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Every Playable Resident Evil Character Ranked From WORST To BEST

When it comes to video game horror, very few
series come anywhere near Resident Evil in terms of importance, popularity, and acting
quality. [clip of awful acting] And one thing Resident
Evil has done quite well since its humble start on the PS1 is introduce gamers to a
steady stream of great characters. Which is good, because the world of Resident
Evil is absolutely horrifying, and having characters you enjoy spending time with can
go a long way toward helping you push through the nightmare. Ranking every character in these games would
have been nearly impossible, but narrowing our focus to the ones we get to control at
some point seemed like a great way to tip our hats to the good guys and gals who pop
up every few years to shoot more monsters in the face. Before we get to the rankings though, a few
ground rules. For starters, we are not counting multiplayer
modes, raid modes, Mercenaries modes, arcade modes…and so on. Those tend to cram as many playable characters
as possible into the roster. And while that’s nice for fans, it’s not
really relevant to the purpose of this list. Secondly, we are including spinoffs! Some of them, anyway. Any of the shooter-based spinoffs, such as
Gun Survivor or Darkside Chronicles, aren’t included as there’s almost no variation
between characters, and there are only so many different ways we can say, “You move
crosshairs around the screen.” Also, we aren’t including the Outbreak games,
simply because they would more than double the length of this list for no real gain. In those games you control ordinary townsfolk
who have different names and stats but who, ultimately, play very similarly to each other
and don’t have much in the way of personality. Same applies to Operation Raccoon City, for
about the same reason. Oh, and, yes, we know the word “protagonist”
is easier to say than “playable character,” but as you’ll see, not all of the folks
on this list are protagonists. So there. Finally, beware both spoilers and spookums. Let’s rank ‘em
I’m Ben from TripleJump, and here is every playable Resident Evil character ranked from
worst to best. #36: Keith Lumley
Resident Evil: Revelations Resident Evil: Revelations was a nifty little
game. It set most of its adventure at sea — an
absolutely perfect way to provide the player with a sense of isolation and entrapment. It also gave us the chance to play as many
great characters, new and old. And, uh, Keith Lumley. Every few chapters we meet up with Keith and
Quint, two nincompoops who are clearly intended to serve as comic relief, but who come across
more like tragic agony. Capcom evidently wanted to make damned sure
we got stuck with these two unfunny idiots whenever possible. At one point it looks like they’re killed
in an airstrike while gathering important data, but, no, we find out later that they
survived. Lucky us. Also, Capcom, you have a game about seamonsters
and a character named Quint. Why didn’t you think to send him out on
a suicidal revenge mission against the beast? With that bungle, you really…missed the
boat. #35: Agent
Resident Evil 6 Resident Evil 6 had the interesting idea of
pairing old favorites up with new characters. Sure, Resident Evils 4 and 5 already did that,
but Resident Evil 6 did it again. Leon got Helena, Chris got Piers, Sherry got
Jake, and Ada got…well, Capcom forgot to give her a companion. So, two months after release, Capcom patched
Agent into Ada’s campaign. And just in case you think we’re exaggerating
about how much of an afterthought he is, here are some things Agent doesn’t have: a name,
a face, a backstory, a goal, a personality, the ability to perform basic tasks integral
to progression, such as opening doors and moving objects. Surely the developers could have invented
an actual character to tag along with Ada, but instead we got Agent. On the bright side, we won’t have to wonder
if he’ll make any future appearances, because he barely even made one here. #34: Lucia
Resident Evil Gaiden Resident Evil Gaiden is a notable early attempt
to bring survival horror to handhelds systems. Not good, but notable. It also set the story on a monster-filled
cruise ship adrift at sea…which was eventually used as the foundation of the much better
Resident Evil: Revelations years later. One of the characters unique to Resident Evil
Gaiden is Lucia, a little girl with a bio-organic weapon implanted in her by Umbrella. You know, between Lucia, Sherry Birkin, and
Lisa Trevor, you’d think people would stop letting Umbrella near their daughters. Lucia teams up with Leon Kennedy and Barry
Burton to escape the ship alive, something that’s easier said than done because Lucia
