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English lesson to talk about Apartment or Flats. ( Learn English Vocabulary)

Hello and welcome to yet another lesson and
today’s lesson is about Apartments. Well, you know what I’m gonna tell you a story
about my apartment hunting experience. Now first of all, what is an apartment? Now apartment
is a house, which is in a building. Which has a fixed number of rooms. So you can have
an apartment that has three bedrooms, a kitchen and a drawing room or you could have an apartment,
which is just a studio apartment, meaning it has just one long large room, which kind
of then serves as your kitchen, your dining and your bedroom. Well, apartments are houses
and buildings and mostly, I’d say that American’s use the term apartment, whereas the British
actually call, call apartment as flats. So well a flat and an apartment in a building
is actually the same thing. So well when I moved to this city for the first time. I obviously
had to go apartment hunting. I had to look for a flat that actually served my purpose
and was to my liking, so that I could move into it. I started visiting various buildings,
looking for apartments or flats, whatever you want to call it and I mostly visited sky
scrapers. Now what is a sky scraper? A sky scraper is an extremely tall building. So
a sky scraper is an extremely tall building meaning anything that is above says twenty
five floors and above can be termed as a sky scraper. In the olden days anything above
ten floors was termed as a sky scraper. But nowadays with buildings which have fifty floors,
hundred floors and above hundred floors. I would say safely that, if there is a building
that’s above twenty five floors, then you can call it an extremely tall building, meaning
you can call it a sky scraper. So yes I went looking for my apartment, I visited a lot
of sky scrapers, because I know some people find the idea of living in the sky a little
unnatural, but honestly, personally me, I love the idea of living in the sky. Now what
does it mean to live in the sky? It means living in a sky scraper on a really tall floor.
So say if you’re living on the forty third floor, my god doesn’t it feel like you are
living in the sky. So yes living really, really high up. On a high floor, would amount to
living in the sky. So yes I went looking for my apartment and yes I wanted an apartment
that made me feel like I was living in the sky, so that I could actually overlook the
entire city’s skyline as in have a view a top view of the city and enjoy that view
every morning along with my breakfast. But, however much that I may like living in the
sky. A lot of people don’t like living in sky scrapers, because sky scrapers are causing
problems in cities. Now these problems include overcrowding. So overcrowding is an honest
and a very obvious problem of sky scrapers, because earlier people would live in houses
with gardens and now, people are actually living in buildings, one on top of each other.
So a lot of people are living in a small space and this leads to various problems. So overcrowding
meaning more density of people in a small space. So yes overcrowding is one, you know
big problem that sky scrapers are facing. But there are many many ways that people are
trying to resolve these problems. Like for example, overcrowding leads to problems with
parking spaces for cars. So that is why builders have come up with ideas such as mechanical
parking. That’s right absolutely mechanical parking spaces for your car. Now what exactly
is mechanical parking? Mechanical parking means having an elevator for your car in such
a way that, when you park your car in a particular space a mechanical elevator elevates your
car and stacks it up, so that another car can park below you. So you’re actually stacking
cars one above the other, just the way people are living one above the other in buildings.
So mechanical parking is an elevator, parking for your car one on top of another. And of
course very obviously, when you have a really tall sky scraper like for example, if I was
looking for an apartment on the 50th floor, then I would need an elevator to go up there,
coz I cannot be climbing fifty floors everyday a multiple times. So yes elevators as in lifts
are very very essential in sky scrapers. So yes I went apartment hunting in sky scrapers,
I saw a lot of beautiful apartments and some of the buildings that I saw have beautiful
foyers, just like really really luxurious hotels. Now what is a foyer? A foyer is the
lobby or reception area of your apartment. So it had like a manager, who was taking care
of visitors. There was a fabulously decorated lobby, which is termed as a foyer and frankly
speaking I was impressed. I was also told by the realtor as in the person, who was showing
me the apartments, that I also have the option of hiring a serviced apartment. Now what is
a serviced apartment? Serviced apartment actually means, that you have an apartment with all
sorts of services that you would have, if you were staying in a hotel room. So essentially
it is like living in a hotel, it’s just that you’re living in an apartment, but
you have the same kind of services, be it laundry, housekeeping, you know home delivery,
food delivery, whatever that is. So yes serviced apartment is an apartment with hotel room
facilities. I actually liked the idea of hiring a serviced apartment, coz I realized if I
had a serviced apartment with all the facilities of a hotel room. Then I would spend less time
on doing my daily jaws and more time doing the things I enjoy or more time at work. So
well a serviced apartment was a great option for me and I actually chose to hire one in
a fantastic looking sky scraper in down town. And yes when I was actually moving into a
serviced apartment, the first thing that caught my eye as always was the skyline. That’s
right; there was a beautiful private terrace garden in my service apartment from where
I could see the city’s skyline. And like we already know skyline means the entire top
view of the city
and the terrace garden means a garden, which is not on the ground, but it is on a terrace,
on an elevated floor in the apartment. So I finally settled for a serviced apartment
on the forty eight floor of my sky scraper and to tell you the truth, I’m actually
really enjoying it. So I do hope that you’ve enjoyed my apartment hunting story and also
learnt a few words in the process. If you’ve liked this lesson make sure you do subscribe
to our channel and keep watching our videos. I’m gonna be back very very soon with yet
another lesson. Till then this is me Rima saying good bye and take care.



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