but it looks so good and with just a few things
I can make a big difference thank you guys so much for watching this video
again if you like room videos make sure to subscribe to my youtube channel also
check out my single I think you’re lying the music video and the hoodies they’re
so comfortable I hope you guys have an amazing fall season I’m so excited I
have so many fall videos coming out coming out soon
you guys in my next video bye also don’t mind that I only have two nails on

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