is about as powerful as a slice of wet bread. The combat in Resident Evil Gaiden isn’t
all that fun at the best of times, but add fragile Lucia to proceedings and it becomes
needlessly frustrating as well. #33: “John Doe”
Resident Evil 7: Beginning Hour When Capcom released its Playable Teaser — ahem
— for Resident Evil 7, the company publicly made clear that its protagonist was not Ethan
Winters, the hero of the main game. Capcom then later made clear that it was also
not Clancy Jarvis, another unfortunate soul we play as elsewhere. So, okay, we know who this guy isn’t. But do we know who he is? Nope! Instead of ruling out possibilities one by
one, couldn’t Capcom just say, “This is Bob. You’ll never see him again. Move on with your life”? Anyway, this guy serves as a very effective
introduction to the full Resident Evil 7 experience, offering our first glimpse of the new main
environment, the game’s visual style, and the horrifying Bakers. He is also one of only two characters – Ethan
being the other – who canonically makes it out of the Baker house alive, making him
even more potentially interesting. Whoever he is. #32: Steve Burnside
Resident Evil: Code Veronica The quality of Resident Evil’s voice acting
improved with every game, but as Code Veronica demonstrates, it certainly improved slowly. Still unsure what human beings sound like,
act like, or would even theoretically say to each other, Capcom gave us the gift of
Steve Burnside, and we really wish they kept the receipt. He has an irritating personality, and his
voice actor only makes matter infinitely worse. If you’re anything like us, the prospect
of spending the rest of the game with this chucklehead was scarier than any monster could
ever hope to be. We do get to control him, but it’s only
for a few rooms, making him fairly pointless from a gameplay perspective. At least the fact that we only play as him
once means we can burn through as much ammo as we like, right? So that’s…something. Fun fact: “Burnside” is an anagram for
“sideburn.” Oh, was that not very good? Well, neither was Steve. #31: Ashley Graham
Resident Evil 4 Love her or hate her — though we’re fully
aware you hate her — Ashley Graham is an integral part of Resident Evil 4. What brings her character down is the near
constant shouting of “Leon!,” her general helplessness, and her almost admirable willingness
to accept death the moment an enemy picks her up. Fans of the game are no doubt grateful for
the fact that Leon and Ashley get separated at various points. On one of these occasions, though, it’s
Leon who stays behind, and we’re in control of Ashley. To be honest, controlling Ashley isn’t all
that bad. She’s almost entirely defenseless, making
her brief section feel effectively tense. In fact, considering the criticism of Resident
Evil 4 not being scary enough, improved Ashley sections could have injected a stronger feeling
of horror. Instead Ashley avoids a few enemies and solves
a sliding puzzle. She may have had very little potential, but
the game still didn’t let her live up to it. #30: Natalia Korda
Resident Evil: Revelations 2 The first Revelations game did a fantastic
job of returning the series to its isolated, problem-solving roots. It was, however, a bit lacking in actual horror. That’s where Revelations 2 came in. One way the game achieved this was with its
support characters. Unlike in Resident Evils 0, 5, and 6, the
support characters here did not function as equals. Here they were notably less handy in combat,
being skilled in exploration and perception instead. It made the experience feel like actual teamwork. Natalia isn’t exactly a powerhouse, but
she can sense distant enemies and inform her partner Barry of their whereabouts. We’d be lying if we said controlling Natalia
is a highlight of the game, but taken in tandem with Barry, she shows off the way Revelations
2 balances the weaknesses of each character with the strengths of another. No other game in the series managed to do
this, and it makes us all the more disappointed we never got a Revelations 3. #29: Mia Winters
Resident Evil 7, Resident Evil 7: Jack’s 55th Birthday
When you set out to find your wife Mia at the beginning of Resident Evil 7, all you
really know is that she’s been missing for a long time and is in some kind of distress. Funny story, though: it actually turns out
that she was helping develop and transport a horrific bioweapon, and now she’s being
held captive by a family she infected. Oops! Yeah, Mia is a baddie, though she does seem
to feel remorse at least. We only control her briefly after we choose
to cure her over Zoe — yet another bad choice Ethan canonically makes. It’s not a terrible sequence, but it’s
also not one of much note from a gameplay perspective. Fortunately, the Jack’s 55th Birthday DLC,
