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English Phone Conversations: Renting an Apartment

Hey ASE learners! It’s Lauren. And today we’re gonna learn some vocabulary for renting an apartment. Hmmmm, this one looks good. Two bedrooms, two bathrooms… But I need more information. And I want to see it in person. Sun Valley Apartments, this is Lindsay. How can I help you? Hi, I’m calling about your apartment at 138 Lincoln Street Is that apartment still available? Uh, yes it is. Are you interested? Maybe. I have a few questions first. Sure. How much is the rent? And how big is the apartment? The unit rents for $900. The renter is responsible for the gas and electric bill. But we take care of the water, cable, and high-speed Internet for you. It’s 900 square feet. It’s an open floor plan. It feels very spacious. It’s 2 bedrooms 2 baths. And there is hardwood floors throughout, but there is carpet in the bedrooms. It’s a really wonderful unit. Alright. Are the bathrooms… Are they full or half baths? Both bathrooms are full bathrooms, with showerheads, and a tub. Can you tell me about the kitchen? Yeah, all appliances are included: the oven, gas stove, microwave, and fridge. Alright, what about the washer and dryer? Yeah there is a washer and dryer hookup; you just have to provide the washer and the dryer. Okay, just a few more questions. No problem. Is the heating system… is it gas or electric? And is the apartment furnished? The heating system is gas. And it is an unfurnished apartment. Can you tell me what the neighborhood is like? Yeah, the neighborhood is really, really safe. There’s a lot of young professionals that live in this area: 18 to 30 years old. Coffee shops, restaurants that are nearby. Oh, I should also tell you about the parking. You get one spot with your unit, but there’s a lot of street parking, as well. Okay, is the reserved parking… is that covered or uncovered? It’s covered parking. Are you interested? I could set up an appointment with you. Yeah, that’d be great Let’s do Friday. Can we do Friday? Oh great, Friday’s great. Let’s do 9 o’clock. Awesome. If you find that you’re interested while you’re here, let’s do nine o’clock awesome if you you can apply while you’re looking at the unit, or you can apply online, later. Do you require references? We do require references: three references with your application. And once we receive those, and you’ve been approved, we’ll send you a copy of the lease. How long is your lease for? And do you charge a deposit? Yes, we charge a deposit of one month’s rent. And the lease is for 12 months. 12 months… Okay, got it. Well thanks so much, Lindsay! I appreciate your help! Oh, you’re so welcome. We can’t wait to see you on Friday! Yeah, see you then. Bye! Hello? M? Hey! I think I found my new apartment. Thank you so much for joining us today, Lindsay! Absolutely. Thank you so much for having me. And happy apartment-hunting! Did you like this video? Give us a thumbs up, so we can make more videos And don’t forget to subscribe below, so you can catch everything we’re doing each week. Ring that Bell, so you know when there’s a new video. And we’ll see you, in the classroom.


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