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Episode 1| Look Hooo’s Talking | The Owl House | Disney Channel

– Portals?
– Yes. – Magic?
– Yes. – Owls?
– Three-ish. Well, you can add two more ’cause it’s Horus and Owlyvia, and we’re here to talk
all about “The Owl House.” What happened,
what we think will happen, and– – Who?
– No, Owlyvia. Why? Why it happened.
It’s “Look Hooo’s Talking ” Owlette’s get into it.
This first episode is so good, – I stayed up early to watch it.
– Agreed, agreed. And when that human Luz
threw her book away, – who picked it up?
– Albert. Owlyvia, did you watch
this episode or are you just winging it? Of course I watched it. What I’m saying is I was just
mesmerized by Owlbert. I mean that book
is literally ounces. He’s just one strong owl. Do you think there’s
a connection? – A what?
– A connection. Owlbert leads Luz to the portal.
Owlbert works with Eda. Coincidence or connection? Well, I don’t know, Horus,
but we do know Owlbert works closely
with Eda. He does have
a staff position. Well, let’s talk about Eda here
for a second. The Owl Lady herself. What makes her
the Owl Lady exactly? I mean, she does look a lot
like my cousin Robirda. I’m sure we’re gonna find out
more about that this season. A connection, maybe? But we do know she is
the most powerful witch in the Boiling Isles,
even if she does have the tendency to lose her head. Oh, I hate it
when that happens. Same thing happened
to Robirda. 360 all the way around. You know we’re only supposed
to go 359. And how about
this little demon? Oh, King,
the king of demons. More like the king
of cuteness. Who’s a widdle guy?
Who’s a widdle guy? Okay, Horus, shouldn’t we get
back to talking about this particular
episode? So they all go on this mission
to get King’s crown back, get thrown in jail,
end up breaking out, saving each other,
and now Luz the human wants to stay in this crazy
magical realm and learn how to be a witch. ( screams )
I don’t fit in at home. You don’t fit in here.
If I stay, we could not fit in
together. I feel like there’s a saying
that works here, like birds of a something
something. Us weirdos have to
stick together. ( giggling ) – It’s so beautiful.
– Aww. Look who’s crying now. Wait, we’re forgot to talk
about Hootie. He’s like the foundation
of the show. Geesh-hoot. We’ll put that next
in the pecking order. See you owl next time.

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