which stars Mia, makes her much more fun to play. This DLC transforms Resident Evil 7 into a
bizarre arcade-style comedy game in which we collect various foodstuffs in the hope
of filling Jack’s belly. The monsters are wearing party hats, for crying
out loud. How can you not love this? #28: Josh Stone
Resident Evil 5: Desperate Escape Hey, didn’t you wish you could play as Josh
in Resident Evil 5? Josh Stone? Surely you remember him. You meet him at the crashed helicopter? And he shoots some things with you? And then he drives a boat? No offense to Mr. Stone, but Resident Evil
has had a huge number of memorable supporting characters and he…isn’t one. In fact, his most significant appearance went
overlooked by anyone who didn’t play the Desperate Escape DLC, where he supported the
much more memorable Jill Valentine. Complete Desperate Escape however and you’ll
unlock the ability to play as…Jason, was it? Joe? Additional characters are always welcome,
but we never get much of a sense of who he is or why we should care about him, and his
dynamic with Jill is not nearly as interesting or natural as Chris’s is with Sheva (shevva)
in the main game. Ah well. It was nice knowing you, whatever your name
was. #27: Sherry Birkin
Resident Evil 2, Resident Evil 6 Sherry Birkin was your punishment for choosing
to play as Claire in 1998’s Resident Evil 2. Alright, that’s not entirely fair; she’s
just a little girl. But she’s a little girl infected with the
G-Virus. You’d think Sherry might have some interesting
abilities as a result, but she does little more than shove crates around. In this year’s fantastic remake of the game,
Sherry’s sequence is thankfully reworked, but your mileage may vary regarding how much
you enjoy sneaking around a creepy orphanage. It’s basically Outlast with fewer peens. It’s Resident Evil 6 that keeps Sherry from
being at the very bottom of the list, as by that point she’s…you know…able to do
things. She’s been trained by the U.S. government
in melee and firearms combat, and her childhood exposure to the G-Virus has made her physically
tougher and more resilient. Unfortunately, it’s Resident Evil 6, which
we’d say is “a bit crap” if we weren’t afraid of insulting crap. Sorry crap. #26: Zoe Baker
Resident Evil 7: Daughters Without question the most sympathetic member
of the immediate Baker family, poor Zoe lives as an outcast, both unable to escape and unable
to cure her family. She helps Ethan escape by feeding him information
over the phone, a service for which he repays her by leaving her behind. Being as she’s not a sadistic monster, we
don’t spend much time with her in Resident Evil 7, which is what makes the Daughters
DLC such a welcome addition. Not only do we take control of Zoe in this
prequel chapter, but we do so on the very last night the Bakers behave…well…normally. It’s great to play as Zoe and learn more
about who the Bakers were before they were infected, but it’s tough to rank her any
higher on this list because there’s little to do in Daughters aside from trigger the
scripted sequences. Even so, you’ll notice we did one thing
Ethan did not: We put Zoe ahead of Mia. #25: Katherine Warren
Resident Evil 2: Runaway The Resident Evil 2 remake did a great job
of expanding upon many of the ideas and characters of the original game. For instance, in the original, Katherine Warren
is nothing more than a corpse on a desk. In the remake, she’s a corpse on a table. Exactly how her body ended up in the possession
of Police Chief Brian Irons is anyone’s guess, leaving almost everything about Katherine
to the imagination. That is, until the remake’s Runaway campaign
arrived, allowing us to see her alive for the first and only time. Here she must fight through Pale Head zombies,
which regenerate unless killed with extremely powerful ammunition. Survive and she’ll reunite with her beloved
Ben (not me) and escape. It’s only a fantasy, though, and in reality
she always dies. As for Ben(not me)? We think he’s going to be juuuuust fine. A fine paste on the prison wall, that is. What did you think I meant? #24: Jake Muller
Resident Evil 6 Have you ever wondered what your favorite
characters get up to between games? In the case of Albert Wesker, it’s easy
to work out, as he’s either selling out his friends for pocket change, reincarnating
yet again, or fathering illegitimate children. One of those BASTARDS just happens to be Jake
Muller from Resident Evil 6. One thing we do like is his impressive mastery
of hand-to-hand combat, something that most Resident Evil heroes lack. Another thing we like is…um…we’ll get
back to you on that. Jake’s sections are at their best when he
is being stalked by the Nemesis-like monster Ustanak. The rest of the time, though? If you thought Resident Evil was always disappointingly
