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Ep 6 La Ola Pop Shop

Are you looking for a sweet treat to cool
off this summer and beat the heat? Come to downtown Kyle where we’ve got yet
another great new business. This is not stuff you would get from Walmart
in a box. There’s no syrups. If we do use sugar, we use organic cane sugar. It makes a difference when you try to keep
things as organic as you can. I come here all the time and I’ve had everything
from their popsicles, to their milk-based popsicles, to their ice cream, to their mangonadas
and their fruit cups. And it’s all delicious. I highly recommend it. I make everything. I make the pops. I make the ice cream It’s been going pretty good so far. They’re always bringing family members — new
people to try it. We’ve been blessed to have that. It just reminds us of home and it’s delicious. This will be my third time getting ice cream
here but I’ve only been here twice.

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