low on scenes in which you ride motorcycles over helicopters, Jake is the character for
you. If not, congratulations; you have better taste. You’d think the fact that Jake is the son
of a recurring villain would make him more interesting than he actually is. #23: Sheva Alomar
Resident Evil 5 Resident Evil 5 was developed with co-op in
mind, and doing that while also creating a satisfying single-player experience meant
creating a competent companion. Also, the game was to take place in West Africa,
where American protagonist Chris Redfield would need more than a little help fitting
in. Sheva is a good character in her own right,
with Capcom making sure she was somebody players would trust and want to spend time with. She’s also one of gaming’s better AI companions,
providing helpful background information and feeling surprisingly like a natural inclusion
for a series that had always been about making progress on your own. The reason Sheva is held back in this list
is because she doesn’t seem to have a place in the series beyond this single game, and
we’ll likely never know more about her than the very little we learn in Resident Evil
5. #22: Barry Burton
Resident Evil Gaiden, Resident Evil: Revelations 2
Oh, Barry, you lovable lug. It’s impossible to rank you too low, even
if your most memorable moments are from a game in which you are not playable. He first appears in Jill’s Resident Evil
campaign, during which time he’ll save her bacon, leave items for her, and intermittently
act like a real drama queen. He’s also known for his…interesting take
on speaking the English language, such as when he calls Jill the Master of Unlocking,
tells her she was almost a Jill Sandwich, and when he hits Jill with some firearm knowledge. Just listen. We don’t get to play as Barry until Resident
Evil: Gaiden, and then again in the much better Revelations 2. Interestingly, in both of his main appearances,
Barry is motivated by his love for his family. Awww. In Resident Evil 1, an assurance of their
safety is what makes him assist the villainous Wesker, and in Revelations 2 he sets out in
search of his missing daughter. He’s a standup guy, that Barry.If only he
could rein in his performance somewhat. #21: J. Martinez
Resident Evil 2: Forgotten Soldier Unlike the other playable characters in The
Ghost Survivors, J. Martinez has significant combat training and equipment. But don’t worry; things are no easier for
him than they are for anyone else. In fact, the zombies in Forgotten Soldier
seem to have stepped up their own arsenal as well, with many of them wearing bullet-proof
armor. Martinez’s mode is right in line with those
of the other Ghost Survivors — that is to say a brief but punishing gauntlet with carefully
rationed resources — but there is one thing about him that makes him stand out from the
others: he is a bad guy. Martinez is an Umbrella agent sent to retrieve
the apocalyptic G-Virus, and it’s safe to say that succeeding in his mission probably
doesn’t qualify as a good ending. Which, we must admit, makes playing as him
that much more fun. #20: Carlos Oliveira
Resident Evil 3 Resident Evil 3 is essentially remembered
as being The Jill Valentine Show. It does make room, though, for a sequence
during which you play as Carlos Oliveira. Variety is nice, and Carlos is certainly handier
in combat than many other sidecharacters, but your personal tolerance for the guy may
not be as high as Capcom wished it were. Carlos is an Umbrella agent sent to Raccoon
City to scrub it of evidence, but it’s revealed that he had very little knowledge of the company’s
misdeeds. He and Jill then form an uneasy alliance that
seems like it’d be handled much better in Resident Evil 0. Though Carlos didn’t appear again in the
series after this, he did show up in Under the Skin, alongside Jill and Nemesis, in a
level that paid homage to Resident Evil 3. Under the Skin is not a great game, but that’s
good news for Carlos. He finally gets to qualify as a highlight
of something. #19: Robert Kendo
Resident Evil 2: No Time to Mourn In the original Resident Evil 2, gun-shop
owner Robert Kendo offered the player very temporary shelter in his store and was quickly
eaten by zombies. In 2019’s remake, his story was changed,
but it definitely didn’t make things any easier on him. Now Kendo is found much later by Leon and
Ada. We meet him after he’s killed his infected
wife in an act of mercy, and just before he kills his daughter and then himself. It’s one of Raccoon City’s saddest stories. In the No Time to Mourn what-if scenario,
Kendo is interrupted before committing suicide and makes a desperate scramble toward freedom. With his limited arsenal and the new poison
zombies crowding the city, the odds are good that he’ll still die while in your care…but
it is possible he’ll survive. It’s only a hypothetical happy ending, but
for poor old Kendo, it’s the closest he’s going to get. #18: Tofu
Resident Evil 2 If you’re anything like us, when you finished
The 4th Survivor — an unlockable mission in the original Resident Evil 2 — you immediately
thought, “Boy, I wish I could play this extremely difficult mode again, but as a brick
of tofu.” Enter Tofu Survivor! Tofu Survivor is a beloved part of the game,
and one of the few times Resident Evil makes a mockery of itself. Well, deliberate mockery. The tofu character began as a testing model
Capcom used during the game’s creation, and the developers found the idea of playing
as the model so funny, they couldn’t resist building an entire mode around it. As in The 4th Survivor, your goal is to get
the G-Virus to Umbrella. Finishing this task is one of the most difficult
feats in the game, but doing so is guaranteed to bring you immense satisfaction. At least, until you see that your colleagues
have carved you up and eaten you aboard the evacuation helicopter. More like Tof-oops! #17: Parker Luciani
Resident Evil: Revelations The best of the new characters introduced
in Resident Evil: Revelations, Parker Luciani seemed like he’d be a perfect fit for the
franchise moving forward. His over-the-top vocal performance alone — complete
with corny quips — makes him feel like a natural fit the recurring cast. We control him at various points, and he’s
always a friendly, competent presence amongst the unrelenting horror. He was one of the game’s biggest highlights,
and the fact that he hasn’t returned is made all the stranger when you consider that
his “death” is later revealed to be a fake out. Why keep him alive if you aren’t going to
use him again, Capcom? And if you aren’t going to use him again,
why not let him die so his sacrifice means something? In fact, why are you so afraid to kill characters
now? Don’t you remember the first game? You killed off almost the entire cast! These are horror games, Capcom. Stop being afraid of death! #16: Daniel Cortini
Resident Evil 2: No Way Out In the 2019 remake of Resident Evil 2, you’ll
encounter Sheriff Daniel Cortini in the gas station. No matter what you do, you can’t save him
from his zombie attacker. In No Way Out, however, he gets a hypothetical
second chance. The main three Ghost Survivors campaigns are
brief, punishing gauntlets. They force you to keep moving and to only
kill when you need to. In stark contrast, No Way Out takes place
entirely within the gas station with wave after wave of zombies, and it’s up to you
to fend them off for as long as possible. It’s a classic zombie setup, harking back
to the original Night of the Living Dead. Perhaps surprisingly, No Way Out is not an
endless mode; Cortini survives if you kill 100 zombies. Canonically, of course, Cortini dies in that
gas station, but we’re glad he got to show us just how much bottom he could have kicked
in better circumstances. #15: Helena Harper
Resident Evil 6 Resident Evil 6 isn’t exactly a fan favorite,
but even its detractors tend to agree that the Leon and Helena campaign is the best part
of the game. That’s because it leans a bit less on the
bombastic, trigger-happy action that plagued Resident Evil 6 and actually…well…feels
like a horror game. Much of the campaign takes place in the infected
city of Tall Oaks, returning Resident Evil to the American zombie horror roots that fans
hadn’t properly seen since Resident Evil 3. Whether or not it qualifies as a return to
form is certainly up for debate, but of the four campaigns in Resident Evil 6 it certainly
comes closest. Helena herself is a decent character, motivated
mainly out of concern for her kidnapped sister, Deborah. She’s an effective ally and deals a lot
of damage, making her Leon’s most competent companion by a landslide. #14: Ethan Winters
Resident Evil 7, Resident Evil 7: Ethan Must Die
Resident Evil 7 stripped away everything that had overcomplicated the series and presented
us with a simple story about surviving in a scary house full of monsters… sort of
what made everyone fall in love with Resident Evil in the first place. It also, we should add, had us play as humanity’s
biggest idiot. In previous games, our heroes were more or
less in the thick of it by the time we assumed control. Ethan, though, receives a message from his
wife telling him not to come after her. He only hears what he wants to hear – men,
am right?! – and decides to investigate the most obviously monster-ridden house in
the history of everything. Well, since the first game, anyway. Of course, Ethan’s stupidity actually does
work to our benefit. Anyone with half a brain would have turned
around and called the police or demo dick or something. Ethan was just dumb enough to bring us the
series’ best game in years. #13: Evgeny Rebic
Resident Evil: Revelations 2 – The Struggle We didn’t consider Dark Natalia —playable
in the Little Miss episode of Revelations 2 — as her own character, as she’s basically
a personification of Natalia’s negative qualities and self-doubt. In The Struggle, though, we get a one-off
playable character that absolutely deserves his own entry. Evgeny Rebic is a survivalist who lost his
daughter to the latest plague. He takes Moira Burton under his wing and though
their relationship is strained at first, they gradually become like a father and daughter
to each other. What makes The Struggle really stand out is
the cue it takes from Evgeny’s survival skills: throughout the chapter, you will have
to hunt for food. Run out and you don’t just die; your save
data is erased. Christ. In the main game, Barry can stumble upon Evgeny’s
corpse. It’s just another body to him, but if we
played The Struggle we know that it’s the man who helped Barry’s daughter live another
day. #12: HUNK
Resident Evil 2: The 4th Survivor By our count, HUNK has appeared or been mentioned
in an incredible 15 games in the series, but he’s only been properly playable in The
4th Survivor, an unlockable mode in Resident Evil 2. Resident Evil 2 is far easier than its predecessor,
but that changes the moment you unlock The 4th Survivor. Here you need to return the G-Virus to Umbrella
so they can continue their noble goal of causing deadly outbreaks in every city, town, burg,
and hamlet in the world. It’s far from an easy task; though HUNK
is quite well armed, the mode is designed to require a lot of trial and error. It’s punishing but rewarding, and instantly
made HUNK a fan-favorite. Sadly, TripleJump cannot confirm that HUNK
is an actual hunk; he’s constantly wearing the world’s scariest gas mask, so we can’t
say for sure. But in a series full of so many beautiful
boys, a man officially carrying the HUNK title must be absolutely gorgeous. #11: Piers Nivans
Resident Evil 6 Piers is known as “the man who never misses
a target,” which is a rather remarkable compliment. It’s one that doesn’t quite apply while
I’m controlling him, but it’s a nice sentiment. Piers is a welcome highlight of Resident Evil
6, mainly because he has a personality and actual characterization. When he’s almost killed by a hideous squid
monster known as Haos, he deliberately injects himself with the C-Virus so that he can survive
and fight on. He mutates – as one might expect – and
also gains some really awesome monster powers that make him even more fun and unique to
control. In the end he even goes out on his own terms,
taking his own life before the mutation seeps the humanity out of him. He gets to die a man, and not a monster. Piers Nivans, you deserved a better game. #10: Clancy Jarvis
Resident Evil 7, Resident Evil 7: Kitchen, Resident Evil 7: Nightmare, Resident Evil
7: Bedroom, Resident Evil 7: 21 Nobody would argue that Ethan had an easy
time in Resident Evil 7, but boy did Clancy Jarvis have it worse. He was the cameraman for the Sewer Gators,
a team that stumbled onto the Bakers’ property in search of paranormal activity. One by one they were killed, but poor Clancy
didn’t get off that easy. Throughout Resident Evil 7 and its various
demos and DLC, we assume control of Clancy five times. In Kitchen, he gets stabbed in the leg and
watches the severed head of his friend roll across the floor. In Nightmare he’s locked in the basement
and besieged by monsters. In Bedroom he’s hindered in his attempts
to escape. In 21, he’s forced to compete in a life-or-death
game of blackjack. And in Resident Evil 7 itself, Lucas blows
him up. And what did Ethan go through? Had some body parts cut off? Oh, boo hoo. #9: Moira Burton
Resident Evil: Revelations 2 Though we didn’t meet her in the first Resident
Evil, Moira Burton was an important part of the game’s story. She, her mother, and her sister Polly were
kidnapped by Wesker and used as leverage against Barry. In Revelations 2, Moira has grown up, and
immediately asserts herself as having one of the strongest personalities in the series. She’s a rebellious young woman who works
hard to stand apart from her father, with whom she has a decidedly strained relationship. She also has a debilitating fear of firearms,
traced back to the time she accidentally shot her own sister. Oh dear. That makes for a welcome gameplay wrinkle,
as she relies on her partner, Claire Redfield, to shoot enemies for her. Moira is one of the most well-rounded and
best-acted characters the series has ever produced, and her relationships with both
Claire and Barry give Revelations 2 some genuine emotional heft. As Resident Evil gets less hammy and more
genuinely compelling, Moira is a perfect candidate for being among the next generation of heroes. #8: Joe Baker
Resident Evil 7: End of Zoe Each of the Bakers is tough in his or her
own way, but most of them are mutated, mind-controlled, regenerating monsters so…that probably goes
without saying. Joe Baker, though, is not infected at all;
he’s just a powerhouse of a man who beats monsters to death with his bare fists. By the time Resident Evil 7 begins, Joe has
been estranged from his brother Jack and the rest of the Bakers for some time. After the game wraps up, though, Joe steps
into the spotlight with the End of Zoe DLC to rescue his calcified niece. His dedication to her reinforces just how
deep familial love and dedication ran in the Bakers before Mia showed up, and the fact
that he comes to the rescue of Zoe, the most sympathetic Baker, provides some much needed
closure for the character Ethan left behind. Also, Joe and Zoe don’t rhyme. We know you know that, but seeing the names
so close together in this script is breaking my brain. #7: Billy Coen
Resident Evil 0 Billy is an ex-soldier framed for a war crime
by his superiors. Fortunately for him, a group of mutant zombie
dogs killed the officers escorting him to his place of execution, and that’s about
the only time the presence of mutant zombie dogs could ever be described as “fortunate,”
but still. He meets up with Rebecca Chambers and it’s
the mutual respect and bond they form that defines Resident Evil 0. Billy could’ve been little more than “the
other character” in a game intended to focus on Rebecca, but he turned out to be one of
the most memorable presences in the series. He gradually gets Rebecca to let her guard
down, and she genuinely comes to appreciate him, despite his past. Best of all? In the Nintendo 64 version of Resident Evil
2 you can find Rebecca’s report of the incident, in which she lies that Billy was killed, freeing
him from a lifetime of pursuit by Johnny Law. It’s a fantastic and genuinely sweet gesture
of gratitude. #6: Chris Redfield
Resident Evil, Resident Evil: Code Veronica, Resident Evil 5, Resident Evil: Revelations,
Resident Evil 6, Resident Evil 7: Not a Hero One of the RE OGs, Chris Redfield is undoubtedly
among the best-known characters in the series. He’s managed to star in both some of the
best games and some of the worst, which does tarnish his legacy somewhat. He’s also one of the characters Capcom doesn’t
quite know what to do with. We met him as a member of STARS, then he founded
his own anti-bioorganic weapon taskforce, then he joined the BSAA, and we last saw him
working with Blue Umbrella, which really should have chosen a different name if they didn’t
want to be mistaken for…Umbrella. He almost always comes across as a blank slate,
though I suppose “the one who can punch boulders” does qualify as a personality
trait in the world of video games. He’s not the most interesting hero in the
series, but he is one of its oldest and most important. #5: Rebecca Chambers
Resident Evil, Resident Evil 0 In the first Resident Evil game, STARS Alpha
team is dispatched to find out what happened to Bravo. Throughout the course of the game you’ll
find each member of Bravo dead or dying. Except, of course, for Rebecca Chambers, who
proves herself to be the most intelligent member of the team by locking herself in room. You only meet her if you play as Chris, and
it’s a good thing you do, because she has the utterly necessary zombie-survival skill
of being able to play “Moonlight Sonata.” At various points, you’ll take control of
Rebecca to do things Chris can’t – such as mixing chemicals – and things Chris apparently
doesn’t get paid enough to do – such as retrieving a life-saving serum for Richard. In Resident Evil 0 she gets to do more than
just drag an idiotic man along behind her – though, to be clear, she still does that–
and it gives her character an opportunity to shine. In short, we like her a lot. But not nearly as much as Wesker likes her,
as he keeps secret photos of her in his desk. I mean, we’re fans and all, but that’s
just a bit weird. #4: Claire Redfield
Resident Evil 2, Resident Evil: Code Veronica, Resident Evil: Revelations 2
Claire did two important things in Resident Evil 2. She proved that the series wouldn’t have
to rely on the same protagonists in every game, and she was also our first playable
character who had no combat or survival training at all. She was an everyman — OR EVERYWOMAN — and
a welcome one, serving as an appropriate audience surrogate for the game in which the infection
spreads to an actual town full of innocents. She is also one of the few characters on this
list to appear exclusively in really good games. Resident Evil 2 and its remake, Code Veronica,
Revelations 2…that’s about as strong a resume as a resi character can have. Claire is more interesting, more rounded,
and more compelling character than her brother, who rarely comes across as anything more than
a muscle-head. When the series wants the player to feel like
a formidable brute, it can roll out Chris. When it wants the player to care and feel
like they truly need to earn their survival, it can roll out Claire. We know which approach we prefer. #3: Ada Wong
Resident Evil 2, Resident Evil 4: Separate Ways, Resident Evil 4: Assignment Ada, Resident
Evil 6 Resident Evil’s resident Mata Hari, we never
quite know where alluring acrobat karate queen Ada Wong stands at any given moment, or where
her allegiances lie. That’s probably because they’re always
shifting, and from day to day she will work for whichever side can give her what she needs
at that time. As such she’s both helped and hindered our
heroes at various points throughout the series, yet we can’t help but love her. Ada has a distinct style and attitude that
makes her genuinely cool. While a number of other characters in the
series try to act fat with a ph with sunglasses, mopey haircuts, or action-hero one-liners,
Ada doesn’t have to try. She’s naturally, effortlessly cool, and
any scene becomes far more interesting the moment she struts into frame. We got to play as Ada briefly in Resident
Evil 2, and Resident Evil 4 gave us a pair of Ada-focused campaigns, but she didn’t
get a proper starring role until Resident Evil 6. And, frankly, Ada, we’ll say the same thing
about Resident Evil 6 as we say about your taste in men: You can do better. Not me though I mean. Blimey, I think your profession is terrifying. #2: Jill Valentine
Resident Evil, Resident Evil 3, Resident Evil: Revelations, Resident Evil 5: Lost in Nightmares,
Resident Evil 5: Desperate Escape To many fans, Jill Valentine is Resident Evil. Yes, the first game allowed players to choose
between her and Chris, but it’s safe to say that most people played as Jill, as just
about all of our cultural memory of the game comes from her version of events. Being saved from the ceiling trap, her voice
acting, Barry’s voice acting…Barry in general. These are things you only experience in a
Jill run, and they’re the things fans remember most fondly. And rightly so. Jill was a competent member of the team and
wasn’t just there to be rescued. Many other games were still struggling to
treat women as anything other than damsels or sex appeal, but Resident Evil gave us the
capable, resourceful Jill. Even if she did suffer from a mild brain injury. In an era of jiggle physics popularized by
Dead or Alive, when Hideo Kojima’s Policenauts included groping as an option for interacting
with female characters, when Lara Croft posed naked on magazine covers, and when even child-friendly
Nintendo’s Samus Aran rewarded players with a striptease, Jill was a very welcome exception. #1: Leon Scott Kennedy
Resident Evil 2, Resident Evil Gaiden, Resident Evil 4, Resident Evil 6
Leon Scott Kennedy was always destined for the number-one spot on our list. He was, after all, the protagonist of both
Resident Evil 2 – often considered the best of the fixed-camera titles – and Resident
Evil 4 – often considered the best of the third-person shooters. He’s introduced as a big-hearted boy scout,
overwhelmed by the fact that the zombie apocalypse has coincided with his first day as a police
officer. You’d think the zombies could at least have
waited until he’d had some cake at his “wellcome Leon” party, and made fun of his new colleagues
for not knowing how to spell welcome, but alas, it was not to be. Then, much later, the United States hand-picks
Leon to rescue the president’s daughter. Alone. As in, just one guy with a gun that they drop
off in Spain and have him go door to door politely asking people if they’ve kidnapped
Ashley. The fact that, you know, this actually works
is evidence of just how deserving of the top spot Leon is. We also love the ongoing antagonistic flirtation
between him and Ada Wong, the Catwoman to his Batman, which is perhaps the most interesting
relationship in the entire series. Leon is everything we love about Resident
Evil, and we reckon we’re far from alone in that. And that is every playable Resident Evil character
ranked from worst to best. Who would you have placed at the very top? Perhaps more importantly, who would you have
placed at the very bottom? Who did we accidentally leave out? Who would Rebecca Chambers dress up as for
Halloween? We think it would be Chie Satonaka from Persona
4 but, still, we’re curious what you think. Also, if you have suggestions for other “Every
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